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    Gigabyte Designs Silent Radeon HD 4770, GeForce 9800 GT

    Looks quite decent. Wish we had the clock speed specs. About a year ago, I bought a Gigabyte custom-PCB 8800GT and strapped a passive Accelero S1 (v2) to it. GPU runs at 39-44C idle, depending on the temperature of the room it's located in, and the hottest I've seen it get during gaming was...
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    LCD monitor starts up dark and flickering

    Actually it is about 2.5 years old. I use an aggressive monitor standby time - 8 minutes. The warranty was 3 years from original purchase date, but I had taken advantage of it once when the original monitor I bought developed a yellow horizontal line across the entire screen. The warranty...
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    LCD monitor starts up dark and flickering

    According to the monitor's service menu: Power On: 6054 Hours Panel Cycle: 11186 (I don't know what this means) It is out of the warranty period. BTW, to access Samsung service menu: Turn Brightness and Contrast to 0. Press the Menu button, Then hold down the Source button until the...
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    LCD monitor starts up dark and flickering

    I don't know whether it's the cold weather that is causing this or the backlight of the monitor is going to die soon. For a period of ~30 seconds, the backlight will grow in intensity until it has reached full brightness. It starts out very dim and the light is visibly flickering until it...
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    A poll of graphics card history

    My first card was a Radeon 9500 that softmodded to a 9700. It was in service from the years of Deus Ex to Bioshock. $160 including aftermarket heatsink. The 9500's computer harddrive started to die, and it was about time for a computer architecture upgrade. I was still running Socket A, DDR1...
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    Gigabyte Has a Crippled VGA Slot: MSI

    why is this news? This is one slide from a presentation meant for OEM businesses with computing needs vastly different from you guys in your "OVERCLOCK TO THE MAX ONE ONEONE" clique. "Gigabyte has a serious design issue on all their Intel G41 / G43 / G43 based mainboards. They run their...
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    WARP10 Brings in DirectX 10 CPU Acceleration

    They took an API meant to relieve the CPU of code execution and put the execution right back onto the CPU. This is the opposite of acceleration! "100% software acceleration" is market-speak for "software emulation". Read and understand the words of press releases rather than skimming them...
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    OCZ Elixir II in Pretty Pixels

    Product already released in the US. Press photos of the keyboard have been available to everyone with an internet connection for a few weeks. http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/ocz_peripherals/ocz_alchemy_series_elixir_ii_keyboard...
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    need some headphones

    I have Panasonic RP-HTX7 and it is quite nice. Comfortable, light weight, more stylish (There's like 4 colors it comes in) There's a normal, 4 foot cord, attached to the headphones. It includes a 6 foot extension cord which is great for using it at home. It blocks out most ambient sound, and...
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    AMD S939 Dual Core FX-60 2.6Ghz still very expensive

    Top of the line of old hardware resells for more than it's worth always. I sold a socket A, AMD Athlon XP 2.1GHz for $85 + shipping three months ago on ebay. I had bought it 3+ years ago for $110 when it was already outdated. CPU and RAM upgrades are the relatively easiest upgrades that...
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    Fully featured Firefox with reasonable memory usage is possible?

    Firefox consumes 450 MB of memory after 5 days of running with the extensions I have installed. I would like lower memory usage, but it is possible with Firefox and the extensions I have installed? Click the image for a large, readable picture (400KB) I don't want to uninstall the...
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    [FS] Clearing Out!

    how much for the Hynix 512mb DDR PC3200 memory and Nvidia Geforce 6200 LE 128mb AGP 8x
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    Fs/ft X1950xt Agp / Abit Av8 / Evga 7600gt

    bump for a good experience with the seller.
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    [FS/FT] P4 478+mobo+ram, Radeon 9500->9700 w/ VF-700, 600watt SLI & misc

    [FS/FT] Radeon 9500->9700 VF700Cu, 600watt SLI, P4 478+mobo+ram Components are working 100%, except the NF7-S. Prices are USA dollars. Shipping from New Jersey, USA. Within the US, shipping can probably be done for $5-8 via USPS for most items here. What I may accept for trades: 1 Corded...
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    allocate BMP file and convert to JPEG

    I made a program for myself that may be helpful to you. I made this specifically to ease the conversion of lots of .bmp files to .png or .jpg, and to save 8bit BMP files without having to use Photoshop or Paint.NET to save them as an 8bit gif then to a BMP. Download the ImageSaver.zip...
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    Tom's Hardware Previews AMD's Phenom Line

    The practical benchmarks that matter to me (Games, AntiVirus Scan, WinRAR), the Phenoms are pretty much equivalent to the same-clocked Core 2 Duos. When it comes to multi-threaded applications (Supreme Command PC game, WinRAR), the 2.4GHz Phenom (4 cores) is inline with the 2.66GHz E6750 (2...
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    NVIDIA 7600gs resets its clocks at 500MHz core?

    Is this an artificial cap on the card's overclocking ability? I ask this because of the card reseting without fail on such an even number of 500MHz and no stability problem at 499MHz. I have an PNY NVIDIA 7600gs PCI-Express, and its core refuses to go above 499MHz. 499MHz and below the...
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    GPU-Z v0.0.7 ONLY - BUGS ONLY

    The NVIDIA 7600gs ROPs is reported as wrong. Maybe it's a confusion of terminology For accurate specifications for the 7600gs PCI-Express: http://www.gpureview.com/GeForce-7600-GS-PCI-E-card-387.html It has 8 RasterOPerators. GPU-Z is reporting either the 12 texture-units or 12 pixel-shaders as...
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    Crysis multiplayer under DirectX 9 video

    They're the same video, the quality is only different. So yea the high-def video is the DX9 demonstration too.
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    Crysis multiplayer under DirectX 9 video

    That's part of the gameplay I think. You can choose to upgrade one of five stats: speed- strength- health-type upgrades. The person in the video was using the speed upgrade I think.
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    Crysis multiplayer under DirectX 9 video

    Crysis, one upcoming DirectX 10 title developed by Crytek as the first game to use their CryENGINE 2 is highly anticipated. But many gamers bemoan the fact that DirectX 10 requires spending at least $100US for a new graphics card and another $100+US for Microsoft's newest operating system...
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    [FT] Samsung 204b - a 20 inch LCD monitor

    It has zero dead/malfunctioning pixels. Other than a paint scuff on the back of the stand (from being pushed against a white wall), the cosmetic condition is perfect. Its functionality is perfect - there's nothing defective with it. I'm interested if anyone is willing to trade an equivalent...
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    TPU Capture Icon

    it's capturing the screen! 16x16 24bit+alpha: 32x32 24bit+alpha: 64x64 24bit+alpha: 128x128 24bit+alpha: