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  1. b1lk1

    I will be leaving TPU!

    The WWW is losing one of the good guys, sad to see you go. Retire in peace!
  2. b1lk1

    2x 4770 or 1x4890?

    Makes no sense to buy 4770 X-Fire over a single 4890. You will not notice the difference in power in games that actually use X-Fire properly and games that do not will give the win to the 4890. If you are gonna spend the $$$ spend it right and get the 4890.
  3. b1lk1

    Intel to be Slapped with Greatest Fine in EU History

    Intel was only offering discounts if people did not use AMD products. If they had just offered the discounts no matter what their vendors used then they would not have got into trouble. Intel deserves this and the resulting fines. This will not put them out of business, it will just force...
  4. b1lk1

    The "old folks" club - no relation to the old farts club!

    I joined up to learn how to mod my 9800PRO to an XT. Hard to believe I have been a member this long here. Only forum I had joined earlier were the Aquamark3 forums.
  5. b1lk1

    ATI Months Ahead of NVIDIA with DirectX 11 GPU Schedule?

    You caught me mid-edit! As I said, why are we even caring about DX11 when these guys creating games cannot even handle DX10 coding?
  6. b1lk1

    ATI Months Ahead of NVIDIA with DirectX 11 GPU Schedule?

    DX9 cards were never reported to run DX10 in any fashion at all. We were told from the get go we needed DX10 hardware for DX10. That being said, since DX10 has been a joke, what makes people think DX11 is going to be adopted any faster?
  7. b1lk1

    My CM HAF 932 Came Today!!!!

    I have this case and it is amazing for water cooling. I fit a 120.2 Thermochill inside with 2 fans underneath it with room to spare. I am still not quite in love with the styling, but it is amazing as for utility and flexibility.
  8. b1lk1

    E8600 Overclock Record Broken, 6.70 GHz a Reality

    CPUZ validation is just getting that lucky screenshot saved before the suicide overclock fails.......
  9. b1lk1

    Windows 7/Vienna

    LOL!!! That is probably the silliest thing said so far about the upcoming late release of crapware.
  10. b1lk1

    WARNING: OCZ 6400 not fully compatible with Rampage Formula

    If they run stock speeds at stock settings and voltages then they are compatible with the board. Overclocking doesn't count for compatibility......
  11. b1lk1

    [Deal] Q6700 for $339 w/free Shipping and game @ ClubIT

    My foot is nowhere near my mouth. I don't need to do any research on your magical Q6700's since this would be on all of the major forums and people would be talking about it. Reading your one link of garbage made me laugh and anyone foolish enough to believe that deserves the headache. If you...
  12. b1lk1

    [Deal] Q6700 for $339 w/free Shipping and game @ ClubIT

    LOL!!!! THis thread is priceless. Show me a Q6700 doing 3.6Ghz on 1.245V Vcore like my QX9650. And show me a Q6700 doing 4.5Ghz on air. Totally laughable......
  13. b1lk1

    Windows Vista Activation

    I have made many changes to my Vista Ultimate PC, even a CPU swap and did not need to reactivate.
  14. b1lk1

    2 EVGA 9800 GX2 power supply requirements?

    Any good 800W+ power supply would run 2 of them. I have a BFG 800W and a Silverstone 850W and both have ample power for dual GX2's.
  15. b1lk1

    Is MSI screwing the end user

    I have always run the budget MSI boards atleast once for every socket, AMD and Intel. They always overclocked just as well as the Platinum's. You're spewing out some seriously wrong info.
  16. b1lk1

    More 9800 GX2 Pictures Released

    I just did my favorite thing when I see a large thread I haven't read yet. I read the first 10 replies, then I jumped to the last 10. Never fails that the topic is 110% completely different by the last 10 posts, LOL!!!!!!! PS: My 8800GTS 512MB card maxxes everything out on my 24" LCD with...
  17. b1lk1

    3870 crossfire problems

    Crysis does not work in Crysis so far.........
  18. b1lk1

    WTB/ CPU upgrade

    Get a 5000+ Black Edition, set the multi to 16 and the Vcore to 1.4V and you have a 3.2GHz CPU for around $100US. That's not overclocking, that is changing one value and the rest of your system is still running like it was never OC'd.
  19. b1lk1

    Tuniq Tower 120???

    Zalman 7700 is much too weak for overclocking a Quad. You should get the tuniq or the Thermalright Ultra 120.
  20. b1lk1

    WTB/WTT 780i board

    Their computers don't work...... Bump........
  21. b1lk1

    Is this copy of vista legit?

    That's not even the right key, thet is the Product ID key. Noone could do anything with that anyways. Either way, you got ripped off............
  22. b1lk1

    Rockstar Games Joins Steam

    I have to vote for 3 thumbs up for Steam. I love them. No activation crap, just nice doanload speedswhenever I blank my HD for any number of random stupid reasons. Keep them coming!
  23. b1lk1

    Investment Return - PC Performance

    HL2 Episode 1 is too much for your system the way it is configured. HD2600 is weak at best, and the OS is constantly using the swap file since you have so little ram. Your answer for your problems have been repeated in almost every answer in this thread.....
  24. b1lk1

    Need advice in trading my system off for my brother's

    I'd do it. Mostly because I prefer AMD, but mostly because I prefer AMD. I sold my quad Intel rig and went to this one and can't really feel the difference in 90% of what I do. I'd love to get my hands on one of those dual CPU AMD systems......
  25. b1lk1

    which is better and why..............

    8800GT is twice the performance of the 8800GTS????? That is laughable! If you have a GTS 640MB, there is not enough difference to upgrade to a GT. The higher resolutions favor the 640MB GTS as well.