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  1. XNine

    PC goes into black screen and froze

    Yeah, I didn't have any issues with my 7870 until it started doing that out of the blue months after installing.
  2. XNine

    The Witcher Franchise Passes the 25 Million Games Sold Mark

    Considering some studios are over 1,000 employees (Activision/Blizzard,) EA, Square/Enix, and the list goes on), yes, they are pretty small for a AAA title developer. As far as as money, they made over 3x what they spent making the game. That's pretty damn good, considering the game has been...
  3. XNine

    PC goes into black screen and froze

    2 things: 1. I had nothing but issues with the Sapphire 7870, even under water. It would just randomly go to black screen and a "buzzing" sound would emit through my speakers. I tested a different GPU in the system, it was fine, so the 7870 would just randomly crash the entire system out of...
  4. XNine

    The Witcher Franchise Passes the 25 Million Games Sold Mark

    Honestly, Witcher 3 exceeded my expectations overall (especially my 2nd playthrough choosing some different options). It's good to see this "small" developer pushing out great games.... now then, bring on CP2077!
  5. XNine

    Microsoft Locks System Updates for Windows 7, 8.1 on Ryzen, Kaby Lake Systems

    There's a very good technical reason, actually. MS doesn't have persistent advertising riddling 7 and 8. What better way to sink your ad generating claws into a consumer by forcing them to upgrade to their OS?
  6. XNine

    Cooler Master Unveils the MasterKeys Pro S & MasterKeys Pro M RGB

    Curious, are Silver switches anything like Clears? I love my Code Clear board but wouldn't mind grabbing a cheaper alternative for my PC at work.
  7. XNine

    Humble Arma Bundle

    The biggest draw back is extremely poor AI. Their entire movement structure is based off of scripting rather than dynamic. No only that, your own guys never seem to obey orders. When playing with friends, the enemy AI seems to be able to hit you from a mile out with a handgun... That said...
  8. XNine

    L3P Fake kickstarter campaign

    I signed up to Kickstarter just to report the pleb. I was livid when I saw this happening to Peter, who's just a stand up character all the way around. I hadn't seen the page again until just now, and it was officially removed due to DMCA :) Earlier reports were that it was removed by the...
  9. XNine

    Phanteks Announces the Glacier Series Water Cooling Fittings

    They look pretty nice, actually. I think Bitspower, Monsoon, and EK will have a run for their money with these guys.
  10. XNine

    Phanteks Also Announces the Glacier G1080 Series VGA Water Blocks

    I take it these are nickel plated copper and NOT aluminum, correct? If so.... "A NEW CHALLENGER HAS ENTERED THE GAME...."
  11. XNine

    24 or 27 inch? can't figure out what size

    I've got a 27" 1440 Acer Monitor at home. Love it. Don't recall the model, but I can't see myself going back to anything under 27". I used to run Dual 23's and still prefer a single 27.
  12. XNine

    Hd-audio to Panel mount where to buy

    Some mod-style shops use to carry them, but I'm not sure if they really do any longer. I know we carry one that can be ordered without a case, but it also has USB 3 on it, so that may not suit your needs. I'd link to it, but I think that's against TOS on this site.
  13. XNine

    APC Machine use Caselabs Magnum TH10A

    Impressive! MOST Impressive! Have you submitted this to us to include in our customer gallery yet?
  14. XNine

    Lian Li Announces the PC-10N Mid Tower Chassis in North America

    Have you not seen all of their other forays into case design? The tower of doom: The Train: The Seashell: The Spider: The Oven: Lian Li has more cases out there than any other company on the planet. It's insane how many there are. Not to mention the good ol V2000...
  15. XNine

    Lian Li Announces the PC-10N Mid Tower Chassis in North America

    Lian Li's been on a role lately! Nice offering from one of the finest names in the Biz!
  16. XNine

    Valve Announces Steam OS

    If that's the case, I also like bacon in my burritos.... :laugh:
  17. XNine

    Radeon R9 290X Pictured, Tested, Beats Titan

    Not a concern for most OCer's in the first place, as most actually watercool to get the real performance.
  18. XNine

    ASRock Fatal1ty Killer Series Motherboards Unveiled

    My Extreme 6 GB 2011 board has been the best board I've ever owned. I love it. Though, my next build will be with the new Asus Impact. It's gonna kill me to sell this board/cpu, but fun to do another build. Asrock also has a great color scheme (gold/black) which is very Deus Ex-ish.
  19. XNine

    Valve Announces Steam OS

    And how many games on Steam can even work under this new platform, given that any large developer is going to code for Direct X and not OpenGL? Dual boot is nice and all, but people prefer a unified experience. Linux is great and all, except, you know, no support for apps that are worth a damn...
  20. XNine

    Completed my CaseLabs T10 project

    Sexy sexy build! :) Do you have a build log? Would love to show it off on our FB page :)
  21. XNine

    EK Releases New Water Block for ASUS DC2 Series GeForce GTX 780

    That one in the middle looks gorgeous.
  22. XNine

    Fractal Design Announces Node 304 White Chassis

    Probably not til 2014, but we've been working on designs to make sure we have a product that we like. Eventually, I'm sure, but NZXT doesn't like to rush headlong into new form factors without diving in deep to make sure things are right.
  23. XNine

    NZXT Announces H630 Ultra-Tower Chassis

    It should work with any modern 200mm fan, as we have updated our fans to current specs out there :-)
  24. XNine

    Fractal Design Announces Node 304 White Chassis

    Damn FD, nice work on this guy! Looks slick
  25. XNine

    EK Releases Its First LN2 Evaporation Cooler

    Uuuuuh, you do realize that those who OC on LN2 are directly responsible for pushing development of better clocking and cooling hardware, right? Without them, we'd be far behind in what we can do with minimal hardware today.