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  1. vvulture

    6950 overclocking issues..

    Hey guys, Here is what i have done so far : - Unlocked extra shaders using RBE 1.28 - Increased the voltage of my 6950 to 1.275v using RBE 1.28 - Increased upper clock limits in CCC using RacerX v11 - Set power control in CCC to +20% Now, the issue is that when i increase the core...
  2. vvulture

    I'm confused... need help with 6950 volts

    Hey guys. I have 2 6950's in XFire, both with unlocked shaders and so far all is well.. I have also used RacerX v11 to incease my GPU upper limits, and this is also working fine. My problem however, is that i have ( un-successfuly ) tried to increase my 3D voltage from 1.1v ( 1100mV ) to...
  3. vvulture

    Looking for latest Sapphire 4870x2 BIOS

    I have the original BIOS release for this card, but i would like to try out the latest one. I think its dated September 2008 . thank you