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    PSU was dead yesterday, works now. What happened!?

    I had same thing happen with me last year in august, still no clue what happened, i even swapped to my older psu but it still wouldn't turn on then later after i put my actual psu, my pc started working again.
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    haven't been here for quite long, just updated my profile with updated system specs and guess i...

    haven't been here for quite long, just updated my profile with updated system specs and guess i had alot of changes and upgrades.
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    Aliens: Colonial Marines

    no way i'm going to waste my money on this crap, the reviews just sums it all up, pathetic 58% overall score on combined on major gaming site made me care less about this game.
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    What comes after Haswell? Are we ever going to get more powerful cpu's?

    I'm not really desperate about either of them, i'm might keep my current cpu or may be even whole system intact for next 2 years.
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    FarCry 3 Recommended Tweaks for my setup

    any tips on improving performance on hd 6xxx series gpus? Bcoz i own a hd 6850 and got unplayable framerates at high settings.
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    List Your Favorite GPU

    i think this topic is supposed to telling about your favorite graphics card rather than your own but most of the people seem to be doing completely opposite. Anyway, I have MSI HD 6850 Cyclone OC 1GB Edition but i don't like it too much because it makes too much noise while playing games and get...
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    TechPowerUp Screenshot Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    Ashes Cricket 2009, just finished a tournament. Graphics Might not be the best but it's the greatest cricket gaming effort in my view.
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    Monitor Displays White Line when refreshing

    i don't have it overclocked, it was same when i bought it few months ago, i think it can also be the issue with my psu.
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    Monitor Displays White Line when refreshing

    no, it's a dvi cable.
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    Monitor Displays White Line when refreshing

    I have a Dell Monitor (see my specs for more detail), whenever i refresh the desktop there are some white forming lines appearing on my desktop. I already have the latest drivers installed. My Monitor works fine otherwise like i had it connect to my ps3 which was free of issues. Could it be a...
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    Corrupted Bios?

    issue fixed, i just checked intel's site.. they released a new firmware and it installed successfully. Now Everything works fine, admin please close this thread now.
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    Corrupted Bios?

    I would contact my manufacturer if i see any problem in installing the upcoming bios update from Intel, i hope they release a new update very soon and my problem sorts out. Resetting the jumper didn't help, i will post on Intel Support Forum. Thanks to Law-11 for his support as well.
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    Indian water cooler manufacturer!!!

    i am using 32 bit version of Windows XP so it's not possible to have more than 4 gb ram there, also my mobo only support 1333mhz ram and not more than that. Is there a way to increase GPU Memory, like sharing ram as we can do with onboard graphics?
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    Indian water cooler manufacturer!!!

    My CPU not bad, neither the graphics card but it's only Skyrim which asks for which is resource hog in ultra bcoz i can play every heavy game like LA Noire, Modern Warfare 3 etc in ultra but i think due to only 1 gb of memory the game lags in full AA and AF. Also, I5 2300 is stands above amd...
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    Xbox Durango Packs 16-core PowerPC CPU

    i thought it was going the named 720, but it still is xbox 720 (technical wise).
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    WiiU might be renamed to Wii Entertainment System ?

    when is it going to release? Any info about prices and more details in india?
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    Indian water cooler manufacturer!!!

    i need to buy one of these for my hd 6850 as i will overclocking it for some games that are not playable in ultra, can u give us the prices?
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    Internet problem

    do a complete scan of your pc with an anti virus, it would help. I recommend you trying free edition of malwarebytes.
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    What is this ip?

    can a pc be attacked with virus by accessing the ip address?
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    Computer shuts down as soon as it starts (P5N-E SLI)...

    msi overclocked hd 6850 (power edition), works fine on my low end 450w ordinary psu by Intex then why the heck would be 520w not enough to run 5850.
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    [WTB] cheap video card

    i have 8400gs 1gb ddr3, support 3d in vista and 7 and full hd in xp as well. interested?
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    Indian water cooler manufacturer!!!

    ^ are u indian, by any chance?
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    14 nm "Broadwell" A True System-on-Chip (SoC)

    one they they will come with 1nm, then .5nm and blah blah blah.. let's just see how small can they keep it!?!
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    Maximum stable overclock for MSI HD 6850 (Power Edition)

    i am disappointed to see that my one has only 960 Stream processors but 1100 Mhz but you're right gpu clock and memory speed is a bit higher (respectively 860 mhz and 1100 mhz). I think this was my another bad investment of money.
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    Maximum stable overclock for MSI HD 6850 (Power Edition)

    So i just recently bought this card when everything looked like a dream to me as my budget looked around 100$ then changed significantly and luckily to 170$, now the point is tomorrow i'm getting a decent case cooling fan from noctua. It will be shipped by tomorrow and i will be paying...