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    Radeon HD 7970 Price Cuts Not Any Time Soon: Report

    AMD has something under there sleeves... either a victory driver, or they are hiding that it unlocks into a 7990
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    Windows 7 + new motherboard = BSOD

    What i did with my new mobo was reinstall windows, and the installer just renamed my old installation to Windows.old and I went into that to get my files back.
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    NVIDIA to Counter Radeon HD 6970 ''Cayman'' with GeForce GTX 580

    I'm guessing to make the 580 chips they're going to use the chips that actually were suppose to be the 480 and whatever chips that are defective will get its shaders disabled and become the 480
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    DIY WIFI Extender(Do it your self)

    I tried this once on a receiving antenna and it pretty much killed my pc's connection until I removed it
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    extending cold cathodes

    nvm solved itself with an internet search, close please!
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    extending cold cathodes

    Hey TPU, I'm stick in a dilemma I wired up some cold cathodes into a friend's car as footwell lighting, the problem was that the passenger cathode needed to have its wire extended, to do this I used 16gauge wire and wire crimps between the transformer and the cathode, the problem is that on the...
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    Halo 3 PC is "in development"!

    I wouldn't say its not possible, I've seen people have already hacked the dedicated server files and done stuff like this in a video somewhere
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    Halo 3 PC is "in development"!

    lol if you follow the Halo community as close as I do you would know that people have developed alot of apps and shit for halo 2 vista to fuck with people and impersonate bungie staff
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    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    I'm heading to the beach in about 2 hours, packed this guy and ready to shoot! Film FTW!!!
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    Dirt 3 Announced (with trailer!)

    god If this make this game in Mcae's name then it is the same as pissing on his grave because every expect of Colin in dirt was removed for Ken Block and Ken Block is even in the trailer for this one and not Mcrae. The trailer shows that its going to be crappy rallycross like the X-games shit...
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    Final Fantasy XIV high requirements

    I think it might be a port in a kinda of way because it uses the ff13 engine and square is probably expecting a very large player base
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    New build for FFXIV

    specs =) http://www.finalfantasyxiv.com/media/recom/na/pc.html
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    Time to buy a sub woofer!

    Get a Mcintosh XLS112 if its in your budget =)
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    ASUS Working on MARS II Dual GTX 480 Graphics Accelerator

    I wouldn't be surprise if these cost 2k each and came standard with a LN2 pot. Or cost 3k each for the card and a freon compressor. Or cost some ridiculousness amount, take up 3 slots and has as much silver/copper/fans that the PCB can hold.
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    HELP!!!!! CPU at over 80 Degrees Celcius!

    proper English helps! Try seeing if the heatsink is seated right, check if the fan is running, try cleaning the dust out of your case, replace the TIM.
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    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    Can I join? My dad just gave me his Nikon F5 and I'm trying to learn as much about photography as fast as possible
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    Microsoft Allegedly Rededicated to PC Gaming… Again

    lol they already made halo 1 and 2 for pc and frankly 1 was decent and 2 sucked ass!
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    Is Metro 2033 badly optimized?

    nvidia paid since it uses physx
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    Headphone connected to microphone

    As in an option to see what the "audio in" is because it looks as if the sound from your apps is being picked up as "audio in"
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    Headphone connected to microphone

    Have you checked the sound control panel? And make sure that you're not recording anything other than your mic?
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    Four More Quit Infinity Ward; At Least 17 Out

    hmm so now they joined EA who also has the battlefield series.. I wanna hear Merger!
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    Sleek-Audio Ready with SA7 High Performance In-Ear Headphones

    I'd rather spend my money on a good pair of headphones and not stick a rifle into my ear
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    Modern Warfare 3 In Development.

    Yay another crappy unrealistic run and gun game! =/ I want a real mil sim not these arcade games!
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    WD Caviar Black 500GB 32MB Cache HDD

    i thought blacks can't do raid