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    DNS and hiding a web server

    hello every body, i want to say that i read soooo much about the hiding the server and i still have a problem, can any one help me please to be sure that i read enough, i will tell you some of what i can imagine, hop that you can tell me some thing, that help me to continue(where the design of...
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    syn cookie

    hello, please i need to know how can i let the syn cookie work within requirments, i read that the syn cookie work automaticaly by the OS when a limit of the queue is exeeded, please how can i let the syn cookie work in a specific condition(not necessary that i am under attack) please is it...
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    small question about sniffing

    hello, i want to ask if it is possible that one can sniff the first request packet that i send or he cannot??? i think he can sniff the traffic but not the request, is that right??? please if any thing not clear in my question please tell me to clear it thanks in advance to any help regards
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    please a help about UDP packet

    hello everybody, i need ur help, i read in networking and some security on it, i have problem when i read that, it is: i know that UDP is unrealiable , so i think that mean it has no 3-way hand shaking, but when i read many papers, it said that UDP can be checked (by authantic method) in the...
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    Advice in using opnet

    hello everybody, please do any one know any thing about opnet please i want to build a network to simulate (it is for security the router built a table of ip and put a random key to each ,and when a client connect to that router in the syn packet the router respond with the syn\ack that...