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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X To Feature Tweakable Idle Fan-off Mode

    I've already got fan off technology on my titans. It's called watercooling :D
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    GTX680 backplate installation help

    The left most arrow is pointing to a blank area where extra caps or resistors could have been mounted. Nothing on this side needs cooling there, maybe the other side has VRM components there, I dont know. The other 2 components are surface mount tantalum caps, they aren't generating heat on...
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    Modifying Kepler BIOS - max boost clock location

    It's ok, found it.
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    Modifying Kepler BIOS - max boost clock location

    Hi, does anyone know the location (offset/columns when using hex editor) of the max boost clock (not normal boost clock displayed in GPU-Z this doesn't really do much) in the kepler BIOS? Thanks :)