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  1. J

    Games you wish they continued.

    Advent Rising :banghead:
  2. J

    "Open Box" Video cards on Newegg

    a $20 price difference is not worth throwing ur warranty..... go for new...its only $20 more w/ that $30 rebate on there right now
  3. J

    ARCTIC COOLING Launches Accelero Xtreme Series

    oh my its triple slot :mad:
  4. J

    Black screen after Windows logo unless I boot in safe mode

    try booting to ur windows cd, going into repair console, selecting the windows installation that went bad and doin a "chkdsk /r" without the quotes and let that run till finished.
  5. J

    Which gaming rig is better.

    I feel that this question is bad. ur gonna get totally biased answers. this just brings up the fight b/w amd and intel/ati and nvidia. your just creating a mad house of idiots man
  6. J

    is this a good build?

    go for the AMD 5000+ Black edition. this thing is great. and like the other guy said drop the gts and go for the gt more bang for your buck.
  7. J

    Setting up gaming league, anyone wanna help :)

    Im in if dawn of war is put in :)