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    Sata III HDD's still a gimmick???

    I would just go with the best price for the size drive you want. you will most likely not feel a difference in real world use. SF based drives are still having some issues and will be hit or miss if your drive is affected. New intel drives coming next month as well, but are SF based; not sure...
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    Recommend me a 16GB USB 3.0 flash drive

    Ive been wondering as well. Ive been most interested in the Super talent drives or possibly Patriot drives
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    New Windows 7 Disc RE4 or Black or Raptor or SSD?

    I honestly think you should either take the plunge to ssd or just get a black drive or the samsung drives if they are available to you. There are many tweaks you can do to cut down the size you use on an ssd. For example; my main system is only using approx 20GB of space. I have the...
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    HD Comparison

    you should definitely see some difference, but nothing to blow you away by. have you given any thought to a sm ssd for os and another drive for any storage? That would be a great improvement. you could even keep your surrent drive for now and get a smaller ssd on sale. just another...
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    [FS] Intel I7 - 2600K

    He is looking for higher clocking chips. Dumo how many volts to run@5ghz?
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    Z68 Question

    if your into distributed computing; the 2600k is the only way to go. as far as mobos you will get the usual mixed opinions on choice. for SB I have used Asus. For X58 I used Gigabyte. AsRock is supposed to have some great boards as well Good Luck with your choices
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    [WTB] Intel i7 2600 processor from microcenter

    you should see if anyone can get you one from frys; they are currently selling for $250 for their anniversary sale. $30 cheaper than MC
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    GTX480 is 4way SLI ready :D

    cant wait to see your rig after you have all your new parts:toast: besides the cards; what do you heave left to get? the sr-2 correct?
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    GTX480 is 4way SLI ready :D

    There are a lot of people here that need to do their homework. As Fits said, these cards are designed to handle the heat and the heat on retail cards are not as high as the reviews stated. From the results I have seen, these cards were compared to GTX 280 temps. Load temps in the 70's c...
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    Kingston SSD

    Congrats on your decision. Aren't the 64gb Kingstons Toshiba based? in the US this drive is priced similar to the Agility. I am very sceptical of the agility or at least 60bg as there have been too many problems with them for my taste. Enjoy your new drive. I guess any ssd no matter...
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    Sandforce drives out yet?

    Which drives you looking for: OCZ LE already on newegg and I believe have been:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227508&cm_re=OCZ_vertex_LE-_-20-227-508-_-Product OWC drives available too, but at rediculous price...
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    External DVD Burner recommendations

    Yes they can be used for hard drives as well, but you may lose performance of the drives. Same goes with external optical drives, but with optical drives performance degration will probably not be noticeable. If you cannot fit everything in your case with your H2o, then external is about the...
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    Are you ready to see this? P6T7 WS fullcover waterblock

    Thats weird I have seen this block already. Did you post this somewhere else already? Any nice work as usual!
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    Kingston SSD

    it depends on which Kingston it is exactly. Some are intel based (40gig) and others are jmicron I believe.
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    Koolance CPU-360 doesn't fit on Gigabyte X58 UD4P

    Are those quick disconnects just for testing purposes? kind ofa cool idea, but I imagine with the other half that it would make for a long fitting? You could always refuse the package or return to sender. Then contact Koolance to let them know whats going on; this would bypass additional...
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    Koolance CPU-360 doesn't fit on Gigabyte X58 UD4P

    Does anyone have a confirmed list of what boards this block will actually fit, or possibly what Blocks will actually fit the gigabyte boards? I hope this gets resolved fairly quick for Hammer. Luckily I do not have all my parts yet, but if I was ready to build, I would be pretty pissed off...
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    Koolance CPU-360 doesn't fit on Gigabyte X58 UD4P

    Sorry to hear of your problems Hammer. This is good to know though as I own a ud4p myself. Guess its a good thing that I was planning to use this block on my Bloodrage. I was scared there for a minute as i have my block sitting here on my desk already. I am sure that Koolance will take care...
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    Mushkin IO SSD: A Performance King

    where was this sale at?
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    Advise on SSD

    its like garbage collection. Helps keep SSD running at top performance by basically keeping the drive cleaned up , etc http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRIM_(SSD_command)
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    Advise on SSD

    Solid 2 does support TRIM and I believe as stated before that it is newer than Vertex and Agility drives. http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/solid_state_drives/ocz_solid_2_series_sata_ii_2_5-ssd I have seen many people and benchmarks showing better results than the agility & vertex drives.
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    Advise on SSD

    As tempting as the agility deals are, I think I am going to see what the new SSD's bring to the table in the next few weeks. at this point I cannot miss what I cannot experience. I get by just fine with what I currently have so another month or whatever will not kill me :laugh:
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    Mushkin IO SSD: A Performance King

    looks nice so far, but I will wait for better/more reviews
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    Advise on SSD

    here are some quotes from various members from OCZ forum and Anandtech about Solid 2 performing as well or better than Agility or Vertex...: Can't comment on the 30GB version but on the head to head benchmarks with Solid 2 vs Vertex or Solid 2 vs Agility (120GB and 60GB versions), the...
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    Advise on SSD

    OCZ Agility 60GB@ ZZF 200-$50 rebate-$20 using ebillme; $130 after rebate. Theres a code for ebillme posted on slickdeals. I may be mistaken, but I thought the solid 2 drives were the newest to the family. I will post if i can find it again
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    Advise on SSD

    Do you have proof that these are better than the Vertex, link? I was reading somewhere that the Solid 2 series is better than the Vertex and uses intel nand I believe. i will have to remember where I saw it. I think its got a new controller as well Today there is a good deal on the 60GB...