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    [FS/FT] [US] AMD GIGABYTE Radeon HD 7950 3GB

    Selling my 7950. Solid card. Always handled games very well. I performed very minor overclocking, but never kept it OCed. There may be some minor dust built up but did a pretty dandy job cleaning the beast. I am selling the card for $100.00 shipped. I can only include the card in this order...
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    [FS] [US] AMD Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 1GB

    Selling my 5850. Was a great card. Handled pretty much everything I put in it's path. Never kept it overclocked. I am selling it for $95.00 shipped. I can only include the actual card in this order. Original box and parts not included. PM if interested. Thank you for your time. SOLD Heatware
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    Any good Windows based MP3 player?

    I am trying to find a windows based MP3 player that can also handle FLAC audio files. I've never heard of any out there that can handle but maybe there are devices I don't know about yet that can. I am trying to stay away from Apple with their iPod. Just bought a new car with an AUX port so I...
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    Pros to PC Gaming?

    Obviously many of us here at TPU are huge PC gamers as well as myself. I just wanted to know your opinions on any pros you can think up of being a PC gamer compared to console gaming. Thanks guys!:toast:
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    CPU Boss - Compare CPUs With Ease

    I just found this brand new site through PC Gamer, CPU Boss. It is quite a useful tool. You can sort, compare and discuss CPU's on this website. For example, you can compare the Intel Core i7 3770k and the AMD FX 8350. The site will first go through the conclusion giving an overall summary...
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    BF3 - Resolution Issue - Black Outline

    I recently performed a new install of Windows 8 Pro. My drivers are updated including graphics. Now what happens when I join a game in Battlefield 3 is this terrible black outline is shown on the screen. I uploaded an image and just see visually see better I put red in initially where it would...
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    AMD Radeon 8000 Series Dates?

    (News Update) So it's official. AMD announced that for 2013, they are going to be focusing on expanding the 7000 series. In Q4 2013 or Q1 2014 they will be announcing specs on the 8000 series. http://wccftech.com/amd-radeon-2013-roadmap-confirms-radeon-hd-8000-series-q4-2013/...
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    [WTB][US] Xbox 360 and maybe games

    I would like to purchase a 360 for a couple this Christmas. I would prefer it to be new but if it is like new then we shall see. :) Also if you are selling any 360 games, please let me know. I'm sure a bundle of games would make them happy as well. Here is my Heatware.
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    How to open a .aspx?

    So for some odd reason my computer can't open a .aspx file. I told my computer to determine the proper program to open the file with but nothing works. I tried adobe reader, notepad, iE. Nothing works. Can anyone recommend a program?
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    [FS][US] Q6600

    I am selling my used Q6600 CPU. I have owned the processor for about two years but has been overclocked for only one year of ownership. CPU is in great condition. Slightly to mildly overclocked. I will not be supplying the heat sink. This item will not be shipped in the original box. (lost...
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    Is my SSD Corrupted?

    So I am having numerous problems with my SSD I bought a few months back. I once installed the OS on there but it kept crashing windows. I then forgot about the whole hard drive until now since I didn't want to put up with it. I downloaded some firmware for it but I don't know if it helped. I...
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    Runtime Library Error

    My friends computer is getting this error and I believe it has to do with the backup recovery. The computer is also having other locking up issues and im wondering if that error may also contribute to that also.
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    Files Deleted During Failed Windows Update

    I worked on a video project last night. Got it edited and rendered. My work for the night was done... So I put my computer to sleep when I went to bed. It turned itself on at 3:00A.M. for the windows update installations. It woke me up and without thinking, I just turned my computer off via...
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    [WTB][US] Used or New Win 7 Desktop

    I'm looking to purchase a computer for my parents as an xmas gift. Im just looking for a simple desktop that runs well but nothing crazy. They only do office work on theirs such as internet and school 'activities'. They don't need a powerful machine but they also don't want it to be incredibly...
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    C windows installer folder - Delete?

    So I personally don't have any problems with this folder at the moment but one of my friends is wondering if it's safe to delete everything in that folder since he is trying to free up some space on his hard drive. Thanks!
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    CPU and Mobo upgrade help

    Im thinking of either purchasing the i5 2500k or the i7 2600k. Thing is I would have a lot of use for multithreading and im just trying to find out which one is better for that. I thought about the i7 2700k but it's pointless if you are going to be overclocking which I will be doing a lot of...
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    Origin | How to get rid of BF3 betas?

    Circled them. How on earth do I get rid of these? They are both uninstalled yet they continue to show up under the all games tab.
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    Google Email Scam?

    So I received this email from 'Google' it looks and I can't tell if this is legit or not... The Google Protection Team? Are you freaking kidding me? lol All this seems a bit off to me.
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    A+ Certification Help

    So I am studying for the A+ certification test and my buddy gave me his book which seems decent and covers about 95% of what would be on the test. What I would like to know however is could anyone recommend me to an online type class where you actually take a course for this and then at the end...
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    i7 2700k or FX-8150? Please help me decide

    I need help in deciding which processor would be the best choice for my new system... First off, the new FX series came out and it looks good but not great as far as reviews go. If I were to get an 8 core it would be the 8150. It would be nice having 8 cores but it's hard for me to tell if...
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    Battlefield 3 Coming to Steam! (Unconfirmed)

    Well hot damn! This could very well happen now! This is great news to everyone especially those of you on here who absolutely will not purchase this game on Origin. ;) Anyway, take a gander guys! :toast:
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    Catalyst Drivers not installing properly

    So I decided to try out the Battlefield 3 Open Beta. I launched up the application and right before I join a game it tells me my drivers are out of date and it tells me to install the latest. So I went to the AMD site to download the correct drivers for my card. I get these error messages that...
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    'The XGP Cast'

    It is my privilege to present to you... 'THE XGP CAST' by Xtreme Gaming Presents. :) Some of you know that I run a gaming channel on Youtube with a few buddies and really anyone who wants to contribute helping us with videos. The channel can be found here. Today, we are starting up our new...
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    Online Video Game Apparel Shops?

    So I was wondering if anyone knows of a recognized online store with a wide selection of video game apparel. It can be a store off of Ebay, Amazon, etc... For now, I am just looking for a ball cap :toast: Thanks guys
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    BF2 Mouse Dual Monitor issue

    Not Bad Company 2 but Battlefield 2. I re bought this game today on Origin for $5 since I think my game disc is lost... lol So I start up in a round and all of a sudden I notice my mouse went over to my 2nd monitor. Then I notice, many times when I right click in the game, it thinks I am trying...