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    GIGABYTE Unveils GeForce GTX 690 Graphics Cards

    Maybe it's because this one it's made by the same manufacturer as the rest.:)
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    Computex 2011 Launchpad for Intel X79 Motherboards

    What about native trim support when using RAID?:confused:
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    MAINGEAR Announces EPIC 180 Liquid CPU Cooler System

    Who do you think makes Corsair coolers, themselves? Corsair, this Maingear, Antec, all are made by Asetek (the original model was the LCLC) and then rebranded... Maingear uses a modified version of SilverStones RV01 case, that case have 2 180 fans (similar to the RV02 and FT02) so this is the...
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    Asetek Readies, Demonstrates Water Cooling Solution for GTX 580

    It had more sense what they'd presented back in '08 using a 8800GTX... And after that, they used it on the HP Blackbird: This is another (old) new thing for Corsair's "innovative" product line.:D
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    SilverStone Introduces RAVEN RV03B-W Chassis

    Well, it's japanese...enough said.:D
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    SilverStone Introduces RAVEN RV03B-W Chassis

    It's designed with their own PSUs in mind (most of them).
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    SilverStone Introduces RAVEN RV03B-W Chassis

    It's exactly that... The psu's vent looks cheaper than the AP's fans on the TJ11, and that's something... What happens with the all aluminium cases they used to build?? Now it's all plastic crap, just like Coolermaster (Silverstone creators used to work there btw).Thank God for Soldam!!!!
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    Antec Launches KÜHLER H2O 920 Maximum-Performance CPU Cooler

    All of this sealed water coolers are made by the same manufacturer, Asetek, based on their LCLC (Low Cost Liquid Cooling) they've presented years ago for OEMs. If someone has the chance to try them all, in the same system, same room temp with the same fans, they're gonna perform the same way...
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    Corsair Announces Obsidian 650D Mid-Tower Case

    Podés comprarlo en Argentina si querés, cuando salga te lo traen a pedido (yo compré un par de Silverstone así) H3 Hardware.
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    Gigabyte Teases with Another G1-Killer X58 Motherboard Poster

    Form before function...useless.
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    GeForce GTX 580 Expected to be 20% Faster than GeForce GTX 480

    Do i have to buy a dedicated AC unit from APC to use the new card??? Bye bye NVidia...
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    Lian Li Launches PC-8NWX, PC-7FNWX & PC-60FNWX Mid-Tower Cases

    Some dust filters would be nice...and usefull
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    HP Expands Workstation Series to Include Desk-side, Mobile and Small Form Factor Mode

    Corsair didn't invented or developed the LCLC (Low Cost Liquid Cooling) concept, it was Asetek.Let's be honest, Corsair couldn't come up with something like that, the LCLC concept is far more complex than a bizarre heatspreader for memory (and the only "inovation" from Corsair was changing the...