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    qubit's Sandy upgrade

    I prefer ASUS boards because of the multiple on-board fan headers which can control fan speed via desktop software Fan Expert. I really liked that P6X58D-E was able to do 24w on the cpu_fan, so I have a pwm y cable for my dual tower CPU cooler. 24w gives me lots of headroom should i ever want to...
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    Ivy Bridge Official Benchmarks – Markedly Better Performance Than Sandy Bridge

    This is a bit like saying Intel changed the on-chip GPU for something an upgrade twice the performance than before. Look, Intel HD graphics 2000 vs (upcoming) Intel HD graphics 4000. The Intel HD 4000 takes casual gaming up one tier. The other productivity gains seems small, seeing as...
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    Noctua Announces New PWM Fans

    We can get regular 3-pin fans and control their speed through Motherboard's on-board fan controller or a dedicated fan controller, both methods do real-time voltage adjustments (speaking from Asus mobo experience with Ai Tweaker> Fan Expert software). Or would it be better to get PWM fans and...
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    Antec P280

    I'm considering push-pull fan configuration for the hard drives, so with internal intake fans installed, what is the video card length support then?