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    Do I need a second Radiator?

    Sorry, but the whole "always put a radiator between blocks" thing is a(n admittedly hard to kill) misconception. Myself, and a few other members at OCN, have tested this quite thoroughly, and none of us have seen more than a 1*C variation in Delta-T temps regardless of radiator placement. This...
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    Is Thermal paste on Vram Modules a good idea?

    I would highly recommend going with FujiPoly Extreme thermal tape, as it is THE highest rated, and most effective, out there @ 17W/mK! Personally, I've dropped between 13*C and 24*C across various blocks (MIPS RIVE Ni/BLK MB Blocks, 3x AC AquagraFX 680 Lightning blocks, 3x Watercool Heatkiller...
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    Fans for 240mm Radiator (help)

    I personally recommend the Koolance FAN-12025HBK or FAN-12038HBK, which are 120mm fans that are 25mm and 38mm respectively, spin at a maximum of 2600rpm, utilize true dual ball bearing motors, push 107cfm/116cfm and 5.4/6.33mmH2O (airflow/static pressure), and notoonly have I found that they're...
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    [FS][US] Asus gtx 670 2gb dcii top

    I have a brand new, never used MCP35X, as well as a Heatkiller HK3.0 block also brand new... PM me if you're interested... Are Heatkiller GPUx3 blocks compatible with these??
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    How many components can my MCP35X pump handle?

    It's the absolute best performing "non-extreme" single-pump out there... Better pressure and even flow than a D5 in most loops, and thanks to the PWM, it's just as silent. I never understand people who think they're "loud"... Sure, they make a "water rushing" sound, but only if you don't plug...
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    While I don't use it in my PC loops, I do have a lot of experience with "anti-freeze" or "coolant" in actual automotive settings (road course racing, recreational and competitive as well as modifying BMW's). It does not function just to prevent boiling of water (the fact that the loop is...
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    Silent fans with good airflow

    Trust me when I say you're better off getting the Corsair SP/AF120 PERFORMANCE Edition along with a fan controller, than you are ever buying the incredibly pathetic and worthless Quiet Editions! Also, airflow (CFM) is only half of the equation when it comes to a fan's performance. The other is...
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    Fans & Rads

    Almost all motherboards these days have 1 AMP per fan header, which means you should really limit draw to around 0.75 to 0.80 amps. Thus, you can use a Y-Splitter to connect two 0.35-0.40amp fans to one header, or 4 0.15-0.20amp fans, etc. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY!
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    Looking for CPU cooler to overclock i7 920

    AS5 is old, and there are countless newer pastes that not only perform better but are easier to work with, don't require a burn in period, etc. I've been obsessed with cooling efficiency since ~2003 with my FX-51, as that thing could get HOT when running some "hot" clocks, and since then I have...
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    MSI GTX 770 Lightning 2048 MB

    I love the 680 Lightnings I havein SLI, pprobably the best overall cards I've owned. Originally had 2x 7970GE Lightnings for CFX but after a pair of EK blocks with manufacturing defects killed them, I got MSI to replace them with the 680s. I know that every sample is different, and I don't have...
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    Gskill F3-2400C9-8GTXD

    I have"xxxxx2500" Ripjaws Z DDR3-2133 9-11-10-28 with the HCH9 IC's and they overclock extremely well, as do the Trident X DDR3-2400 9-11-11-31 kits I have, one of which is about 6mo old and the other is 7wk old, bothare jjust like the Ripjaws Z and are made with double sided HCH9 IC's. For...
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    ASUS Announces PA249Q ProArt Series LCD Monitor

    So long as they have tightened up their quality control when it comes to their monitors, I'll definitely be grabbing one of these! The PA246Q was a phenomenal monitor, best in its price range and when calibrated it was more accurate than the U2410 I had sitting next to it, but being the first...
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    ASUS Announces its Mainline Z87 Classic Series, with a New Look

    I see a PLX Chip on the Deluxe, although I can't make out the IC's numbers so I don't know which KIND of PLX chip it is... Still, it would make sense to me to include one, as the Asus Deluxe and Premium variants almost always support more-than-2-way X-Fire/SLI (and I don't mean X8/X4/X4...
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    Knight091 1st Case Mod

    Please, don't do 2 separate loops, you'll only get worse temps! Having a single loop is always better, unless there are space issues or case design problems that prevent it. That's not the case with the HAF-X. By having 1 loop, you have 2x the volume of water over each part and 2x the surface...
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    d1nkys F1rst M0d

    Looks great! I am not a fan of the "red everywhere" theme (especially the constant red & black builds), but you managed to pull it off pretty well. Also, I think that for a first mod, you did something that many "modders" with much more "experience" fail to ever manage: combine your aesthetic...
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    [FT][US] Looking to Trade my 120mm Triple Rad!

    What kind of other watercooling gear? because I have literally boxes of stuff, just not any extra rads....
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    [FT][US] MSI 680 Lighting

    How about a 1-to-1 trade for a BNIB 7970 Lightning + EK FC-R7970LTG Waterblock?
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    Which one of these two hard drives should I buy?

    Would you mind posting some HD Tune, HD Tach, or even ATTO/CDM benchmarks when you have the time? I recently started to overhaul my storage subsystem so I am seeking out benchmarks from "real" users (not review benchmarks) like a ravenous beast!
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan 6 GB

    Impressive engineering, very innovative, and awesome card... But the $2k I had planned for a pair of these in SLI will be going towards my 3-Way GTX670FTW SLI and more cooling and storage... The performance increase of these is simply not worth the cost of admission...
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    [FS][US] SSDs

    Dang, I was hoping to grab the M5P! Best of luck with the rest of your sale!
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    [FS/FT][US] New Rig Sale: Watercooling, etc...

    Hey, very interested in the Bitspower fittings, pretty much everything but the "plain" compression fittings. PM me if all is available!
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    The Best Full Tower Water Cooling Case.

    I have a Switch 810 and for the price its the best H2O case you can get. I also have a CaseLabs TH10 (with Pedestal + 120mm Extended Top + dozens of customizations), and it is so insanely huge that I am seriously considering adding a whole 2nd PC to it! But having used the 800D, the Switch...
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    2400 MHz Memory Upgrade

    For what it's worth, I have been doing a lot of experimenting with memory speeds/timings, and I haveffound that the biggest difference is (perhaps obviously) in benchmarks. However, contrary to the popular notion that memory speed is LIMITED to benchmarks, I have found that there is indeed an...
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    Vintage hardware - Athlon XP 2500+ good for anything anymore?

    Well if you decide you don't want the X850XT AGP anymore, PM ME!
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    Which receiver is best

    Good choice :) I have a boatload of audio equipment, a lot of it "professional" but a fair amount of home theater type as well, and despite having some very "high end" receivers, and up to 11.3ch speaker placement (I swap speakers constantly), my "GO TO" receiver for TV, movies, and even some...