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  1. toilet pepper

    Riding the Crypto wave

    I've been using mutipoolminer pointed to miningpoolhub since the incident and it is a PITA to set-up. I'm having difficulty setting up awesomeminer as well. Not to say I'm earning half to what I was earning with nicehash. On another note, nicehash says they'll resume services soon™.
  2. toilet pepper

    Riding the Crypto wave

    Sold my .02 BTC a month ago. It is twice its worth now. :banghead:
  3. toilet pepper

    GIGABYTE Launches Radeon RX Vega Gaming OC WindForce 2X Series

    The Aorus cooler is having a hard time cooling my 1070 at stock. I dont expect much from these cooling a Vega.
  4. toilet pepper

    Do you guys lock your framerate ?

    Locking it at 24fps for that more cinematic feel. Kidding aside.. I lock it at 96 as it feels smooth enough for most games.
  5. toilet pepper

    Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Crates Under Gambling Scrutiny

    The problem with these so-called "micro-transaction" is they are not regulated like normal goods. These companies can price them astronomically high just because they can. I know there's R&D put into making these transactions but it will not justify the price they are asking for it. These...
  6. toilet pepper

    EA Makes it Tougher to Cancel Battlefront 2 Pre-orders

    I guess "The Mouse" ain't happy about this. I'm seeing them moving their IP somewhere else on the near future.
  7. toilet pepper

    Riding the Crypto wave

    Bitcoin Gold just started and it uses equihash algo. A lot of people bought hashpower from nicehash to mine bitcoin gold until the difficulty went up. Same thing happened with Electroneum.
  8. toilet pepper

    Big money stays away from booming bitcoin

    Gold standard died ages ago. Old money would say that it has an equivalence to gold. New money would say it is tender only when legal. Peoplecould straight up and refuse to accept new currency/money anytime.
  9. toilet pepper

    bitcoin now over $6100 and looks set to go higher..

    Exactly my thought. The world has around 60 trillion USD in debt. It wont be long til the martians come in and collect it. I think of it as a reset for the whole monetary system. But once these are regulated by government and banks then were back to square one again.
  10. toilet pepper

    bitcoin now over $6100 and looks set to go higher..

    BTC has its own benefits like being first and biggest. Like most establishments in most countries would accept USD as a payment. But other cryptos like Etheruem and ZEC are better technologically and offer more uses aside from being a payment service. IMO the whole crypto world is becoming...
  11. toilet pepper

    bitcoin now over $6100 and looks set to go higher..

    There's gonna be a new fork on 25th. A lot of people are buying now for the free currency the fork would produce. Kinda like what happened with BCC.
  12. toilet pepper

    Florida programmer sentenced to 16 months for bitcoin exchange scheme

    Not the typical Florida Man you see on the news.
  13. toilet pepper

    Aorus 1070 high temps

    As you said, BIGGER doesn't mean BETTER. Size-wise they are both 3 slots which would roughly mean they have almost the same cooling capacity. But the size of the aluminum fins on the Aorus hidden by a shroud hence you can't really tell its size without dismantling it. No reviews compared the two...
  14. toilet pepper

    Aorus 1070 high temps

    At first I left a little of the solidified TIM coz it was hard to remove but didint help the temps. So I had to scrape it off the die with a little force. I reckon it was causing the heat issue.
  15. toilet pepper

    Aorus 1070 high temps

    Cards are not in sli. I tested them individually inside my case. I managed to figure out what the differences are. The fins and some of the heatpipes on the Gamerock are are much larger. Basically, the Aorus has a heatsink designed for 2 slots only. It became 3 slots because they insisted on...
  16. toilet pepper

    Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Is it worth it?

    My game bugged out when my helicopter crashed. My character fell and dropped under the floor. It showed every rock in the whole map. The game might be like crysis 2 where it is tessalating things you cant see.
  17. toilet pepper

    Aorus 1070 high temps

    I know. Seeing as they are both 3 slots it makes me wonder what the difference are or if I have a card that has some weird defects on it. Not every review displays temp delta over ambient and not every reviewer has specifics for each type of card. (i.e. TPU has a 1080 Gamerock Premium but no...
  18. toilet pepper

    Aorus 1070 high temps

    There are few reviews for both of these cards especially the Aorus. I likened it to the G1 Gaming TPU review. The Gamerock is hitting around 60C and the Aorus is around 69C. Same clocks and fan curve. I just want to know if this is normal and if I have to have it replaced.
  19. toilet pepper

    Aorus 1070 high temps

    I purchased the Aorus 1070 a week ago and compared the temps to my Gamerock 1070. The Aorus is around 5-10 degrees hotter while running at around 10% more fan speed. I just want to know if my card is defective. Both are 3 slot coolers while the Aorus has 3 100mm fans. PS: I got the temps while...
  20. toilet pepper

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    New boards wpuld have some new fearures like leds that wont freaking turn off unless you switch the psu off.
  21. toilet pepper

    Gtx 1070 Temperature Goes after adding another GPU, is it safe for 24/7?

    I'm on the same boat as you. I even did some ghetto mods to help the temps. Guess what? It didn't work. The top card still stays around 82C with the fans ramping up to around 90%-100% just to keep the temps. And this is with setting the temp and power limit in Afterburner to around 70C...
  22. toilet pepper

    NZXT Hue+ - Worth a buy?

    I think the corsair lighting node is better. They have addresable LEDs. I just cant find the damn thing where I am.
  23. toilet pepper

    Anime Nation

    I first watched the Gundam V when I was a kid and couldn't get to it. Then 2 years ago, I watched Build Fighters then got into it. I also rewatched all the UC series and movies and figured out why I didn't like it as a kid. It was an adult series. :roll: Needless to say I got tons of gunpla...
  24. toilet pepper

    Anime Nation

    It was transforming alongside the anime in a big screen. They also have the voice artist do a live voiceover before it transformed for the first time. I really love the intro song of Unicorn by Sawanohiroyuki and they also played it live.
  25. toilet pepper

    Anime Nation

    Full scale Unicorn Gundam is officially unveiled now. One of my favorite Gundams and they made it life size. #rgbislife