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    Not to discourage your buying trough forumz but...

    Come on to think it: Does an used x800 ati card plus a worn 250 sata HD and old 266 mhz 256 mb ram worth $243? 1st. You don`t know seller adress and identity 2nd You don`t know parts work or not, besides their existence You Better buy in newegg, zipzoomfly even tiger direct.God, there...
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    [Case Gallery] XPS M930

    dell xps It´s unique; I wonder how could you get a 7800 inside
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    Like my 9300 conversion? TAKE IT!

    I´M WHINING Too bad I´m in Mex
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    [Case Gallery] Cool and Quiet by Innovatek

    I give you 10/10 I refer to "Envy" not evga
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    AMD to introduce "4x4"

    yes, I barely can afford a single cpu:o
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    AMD's plan to overcome Conroe

    Does this r600 supports direct 10x? I`m kind of curious about these new gpu cards and I don`t know exactly how it works or the differences with actual (direct 9x) cards
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    AMD's plan to overcome Conroe

    I better wait for a complete revision and afterall the store prices, I guess I will change my athlon xp-m 2600+ for a socket 939 system when the price slash comes
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    [Case Gallery] Purple Chieftec

    your pc it`s like a mini-lab with a experiment running inside the windows at least for me
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    My System :-D

    wow I have curiosity about your rig, it´s awesome,it seems very cool with all the wc an few cables 8/10.
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    [Case Gallery] Cool and Quiet by Innovatek

    opty 175 rulz the only reason for this 1 qualification is a green word that begins with "E"
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    [Case Gallery] Massive FPS Gaming PC

    impressive work I don`t know why is the one i like the most
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    [Case Gallery] Dr. Freeman's Mod

    nice work dr freeman I like it very much (I wish one)
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    [Case Gallery] Lethality

    nice rig: skull and bones, the litlle lcd is unique
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    [Case Gallery] toxic h2o not ready !

    fx 57 for the win!
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    [Case Gallery] BEAST#1

    great adjustment!