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    Top 10 dead/dying PC skills listed

    Huh? COBOL is still WIDELY used in the business world and universities CERTAINLY teach it in business education. MySQL is not a protocol, that is the name of a relational database engine. C/C++ little to no demand, ARE YOU INSANE!?!? http://www.tiobe.com/tpci.htm Just look at junes TPC index.
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    Can I remove an IDE DVD Optical Drive while my PC is turned on?

    You will arc the power doing that with the standard 3pin power cables. SATA power connectors are specifically designed to eliminate that.
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    AMD Barcelona system pictured

    No that's an 8 pin connector, and most likely an extension.
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    Humongous Power Supplies and what you Really Need

    Your computer does not even come close to using 480W.
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    16GB SDHC card by MICRODIA

    What exactly are you arguing? YOU CAN NOT GET 16GB OF SD FOR CHEAPER OR ANYTHING LARGER. Obviously you can get 16GB of anything else cheaper, I can buy a terabyte hard drive for less than 1/3 the cost. What kind of stupid logic is that? Just because you think it's overpriced and see no reason...
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    16GB SDHC card by MICRODIA

    You can not get more than 16GB and certainly not cheaper in those MicroSD cards. If you're a professional photographer this is very goodt hing. The thing is the size of a stamp and almost as thin.
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    Sun Boots Solaris 10 on "ROCK" 16-core SPARC Processor

    Solaris 10 and ZFS is very nice. ZFS is so streamlined and easy to use, it almost brings a tear to my eye.
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    Dell Chooses Ubuntu

    What are you talking about, did I not state TWICE in my response that I was excluding corporations? Regardless if the IT departments are filled with nerds who use Linux for personal and server usage, the desktops are all going to be Windows based. End of story. Mark my words, Dell will ditch...
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    Dell Chooses Ubuntu

    You might not be charged for the software, but Dell is absolutely working fees in there for support. Training , staffing etc is going to be very high for Linux.
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    OCZ Unleashes the VBoost USB 2.0 Flash Drive Family Designed for Windows Vista ReadyBoost

    Readyboost is for the shitty paging file that kills harddrive access times. It's a good thing, as USB sticks can be quite fast in comparison.
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    Dell Chooses Ubuntu

    ..and the type of people (besides corporate), that buy through Dell, will not be interested in Linux or even know what it is for that matter. All of the suggestions, and complaints that Dell didn't offer it, were from all the people who build and play with their own custom stuff anyhow. I guess...
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    has any one had the gf4 battlefield2 mod work i cant get it to

    Well I can't understand most of what you type, so good luck.
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    has any one had the gf4 battlefield2 mod work i cant get it to

    What exactly are you trying to get out of those ancient cards. They are definitely not fast "enuf" for battlefield 2.
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    Burnout Paradise

    Burnout has absolutely nothing to do with Twisted Metal, beyond the fact that there are vehicles that can crash in both.
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    AMD’s debt piling up

    I can't believe there is even a discussion on this so soon after a major acquisition. Every investment has a lull period at the beginning waiting for returns. To the two people who actually responded with some intelligence, bravo.
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    DDR3 modules available for purchase

    There is still little real life benefit of DDR2 over DDR - if any at all. Look at 939 to AM2. Super low latency DDR smokes DDR2 anyday.
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    Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite Now Available

    ..and defeat the entire purpose of having a single digital path.
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    4200 X2 bottlenecks a 8800GTX

    Agreed, however the MAJORITY of people (including highend gamers) do not overclock. The point of the article was for those people buying a new stock computer.
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    4200 X2 bottlenecks a 8800GTX

    I suggest you all take a look at this. AMD vs Intel on 8800GTX. It just proves how pointless 3DMARK is as a benchmark utility when compared to real world gaming. http://www.legitreviews.com/article/490/1/
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    can I damage my x1950pro 512mb turbo edition, by hooking to 18Amps

    Because per current safety regulations, there is a limit on amperage on 12volt rails. So there are 4 virtual lines running from probably one main 12v rail, rather than having 35A on one. They really should have split it between 2, because now you're limiting yourself having it split so many...
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    AMD’s debt piling up

    I assure you cutting edge technology, is a very small percentage of their overall sales. Mid range or not. They make money off of past products, OEM's etc.
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    Can i have some advice with my zone alarm?

    Even if you opened all the ports on that router, you would still have had to forwarded them all to your local machine. Running both is just silly, unless you are worried about internal machines attacking one another. Trust me, no one on the outside cares about your porn archives to bother...
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    Can i have some advice with my zone alarm?

    Get a hardware based all in one box, or build your own. I use a freebsd machine as my firewall/nat