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    Anyone share experience with Asus RMA?

    I keep seeing this a lot in customer reviews on Newegg, but when dealing with them on replacing a faulty USB 3.0 header on the front panel of my Carbide 500R case, they sent me two replacements free of charge (both had the same issue) and were willing to send me another, but by that time I had...
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    Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Seeing the close up pictures, the texture of the material used on the base of the mouse (area where the palm and thumb rest) looks kinda gritty, sorta like how the roccat savu has those no sweat side grips. Any chance you could elaborate on that?
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    NETGEAR Introduces the Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Router

    I've seen that review, and while performance looks great, it doesn't really mention reliability, which is the most important thing to me, with speed being second. I've heard great things about the RT-N66U in that regard, but that it took a few firmware updates to get it right. My DIR-655 was...
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    Radeon R9 290X Clock Speeds Surface, Benchmarked

    I can't help but think if AMD truly had a Titan killer they would of bragged about having the world's fastest single GPU at GPU'14. Their marketing is beyond over the top, and they would of had a field day with that. TrueAudio is neat, don't get me wrong, but this was a GPU conference, and...
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    NETGEAR Introduces the Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Router

    After giving their r6300 v2 a shot for almost a month, and finally having to return it due to network printer issues requiring a reboot every 2 days, I can honestly say that I was pretty disappointed with NETGEAR's last top of the line offering. Their genie interface also leaves a lot to be...
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    [Giveaway] Star Citizen

    Count me in :rockout: Definitely want to give this game a shot.
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    MSI GeForce GTX 780 Lightning Pictured

    At first glance aesthetically, this seems like a step backwards from their previous cooling shrouds. Hopefully it performs as well or better. Price is kind of off the charts though, think I'd prefer the Galaxy 780 HOF to this if i needed a GPU right now.
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    Mionix NAOS 8200 Gaming Mouse

    I do the same, and honestly the optical sensor in the 3200 is great.
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    NVIDIA Unveils New Flagship GPU for Visual Computing

    2880 SMX Cores.... Titan Ultra incoming Q1 2014? Looks like Nvidia has been hoarding their best binned GK110s. :shadedshu
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    MSI GeForce GTX 780 Lightning Release Date Surfaces

    Wondering if anyone would mind shooting me a PM with a link to the TITAN Engineering BIOS. I think I found it on hwbot but I just want to make sure it's the right one.
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    [FS][US] Xero717's Stuff That Needs a New Home

    None of those issues, it was actually really great for me, but i prefer my Mionix Naos 3200 for comfort. I do miss the DPI and precision of the Gigabyte though, plus the ghost software is pretty good.
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    [FS][US] Xero717's Stuff That Needs a New Home

    So I'm making another post because my last thread was over 137 days old. But i've got some new stuff for sale this time around, and I'm hoping it can find a new home with someone that might use it. My eBay user name is zarenic, as a point of reference for my previous sales online. I am also...
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    Which GTX680 would you buy?

    I love my EVGA GTX680 Reference Card. I can OC it to 1231 boost clock with 60% fan (at 65% fan noise becomes noticeable) and keep temps under 56 C (They are usually actually lower!). I've been tempted to push it further to be honest, but i think that's far enough for everyday gaming. I do...
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    Looking for a new sound card...

    I prefer them, they're more comfortable and I can wear them for long durations. I've been using in ears for at least 5 years.
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    Looking for a new sound card...

    Right now I'm using a pair of Sennheiser OCX 880's. They're not anything special and the inline volume adjuster definitely limits the volume, even when twisted to max. I'm actually looking at getting a new pair of in ears because my cat chewed through my Sony EX 1000 wires.... someone was very...
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    Looking for a new sound card...

    I was looking at some DAC options, a friend referred me to headphone.com which i had never even heard of before. http://www.headphone.com/headphone-amps/headroom-total-bithead.php is the model they suggested.
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    Looking for a new sound card...

    I saw that one too, but it doesn't have the TI TPA6120A2 headphone amp like the Claro Halo and Xonar Essence STX, but I'm not entirely sure how needed that is.
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    Looking for a new sound card...

    Did a little more research and it looks like the HT|Omega Claro Halo and the Asus Xonar Essence STX use the same C-Media CMI8788 chipset, just the Asus one is rebranded as the ASUS AV100. I guess the Asus is the only way to go for me. I hope i can disable that DirectSound3D GX 2.5 stuff, cause...
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    Looking for a new sound card...

    I saw the connector on the HT|Omega Claro Halo is PCI. Would this cut down my PCIe 3.0 x16 on the first slot to x8? The Maximus V Gene doesn't have a PCIe PLX chip to increase the lanes, and from what I've been able to gather IVB only has 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes. Even with the PCI-e x1 version...
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    Looking for a new sound card...

    Currently I'm using the onboard audio on a Maximus V Gene which is just a realtek chipset with creative software used to make it sound better. I'm looking for something that will make my current solution sound like a cheap pair of 10 dollar skullcandy ear buds. My budget is $250 USD or...
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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.6.1 Released, Announcing New PowerColor GPU-Z Giveaway

    Might wanna add to the changelog that you can now see the ASIC on GTX 680s, mine is 97.8% :rockout:
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    Question about i5 2500k Overclock

    At what rate would you recommend doing that while trying to maintain stability? Right now my CPU PLL is set at 1.7.
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    Question about i5 2500k Overclock

    I have to push 1.4 to get the system to POST at 4.8, so yeah, I think your chip's a little better than mine :P