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  1. Smartbomb

    Should I "Step Up" To Another Card?

    Stay away from the dual slot GT... They're junk. Either get a regular GT or an Akimbo
  2. Smartbomb

    GTX 280/260 teaser drivers

    Installed 177.39 and Physx driver yesterday afternoon. I have Gears of War but haven't tried it yet to see Physx work... Only game I have played since the install is GRID. The drivers seem to work great with this, 8800GTS(G92) 1680x1050, setting s maxed and 8xQAA 8xAF smooth as silk. No Vista...
  3. Smartbomb

    Should I sell my dual 8800GTXs to get a 9800GX2?

    NOOOOO!!!!! When it comes to the biggetst reason to SLI the GX2 chokes compared to the GTX, the GX2 doesn't do well with AA, and AF... check out eVga forums, this has been said there time and time again that the best thing to do is hang on to those GTX
  4. Smartbomb

    EVGA A1 Version vs ASUS P5N-T-DELUXE

    Ya those corsairs will run just fine on the EVGA. The last bios release for the 780i seemed to clear up a lot of problems. The Evga 780i is a half decent board and likes low NB and SB voltages up over 450fsb and is a good Oc'ing board. As was mentioned the EVGA 750i FTW is the SLI board to...
  5. Smartbomb

    sli or not?

    I wouldn't put those 320's through sli....http://forums.slizone.com/index.php?showtopic=17101&pid=130189&st=0&#entry130189 This si the best I could dig up in short notice but I have seen the same type of results before that the 320's are horrible in sli, better to get 1 8800GTS 512 no SLI. Or...
  6. Smartbomb

    Out of answers on OCing(8800gts 512)

    With riva, did you select detect now, or reboot to detect?
  7. Smartbomb

    PC Refuses to overclock :(

    Not sure how much that memory is holding him back, while waiting on a 2Gig 1066mhz kit to finish someones build with a Q6600, I tested it out with 2x 512mb Lynx DDR2-533 (right crappy and cheap) on an Asus P5N32-E SLI, I linked and synched this memory to 667mhz to get 3.0Ghz stable. Mind you the...
  8. Smartbomb

    RAM Tweakers thread

    Try running your memory L&S, at 450fsb this gives you 900mhz on your ram (where you are at) try for 1T you might get away with it. I am using this config and am getting way better results than any other OC's i've done with my memory. I used to run unlinked 5-5-4-15 2T 1100mhz on my PC2-6400 kit...
  9. Smartbomb

    Freshly built system: Freezing Problem

    Dimm 1.872? That kit is rated for 2.2V-2.35V increase your memV to 2.2V dood. Looks like your problems right there. I've had my memory OC'd too much, even though it passed stress testing I was getting game lock-ups, looks like memory issue EDIT: you have a Giga board... should be +.4V on your memV
  10. Smartbomb

    Cheap build: OC'ing in mind.

    EVGA makes an 8600GT 512 with GDDR3. http://www.evga.com/products/moreInfo.asp?pn=512-P2-N757-TR&family=GeForce%208%20Series%20Family. Knew someone who just bought one, was $149 Futureshop Canada (CND almost on par with USD). Mind you, you can find 8800Gt's for around $50 difference or less...
  11. Smartbomb

    790i Freeze Issues - Crysis SLI

    This problem is by far the biggest thread on Evga forums (almost 50 pages) all 7xx series boards are included... some do it, some don't. People are hoping a bios update will fix this. Considering it happens to only some boards (only some being an alarming number however) that this is looking...
  12. Smartbomb

    RAM Tweakers thread

    OCZ Platinum XTC 1066 @ 1100 5-5-5-15 2.0V
  13. Smartbomb

    Which motherboard brand has failed on you the most?

    Just had an Asus P5N32-E SLI bad right outta the box. Had to swap a few different sets of memory in it to confirm as it would take no bios changes without corrupting the bios. The bios would crash and freeze. Flashed it several times in the process of determining the bad product in this build...
  14. Smartbomb

    has to be asus rog

    Get OCZ ReaperX 2X2Gig PC2-6400 rated at 4-4-3-15 800mhz 2.1V stock... I run mine currently at 5-5-4-15 2.0V 1100mhz. 300mhz OC on less than stock voltage... Killer. I've had them up higher but fighting my FSB hammers me. Have also run them 4-4-3-12 1T 850mhz L&S... OCZ told me they would hit...
  15. Smartbomb

    Is 900 really greater than 690?

    Those fans rock!!!! I replaced all three 12cm Antec Tri-Cool fans with the Zalman ZM-F3 in Green in my 900, I have no fan controller, they all run full speed and are quiet. They also move a lot of friggin air. Either case you go I would recommend these case fans.
  16. Smartbomb

    Mushkin Support Thread

  17. Smartbomb

    New custom machine - is it ok??

    Corsair PSU is good... made by Seasonic, my experiences in the past with Antec PSU's are good, just bought an Antec Earthwatts 500W for my Dad's build :)
  18. Smartbomb

    If you could give 1 piece of advice...?

    Always remember to stick metal objests in power connectors and lick them to test ;) JK
  19. Smartbomb

    RAM Tweakers thread

    Nice Job!!!!
  20. Smartbomb

    RAM Tweakers thread

    Try to run the lowest voltages possible, even if safe... My kit is rated 2.1v-2.2v I have them OC'd by 267mhz running 2.0v, less than stock. I checked yer specs... OCZ kits seem to be able to run slick on lower Voltage. Worth a try:) EDIT: Have seen more than a few recommendations on OCZ forums...
  21. Smartbomb

    RAM Tweakers thread

    Will have a new entry next week... My Dad's build will be finished (Q6600, Asus P5N32-E, 2X1 OCZ Platinum XTC 1066) That kit should hit near 1300mhz on that board :)
  22. Smartbomb

    Summer Temps

    Hopefully all works out, and your breakfast too. If it helps, I have seen a few reviews that state OCZ Freeze does a better job than AS5, might switch my AS5 to this. Might not bother though, my temps not lookin so bad.
  23. Smartbomb

    Summer Temps

    My spelling stinx, it always has :) How R tings inna yard? Ya I was shocked to see another Jamaican :) Good luck with the CPU
  24. Smartbomb

    which is butter 8800gtx or 9800gtx

    OMG I think I just pee'd a little:laugh: Man I do feel bad for it though
  25. Smartbomb

    Summer Temps

    Nice... my father was born in Ulster Spring... just outside of Foulmouth :)