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  1. department76

    KFA2 Launches its GeForce GTX 460 Razor Edition and WHDI Wireless Graphics Cards

    noobs. Five antennas must be necessary because it probably has to broadcast across multiple wifi channels to transmit the mas amount of data for UNCOMPRESSED high-def resolutions, 1080p is I think 1.2Gbps.
  2. department76

    EVGA Readies Analog CPU Speed Meter

    pretty sure i saw an analog cpu meter 6+ years ago. thought it was dumb then, too.
  3. department76

    CoD4 vs CoD:BO

    IMO: cod mw2 and cod BO should have been $20 expansion sets like the good old days. they are certinaly little more than expansions, the same gameplay and engine just new maps and guns.
  4. department76

    Time for an upgrade. What do ya think?

    SC2 doesn't break more than 40% cpu usage on my quad, so that's not really a good reason for getting one. I'd say it's a good idea to get an X3 to save $$, then if it happens to stable unlock to an X4, cool. If not, you won't miss any gaming performance.
  5. department76

    gtx 460 ultra low gpu usage, worthless for gaming

    Sure it's hookep up properly to power and that his psu isn't struggling? I recently put a rig together for a friend for under $500, which has an Athlon X3 and gtx460 on a 500W psu. That thing plays games awesome if not better than my own rig.
  6. department76

    AMD Zambezi ''Bulldozer'' Desktop CPU Roadmap Revealed

    sounds like i'll happily be buying an AM3+ board to drop my 965 into, to last me until the X8 prices are reasonable. ty, AMD, for the sensible (and fiscally intelligent) upgrade path.
  7. department76

    What is the best 1080p monitor on this list?

    i just bought the 24" version of that viewsonic and like it alot (the vx2450). i'd recommend the 22" in a hearbeat. wouldn't get the samsung, it only has a year warranty. i had a 3-yr warranty lcd die after about 30 months (the rectifier, i'd suspect). man was i glad it had a 3-yr warranty...
  8. department76

    Upgrading my CPU..

    my 4870 (and the 3870 before that) fit perfectly fine. they touch the pipe, yes, but there is no issue.
  9. department76

    Apple Displaces Microsoft as Biggest Technology Company

    apple can thank gaypods, and the wide-spread industry adoption of said gaypods, for their existence today. :shadedshu
  10. department76

    Low level hum in head unit

    sounds like 60hz noise from a ground-loop, probably due to crappy wiring in your house and/or power strips. this occurs when the resistance to ground varies across where all of your components are plugged in. the end result being that for one device plugged in, instead of ground being 0V it...
  11. department76

    Upgrading my CPU..

    odd.. my k9a2 plat likes bios v1.10 (1.A in hex :laugh:) just fine. i haven't seen it on any compatibility list yet for the X6 cpus, but that's great news if support is coming. also, if you decide to stick with the X4 965 idea, it will run and oc great on the k9a2 plat. see my rig.
  12. department76

    Damn you crysis!LOL not able to finish final level

    i had the same problem with the end of crysis. floating boss, run around glitched, crash.
  13. department76

    razor releases a 5600 dpi mouse. seriously does any1 use more than 2000?

    ^^ this guys coming the closest to using real logic to justify dpi. so turn up your sensitivity :laugh: i swear, people with newer mice (my friends included) are always adjusting their dpi on the mouse when they are switching apps. i however just have set everything once to the desired...
  14. department76

    razor releases a 5600 dpi mouse. seriously does any1 use more than 2000?

    crap like this is pointless, people will buy anything with a convincing enough of an advertisement. i have this feeling in general about any 'gaming' keyboard or mouse. my nearly 7 year old logitech mx700 (800dpi & wireless) is still going strong and i have never had problems in any game.
  15. department76

    Intel Core i7-920 $169.99 or i7-930 $199.99

    technically the 930 replaced the 920, the only difference is the multiplier. i seriously doubt the 930 would oc any different/better. just get the 920, if you can find it, since it's cheaper
  16. department76

    CPU-Z AMD 1090T error?

    agreed. sounds exactly like c'n'q is active.
  17. department76

    Patriot Launches Shattered Horizon Bundles

    i like the gameplay a lot. maybe people will start to play it and servers will actually fill up if a few thousand more poeple get it free :D
  18. department76

    Eurocom Launches World's First 6-cores Based Notebook Featuring Intel Core i7 980X

    i want to see the pricetag, then laugh. an AMD hexacore laptop will probably be $1000 less.
  19. department76

    Blu-Ray Capacity Increased.

    yup and that's the reason for bringing up hddvd in a thread about a new higher BD capacity; a higher bd capacity requiring a special version of the drive is just worthless. you should really read on to the end of a thread before you post.
  20. department76

    Blu-Ray Capacity Increased.

    bingo. hddvd had a $100 player that had more features and support than the cheapest ($300) BR player for two years before the first $100 BR player. it was VERY recent that a BR player could even be found for $100, and it's still uncommon.
  21. department76

    Blu-Ray Capacity Increased.

    bluray itself severley hampers the adoption of BD. hddvd should have won...
  22. department76

    Are Expensive HDMI cables Rip Offs

    i use these in my own system and get them for every system i help setup. 2m for $2.90, perfect. for those that disbelieve or don't understand why electrical interference doesn't effect digital signals, i'll briefly explain. digital signals that are sensitive to small changes in level...
  23. department76

    XFX Pulling out, NO FERMI for XFX

    funny how XFX started as nvidia, picked up ati in the 4xxx days (correct me if i'm wrong), and is now dropping nvidia not long after. haha my friend has an old XFX 7800gtx laying around somewhere, what a collectors item that is now! a collector's item that's worth nothing, that is ;)
  24. department76

    ATI's next gen GPU in next half of 2010

    oh, how quickly the tides turn. every competitive market is sinusoidal.. at least they make it look that way.
  25. department76

    Thermaltake Launches V5 Black Edition LAN-Portable PC Case

    maybe i will :laugh: