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    How do I delete my account?

    Hi, How do I delete my TechPowerUp forum account? I do not see how to do that. Thanks.
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    Router: Possible to get full N speeds, w/ support for legacy G devices?

    Hi all, Question. I've got a typical home LAN, w/ all 802.11g devices (3 PCs, maybe a gaming system, at least one smartphone). I've got roommates, and I'm considering stepping up to a new 802.11n router. Thing is, I can't force my roommates to get new wireless adapter to go to N. I've heard...
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    Sleep Mode... It won't wake up!

    No go still. :( Thanks suraswami for the suggestion. Ok. I reset the BIOS to defaults, and S3, and now when I tell the computer to go into standby, it appears to save everything to memory, and then power off. It's like the PC thinks sleep means hibernate. So, OK. I tried turning off...
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    Sleep Mode... It won't wake up!

    PHEW! It can wake from sleep now! OMFG. Poisonsnak, you are a freakin' genius. I know your post is over 4 years old, but it just saved my behind! My Dad's Dell Inspiron 530S has been having really junky wake from sleep, but now, turning the default S3 to S1, it can wake just fine from...