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  1. Red_or_Dead

    Call Of Duty Ghosts new engine

    They own console gaming for now. They wouldnt dare kick the bucket from under their own feet....... ..... Would they?
  2. Red_or_Dead

    Help with 7950 Crossfire in Black Ops 2

    ignore him, you shouldn't have gone crossfire - WTF??? you shouldnt have got married you shouldnt have bought a car you shouldnt have drawn breath this morning
  3. Red_or_Dead

    Help with 7950 Crossfire in Black Ops 2

    open CCC, go to AMD Crossfire X and enable AMD CrossfireX for applications that have no associated profile and it will work, I have 1st hand knowledge. As you are correct, it doesnt work otherwise.
  4. Red_or_Dead

    UNIGINE-Valley BENCHMARK scores

    you need to change my result to 2X 7950, not 7970
  5. Red_or_Dead

    UNIGINE-Valley BENCHMARK scores

    2x HD7950 @ 1050/1600
  6. Red_or_Dead

    HL2 Give Away

    3 made me lol. Who the F doesn't own that game, you deserve to be A raped :eek:
  7. Red_or_Dead

    HD5970 gpu scaling

    as above, xFire is fullscreen only. No window xFire unfortunately.
  8. Red_or_Dead

    Good allround mouse with great battery life

    Had the MX1000 and it was a dream, moved up onto the MX1100, awesome.
  9. Red_or_Dead

    AMD HD 7950 Boost Clock BIOS Update

    MSI HD7950 TF3
  10. Red_or_Dead

    Just how safe is your password?

    just to expand, this is my hotmail password, which hasn't been hacked, so that's gotta be saying something, the site is just quoting "theoretical" figures, not a complex hacking routine written by lets say - anonymous for example who probably writes/works on random sequences not sequential...
  11. Red_or_Dead

    Just how safe is your password?

    i don't really care what it says, its never been accessed/hacked before so....
  12. Red_or_Dead


    if the spread sheet includes bank accounts and pin numbers, send me the details and I'll make you a spread sheet :rolleyes:
  13. Red_or_Dead

    Just broke work laptop screen... want to delete history/save pw

    plug in a standard vga monitor, its got a plug on the side surely?
  14. Red_or_Dead

    Safe temperatures

    point is, he wasn't prepared to give system specs/current levels, so he got GENERAL. live with it, don't get retarded about it.
  15. Red_or_Dead

    Safe temperatures

    mine don't reach 70 he wanted general, he got it.
  16. Red_or_Dead

    Safe temperatures

    general guideline is don't go over 100degC
  17. Red_or_Dead

    GIGABYTE Intros Two Entry-Level Graphics Cards

    when were gfx card stop being made like this, those were the good ole dayzzzz
  18. Red_or_Dead

    GTX 680 versus HD 7970 at same clocks.

    "I" am not using that logic, read the thread ffs
  19. Red_or_Dead

    GTX 680 versus HD 7970 at same clocks.

    based on AMD's "poor" drivers apparently
  20. Red_or_Dead

    GTX 680 versus HD 7970 at same clocks.

    so you are saying they are better cards than what is offered by todays drivers? So why go nVidia over AMD anyday? you just said 7970's were good cards therefore with better drivers they are what.. great.. amazing.. cards??
  21. Red_or_Dead

    Arctic Reveals the Accelero Xtreme III VGA Cooler

    Actually, he's correct. The AC 5970 cooler "on release" did in fact kill "some" cards out right, but mostly it killed a DVI port. They revised it, and to my recollection didn't even admit their liability.
  22. Red_or_Dead

    power tune... ?

    so, overclocking a 7950 CCC, max oc 1100, powertune available but no voltage adjustment AB, powertune doesn't work, max oc 1100 Trixx, nice OC limits, voltage adjustment but no powertune I'm trying this OC business but, how to get Trixx OC limits and powertune and voltage adjustments all in...
  23. Red_or_Dead

    GeForce GTX 680 SLI Performance Surfaces

    i think that was his point
  24. Red_or_Dead

    7970 vs 6950 2gb CFx

  25. Red_or_Dead

    can't overclock Q6600

    so you're cpu is stepping do default, try cpu-z and run prime95 or similar to stress the cpu into stepping up. If that fails to report you're o/c then you aren't o/cing