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    1MORE Dual Driver In-ears

    [page=Introduction] Introduction 1MORE's portfolio of midrange budget in-ears is ever expanding. Today, we will be taking a look at their new Dual Driver design with an exterior based on the wildly successful Triple Driver In-ears. The Triple Driver design surprised us pleasantly both in...
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    Fixing Headphone driver

    If you can find the wire that the solder point was supposed to be hooked up to you can probably just solder a wire directly to that and then glue it in place for strain relief. Be careful though the wires that are attached to the solder points outside the driver housing is very thin as it hooks...
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    1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones

    [page=Introduction] Introduction 1MORE is continuing to produce some very interesting designs. Not long ago, we were mightily impressed with the Triple Driver in-ears, and today, we will be taking a look at something as unusual as 1MORE's Triple Driver Over-Ear headphones. While having...
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    Etymotic ER3XR

    You can upgrade to the new ER4 cable, but they are a little costly. Definitely still a bargain in-ear if you are into neutral sounding in-ears.
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    Etymotic ER3XR

    [page=Introduction] Introduction Etymotic was one of the first companies to produce a really great-sounding in-ear with the ER4S. That was over 20 years ago and now, they have released a new "baby" ER4 dubbed the ER3. Last year, we had the pleasure of reviewing the new ER4XR and ER4SR which...
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    Ultimate Ears Blast Smart Speaker

    [page=Introduction] Introduction Ultimate Ears was one of the first companies to build some great all-around Bluetooth speakers when they released their UE BOOM several years ago. Today, we will be taking a look at their newest and smartest speaker yet: the BLAST. The BLAST is a full-on...
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    HiFiMAN HE-400i Planar Magnetic Headphones

    There are some insane HiFiMAN deals around right now. Also check their clearance sale just saw brand new 400S for $299 and HE560s for $499.
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    *TPU's Gaming Headphone/Headset Thread*

    HE-560s used is about 350. You can also get Sennheiser HD660S used for about that.
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    *TPU's Gaming Headphone/Headset Thread*

    Maybe a used set of HiFiMAN HE-560s with better pads. Better bass, better midrange, but only a little better imaging. HD800S is also better on all accounts but is also probably too pricey.
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    HiFiMAN RE800 In-ears

    xorbe how big is your room? People tend to forget the physics when buying subs :) And you get a long way with one of the open source designs in thick plywood, as long as you can source the correct parts. In-ears are very tricky to design and require a lot of expensive tooling, especially with...
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    HiFiMAN RE800 In-ears

    Agreed on the looks thing, but some will probably like the gold coating. Making a sub woofer that performs well is pretty straight forward compared to designing an in-ear and a high performance 9.2 mm dynamic driver.
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    Brainwavz introduces its Quad Balanced Armature B400 to the UK

    It is very few people that cannot get a good fit with in-ears with proper tips, but there will always be some where the design does not fit. The ones that do get seal will get very similar sound quality.
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    HiFiMAN RE800 In-ears

    [page=Introduction & Specifications] Introduction HiFiMAN's in-ears have always pushed great sound quality at a price that left many bigger companies struggling to compete. Today, we take a look at a new high-end offering from HiFiMAN. It is dubbed the RE800 and features a brand-new driver from...
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    Brainwavz introduces its Quad Balanced Armature B400 to the UK

    Hopefully! In-ears is probably one of the types of headphones that has less variance as long as you get them to seal towards your ear canal. So as long as you get a good fit sound quality should be the same. Only thing that changes is the geometry of the ear canal and otoacoustics which should...
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    Sennheiser Game One

    You do not need a surround sound system for surround sound, you have two ears. Binaural/ambisonic mixing is not the standard yet, but it is coming and the spatializers in modern game engines are already pretty good . Only major persistent problem is correct near field representation. CSGO has an...
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    ASUS Intros ROG Strix Fusion 500 Gaming Headset

    Accurate positioning in headphones is perfect if it is mixed as binaural try some of the stuff on youtube, or alternatively some from HD Tracks. Alternatively with ambisonics done right it is also nearly perfect, but very limited material. If the output from the game engine is run through a...
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    Help me choose some headphones

    I think some of the AKG acoustic gurus are cooking up new interesting stuff at MySphere, looks like a modern AKG K1000. Since they did not retain the engineering staff my guess is that the coming products will be less special. The guys at AKG had so much experience and expertise, they will...
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    Help me choose some headphones

    AKG in Austria has laid off all employees and moved all production to China.
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    Help me choose some headphones

    AKG is closed down so there could be some good deals coming up. There are so many options just try and listen to as many as possible, preferably A/Bing as ones memory of how stuff sounds quickly disappears. Amount of bass in headphones has a lot to do with the fit and seal against your...
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    Fast/Slow Roll Off and Minimum Phase

    It is only what mode the DAC operates in has nothing to do with compression or anything codec related. http://archimago.blogspot.dk/2013/06/measurements-digital-filters-and.html It is basically a trade-off between impuls response/phase, frequency response, and distortion.
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    TechPowerUp Presents: Best of 2017

    Great effort VSG thanks for putting it all together :) Good read!
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    1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Headphones

    [page=Introduction] Introduction 1MORE is well known for their excellent bang-for-the-buck in-ears, but it seems they are more ambitious than that. The MK802 is a new Bluetooth headphone with AptX HD support, which should enable close to lossless transfer over A2DP. The MK802 can be run as a...
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    USB DAC worth while ?.

    Lack of bass? Most of the amplifier designs have nearly 0 Ohm output impedance, should be perfect bass and inaudible distortion with pretty much all headphones. The O2+O(S)DAC is an excellent combination for the price. Tuning of headphones is never really straight forward and as the fit changes...
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    Converting analog to digital for bluetooth use

    No point in having a sound card for wireless as bluetooth is digital all the way to the device and then the device does decoding, D/A conversion and amplification.