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    steam buying fail

    i just tried to buy the new DLC for supcom 2 at steam. but firstly steam failed on me by not opening my banks page and now i get this error There has been an internal error initializing your transaction. Please contact support for assistance. and now i cant even launch supcom 2 anymore...
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    Full hd gaming question

    I just got a FullHD screen and i wonder. How can i enable hd at games? I have the hdmi cable plugged in and set to a resolution of 1920-1080(1080p) at my desktop but does that mean it will be on while playing games?
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    Iphone gets unreal engine!

    I was just checking my iphone/ipod gamingsite and came to this amazing(psp/ps2) owning news. This app is not a game but it demonstrates the power of the 3rd generation ipod touch/3gs/i4. It has a full medieval town to walk through and has som very impressive graphics (look at shading and...
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    Test drive unlimited 2

    This is going to be awesome!!! Check this forum out! http://forum.tdu-central.com/forumdisplay.php?f=73 This forum contains many TDU2 pictures, acticles, trailers and maybe some extra info about the game. Hope youll enjoy I will get this game at day of release for sure!
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    Blur stuttering

    hey i have just installed blur and i noticed some very choppy/stuttering gameplay its strange as my fps is always above 80 fps in that game. also the sound is stuttering like hell. whats the problem? thanks.
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    Test Drive Unlimited connection problem

    I have always played TDU online without problems. but suddenly i can't connect to the game servers anymore. it all happened when i needed to reboot my router. my pc still says that my NAT is open and i CAN connect AND host to all other games. so what is the problem? and how can it be...
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    Crysis lag on upgrading from Vista x86 to Win 7 x64

    hey i have just installed windows 7 x64 and before i had vista 32 bit. so i heard that win 7 had more gaming performance than win vista? am i right? but besides that, i have 3 gigs of ram more now but still dont see ANY performance improvements on ANY games. and crysis even at lower FPS...
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    Dirt 2, buy or don't buy?

    Well, was just wondering, is dirt 2 worth buying? Because im not a rally fan, but i did see that this game had normal racing too. But am not sure if i should buy it or not. Pls help. Thanks.
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    good voltage for i7

    hey i want to know what is a good voltage for an i7 920 at 4.0 Ghz. mine is currently running at 3.85 (3.7 with turbo)on 1.34V thats only the vcore. should i lower it or just keep it that wat. i havent ajusted other voltages manually so maybe it i control other voltages i can lower vcore and...
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    Test drive unlimited 2, finally some good news

    Finally some good pics and news of a game that ive been waiting for about 2.5 years. Man i think seems to become a great game. Finally some more realism. Like damage and weather...
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    weird pci-ex 2.0 slots

    I have a problem with adding a second card with this gxf card at this mobo. I tried to add a small physx card (8600GT). The cards touch eachother and it maked noise. So i removed it again. For a 2- slot mobo it's strange to put them so close to eachother. Or was it made for smaller cards? Im...
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    strange memory clock

    i bought a 1333 mhz ddr3 kit and all my programs say its clocked at 1066mhz:confused: why? and so does my BOIS. i already overclocked it to 1800 mhz, but that downclocking is kinda strange... the brand is kingston value ram
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    MSI GTX275 twin frozr oc overclocking problems

    hi, I have a MSI n275GTX twin frozr oc. I cant overclock it because when i OC the core a little bit (680,normally 666) the screen goes black ingame and drivers stop responding. After that de game resumes but it runs at leas twice as slow. And that stays till i reboot my system. But i only...
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    I7 920 heat problems

    hi, i have some heat problems with my core i7 and i am using a Scythe mugen 2 cooler. its now running at 3.3 Ghz and with a voltage of 1.175 i think(thats even lower than normal). idle its roun 55 C and full load round 65-70!!!:confused: while other ppl with the same cooler get...