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  1. ShinyG

    Antec PSUs Achieve Lowest Failure Rate: Study

    BTW: Older version (may 2010) in english: http://www.behardware.com/articles/788-1/components-returns-rates.html Looks like Antec managed to improve quality, while Corsair dropped a bit...
  2. ShinyG

    VIA Announces EPIA-P830 Pico-ITX Embedded Platform

    Here comes my next in car computer :toast:
  3. ShinyG

    Nexus Technology Announces VCT-9000 CPU Cooler

    Nice to see something a bit different. I'm looking forward to a head to head with contemporary coolers.
  4. ShinyG

    NVIDIA's First DirectX 11 Accelerators are GeForce GTX 480 and 470

    Actually, I'd rather get a verified Tweet than one of those crappy charts they used to have yesteryear! So, we have a name, let's have a price and some performance numbers. I guess the next Tweet would be "Join us next week as we slowly reveal another small detail about the new architecture!"
  5. ShinyG

    NVIDIA GeForce GF100 Architecture

    I definitely hope this will level the field and bring prices down. New features, which for the most part are DX11 features and therefore implemented in ATi's 5000 will mean that now developers will have no reason not to incorporate them into their projects.
  6. ShinyG

    VIA Brings Enhanced Windows 7 Desktop to Life with Power Efficient DX10.1 Chipset

    It's actually refreshing to see VIA back in the game, I kinda missed them in a weird geeky way! If this is on par with the offers from nVidia, AMD and Intel, this can only mean one thing: better competition and lower prices! Yay, consumer wins!
  7. ShinyG

    NVIDIA Unveils Next Generation CUDA GPU Architecture – Codenamed ''Fermi''

    I think nVidia are a little bit behind with their mentality. They need to think for the future and invest in the same Open Source standards or at least in universally accepted standards. Right now, it seems to me like they're trying to use their power to push for their own standards, which is...
  8. ShinyG

    AMD Announces Open Physics Initiative for New Levels of Realism to Gaming, Simulation

    @DaedalusHelios: This platform works on OpenCL, which is Open Source so both ATi and nVidia will benefit from it without approvals. Open Source will not favor one particular manufacturer. This is totally opposite from the CUDA issue, where ATi could use it if they pay nVidia.
  9. ShinyG

    Batman: Arkham Asylum Enables AA Only on NVIDIA Hardware on PCs

    "Removing features" and "retarding" are very similar, I would dare say identical" if you look at it from a neutral point of view. Calling it other names like "optimizations" doesn't make it any different, it's still a basic feature disabled on ATi cards by the developer. The reason for this...
  10. ShinyG

    ATI Radeon HD 5870 1 GB GDDR5

    Why are all video card reviews on techpowerup containing "No support for CUDA / PhysX" as a con for ATi/AMD cards? Have these nVidia solutions become industry standards? No Are they at least popular enough to influence people away from ATi? Don't thinks so Why not add "No support for AMD Stream"...
  11. ShinyG

    AMD Celebrates Shipping its 500 Millionth x86 Processor

    That might look good at first glance from the consumer's point of view, but actually throwing away all CPUs with defects would mean higher retail prices. Simple economics really!
  12. ShinyG

    Intel Explains Brand Strategy with Core

    Yes, have the same logo and print the i3, i5 and i7 in semi-transparent hard to read letters. Good idea!
  13. ShinyG

    HP Introduces the HP Pavilion dv6 Artist Edition Laptop

    That laptop is so artsy fartsy!
  14. ShinyG

    Gainward To End Partnership with AMD/ATI

    I can't say I'll miss them! I had two 4870 GSs that had to be replaced due to... blowing up with no apparent reason other than playing a graphic intense game for more than 3 hours. Oh yeah, there's also a fan bug, so the fan won't spin up in all 3d games so I have to manually set it before each...
  15. ShinyG

    GT300 to Boast Around 256 GB/s Memory Bandwidth

    I think the key information in this "leaked info" is actually the missing info. What will the manufacturing process for this card be? What will the power consumption be? Etc, etc... I think the video card market has matured past the "who's got the bigger GPU" e-penis measuring contest! Well, I...
  16. ShinyG

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat for PC Announced

    What are you guys talking about there about graphics!? Are you even aware that there are no female characters in STALKER? As a Fallout fan, I'd have to say they missed out on a lot of story opportunities by not including women. Not to mention it makes the game look like a post-apocalyptic...
  17. ShinyG

    ASUS P6T7 SuperComputer Packs Two nForce 200 Chips, Graphics Expansion Galore

    I'll take the Quad Crossfire-X and Triple SLI at the same time, thank you!
  18. ShinyG

    ASUS Formula Series VGA Coolers Detailed

    The thermal image shows the same part of the card being just as hot as the one with the stock cooler. The only difference I see is that the F1-shaped plastic acts as a thermal barrier and blocks the heat so the thermal imaging camera doesn't pick it up :)) On another note: I subscribe, give us...
  19. ShinyG

    AMD to Demonstrate GPU Havok Physics Acceleration at GDC

    The fact is that both Intel and nVidia are big players and they are trying to set standards. That's why both are trying to convince everybody they are right and the other guys are idiots. So, Intel and AMD are both involved in Havok. Havok is already implemented at a CPU level with palpable...
  20. ShinyG

    NVIDIA Convinced by Board Partners Not to Rename 9800 GT to GTS 240

    Well, they stopped the renaming scheme half way there, so now it will be even more confusing for the customers!
  21. ShinyG

    Apple Launches the 3rd-Generation iPod Shuffle with 4 GB Internal Storage

    Probably the 4th Gen will be included in the headphones :))
  22. ShinyG

    Which wireless gaming mouse to get.

    I have a Logitech MX1000 at home and an old MX510 (the old optical one) at work. I get my ass handed to me with the MX1000 in TF2. The mouse is too heavy and the lag is horrific :( By comparison, playing on the old MX510 at work is a breeze, even though its "specs" are far inferior. Considering...
  23. ShinyG

    Psion Countersues Intel Over the Netbook Drama, Demands $1.2 Billion

    Well, I was bashing Psion from the beginning of this story so I'm not surprised they're switching the "Robin Hood" routine to a typical patent leech behavior... :(
  24. ShinyG

    Corsair Venturing Into Cases

    Corsair seems to have a lot of butter because I see them spreading, but I don't see any thinning :P Seriously, I wished all IT companies would be as dedicated as Corsair when it comes to expanding their lineup of products!
  25. ShinyG

    Psion Responds to Dell and Intel Court Petitions

    Wow, Psion is pulling the old "we fight big business!" stunt! People are like "yeah, whatever you're fighting for, we're in!".... Some people read that "official answer" and see "people talk", I see an immature public statement from a company that's blaming suppliers for their shrinking market...