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    SLI vs Crossfire question.

    It seems to me like Crossfire doesn't need to be supported on a board as long as it has two PCIE2.0/16 slots, and SLI is the only one that needs to have specific support in the chipset. Is this correct? Dual PCIE2.0/16 boards with ATI cards are so damn cheaper and more common, it's making me...
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    What do you guys think of Kingwin PSUs?

    700W with modular connectors for $120 http://www.compusa.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4256920&CatId=2533 12v rails: 3x18A, 1x20A Sexy price, sexy power, sexy look:
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    Wanted, Audigy SE install CD image

    The updated version with the Vista drivers. My only option after this request is to go buy one, copy the disc and then return it. Yes, I need the Equalizer that bad. Creative is so damn stupid. No Equalizer unless you have the original install CD. Can someone tell me why we buy what...
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    Are all BFG OC'd video cards impossible to clock any further?

    Had this problem with my 8600GT OC edition and now with their 9800GTX+ (which I think only comes pre-OC'd), if I even move the tabs up a handful of mhz I get silly artifacting. Now I'm wondering if I should trade it for XFX, even though BFG has done me right, this sucks, I like to OC even a...
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    3.5 inch drive bay coolers?

    All I found is this so far, looking for other finds/opinions.
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    Newegg just dropped the HIS 4850+STALKER to $129.99 shipped

    I just bought it with a tag of $142 after shipping, BUT I clicked pay by check so I think I'll be re-ordering and paying $130 :)
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    Sister's nephew busted her laptop, extremely easily

    All he did was ATTEMPT to plug a cellular headset into the audio port, there is no visible damage and he didn't really get it in there or anything. Her laptop shut down and all attempts to power it up have failed. What in the hell?!
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    Large hard drive transfers bring the system to a crawl

    I've got all the proper/latest drivers for the system installed. Using PATA drives, DMA on, high performance mode on. What could it be, an awful PATA controller on the cheap motherboard? The single core A64 3800+ didn't behave like this when large file copy operations were underway.
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    Small USB flash key that mounts as CD-ROM drive.

    Hey guys, I have one of those complementary USB flash drives that mounts as a CD-ROM. In both Windows and Linux I can't get to the core USB data to remove the fact that it is seen as a CD-ROM. I tried everything I could in Linux and the USB drive is always seen as a Read-Only block device and...
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    Looking for a case with removable motherboard tray.

    I've been looking to get a case, but apparently removable motherboard trays actually went DOWN in popularity. I have been thinking of NOT getting a new case and just spray painting mine black and putting holes in it for fans, just because I love having a removable motherboard tray so much. So...
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    Intel claims there is no relevance to the name i7?

    Wouldn't this technically be the Pentium 7? P4, Pentium D = 5, Core Duo = 6?
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    Things that happened after Vista SP2 installation:

    1. Sits at the loading screen for about 20 seconds 2. Appears to be slower 3. Reset a bunch of options to their old settings, like it enabled default sounds I had disabled, had to go back and do all that over 4. COD4 is crashing, but it was crashing when I first installed the new nVidia drivers...
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    can't post on the for sale forum

    don't know how or who to contact to get permission to post there info doesn't seem to be in any of the stickies
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    Tip for those of you who unRAR big things.

    If you've done what I did and upgraded your computer to something twice as fast, you may have noticed that RAR files will always be limited by your hard drive speed. My proc doesn't even scale above 1.8GHz (It's a 2.8@3.4) when extracting RAR files. Why? WinRAR copies files to a temp folder...
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    questions about EIST/SpeedStep

    EDIT: Solution to slow WinRAR extractions below! OK so on my motherboard I pretty much need to leave EIST on if I want to overclock. This isn't something I mind as power and heat saving are good things. However I'm wondering why it hardly ever gets bumped up unless I run something REALLY...
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    I just got a Razer DeathAdder.

    I was using an IntelliMouse 3.0 before, which MS calls 'the choice for gamers'. LMAO. I always liked MS mouse over any others, but Razer has my heart now. I just finished my first round of COD4 with this mouse and OMFG I pwnt with such ease and fluidity that it's silly. I take back what I...
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    Anyone using X-Fi drivers on their Audigy[SE]? (A problem)

    After I did this patch upgrade I was satisfied with the sound and the fact that I don't need to go through hell to find an OEM Audigy SE CD to get my rights to Equalizer back. But I noticed a problem the other day when playing music, I scrolled up and down in Firefox and the sound got choppy...
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    Electricians!: Need help on re-wiring some fans.

    Alright, so as I have mentioned before, I am still using a plain vanilla case from before they even came in black. I have been running it without panels or fans and I finally decided to put it back together. Here it is in all its enemy-to-heat glory: Alright, so I am now planning on modding...
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    MSI P6NGM2-L motherboard, no voltage control

    This is a LGA755 board that they sell for $50 at CompUSA. It is a great board for $50 and I even have my 2.8@3.2 just with bus speed increase. I am stifled right now by not being able to increase the voltage. I was wondering if there is a hack for this BIOS, or anything else I might be able...
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    Anyone got MKV playing with no tearing in the video?

    I can't seem to find any reliable or useful info on how to play MKVs in Linux without getting tearing in the video. Wondering if anyone here has found a fix.