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    Mounting non-standard Be Quiet! SilentWings fans

    As you can see by these images, the Dark Rock Pro 3 doesn't use standard mounting for its CPU cooler fans. I'd like to attempt to use these fans as case fans though. Apart from the holes not being standard screw sizes, there's also the fact that the holes are in the middle of the fan instead of...
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    Quiet Skylake gaming build

    Ever since I've assembled a quasi-silent Skylake build for my cousins, many people have showed interest in a similar, powerful yet quiet machine with all the latest features (USB 3.1, type-c, m.2 x4). I've seen similar interest in online forums recently, especially with the holidays and Black...
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    Royally screwed up when pulling Cat6 in my house. Help!

    So I had my electrician pass about 35 Cat6 cables routed to a central location. So apart from the fact that some cables looked unusable because of kinking etc and I have no idea which ones might be non-functional or limited functionality now that the walls are closed... He forgot to label the...
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    Lowering noise output, downgrading desktop - Try #2

    Hey guys, So a few months ago I had money to spare and wanted to just get the best to lower noise, I have since had to lend out a lot of money so that project took a backseat. With holiday deals around the corner, I figure it is the best time to look again. I'm thinking I'll be changing 3...
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    UPS, Power quality etc

    Hey guys, Moving to renovated house soon. We redid all the electrical, 12 AWG wiring, new breaker box. Is it wasting money to get a Pure sine wave UPS for the following or just go with the normal simulated? - Router - VoIP - PoE switch powering an AP - 24/7 File Server Also not sure what size...
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    Low noise High end Desktop help me figure it out

    I love my desktop. High-end quality parts, 3930K, basically 280X Crossfire etc, what's not to like? Well simply put, noise. Also I have an upgrade itch and can get a XX% discount at www.ncix.com Sky is the limit in terms of budget, I want the best for my needs I want to stick to simple, air...
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    <500$ HTPC / general use desktop, help me keep it on budget

    Hey guys, I don't do many lower-end PCs so I may need your help here. This will be connected to a TV for general use, movies, perhaps very light gaming. I was thinking maybe an A10-5800K would be a good solution. Will FM2+ motherboard provide USB 3.0? - A10-5800K (110-115$) - FM2/2+ MB w/ USB...
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    HDMI capture card / PS3 connected to PC

    I'm interested in connecting my ps3 to my pc. - My monitor doesn't have a scaler, not even a pixel doubler, so I can't connect to the monitor directly (Korean monitor) - I can be laying my PS3 then just pause, alt-tab and check my email, that would be awesome! - Perhaps my 7970 can...
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    Building server-like video surveillance PC by tomorrow 4K$ budget

    So I made a thread like 45 days ago about how to set up the storage for this PC. I've decided for 6-8 WD Red 3TB drives, either just seperately or RAID 5 if needed. This is for a 20 camera 2MP (1080p). Budget: 4000$, preferably under 3000$ Before choosing any other parts, I want to choose...
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    im an idiot

    lol im an idiot
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    Just got new toys! Intel SSD, HDD 2TB, K60 KB

    Hopefully I dont regret my purchases! Until now, I had 2 x Vertex 2 50+60 gb in RAID0 and 2 x 1 TB Seagate 7200.12 Now I'm adding an Intel 520 240gb and a 2TB Seagate. I'm debating about stopping the RAIDs and just use them as normal drives. I got the SSD at 300$, did I overpay? I also got...
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    Which fans to use on my H80? Case?

    So I have: - 2x Stock fans that come with H80 - 2x Noctua NF-P12 - 2x Coolermaster R4 Blue LED - 2x 38mm Ultra kaze fans (I got fan controllers if needed) - 2x Scythe Slip Stream Kaze Maru 2 140mm (fits only in 120mm fan holes) medium speed...
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    Crossfire X Bridge length question

    I just bought the P9X79 and I will be having 2x 6950 in CFX. I'd like to use the 1st and 2nd PCI-E x16 slots (The dark blue ones) As you can see, they are separated by 2 PCI-E x1 slots (the 1st card will cover 1 PCI-E x1 slot, the 2nd dwill cover the PCI slot). I've been told the distance...
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    2560x1440 Gaming, what GPU?

    I'm on the fence between jumping on a pair of used 2GB 6950's that are unlocked to 6970 shaders/speeds (for a total price of 360$) or waiting until when I am going to buy my new PC and make that decision then (end April early May) which would give time for the GTX 670 to come out and perhaps a...
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    Best way to set up a huge 10~20TB for camera surveillance?

    I will be building a computer soon. This computer's only purpose will be camera surveillance which will be running 24/7. We need a lot of storage, at least 10TB if not more, as this will have 4x 3MP cameras (2048x1536@15fps) and 12x 2MP cameras (1080p@30fps), which would mean 10TB should cover a...
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    Oh wow man.. The colors?!

    I've noticed he is "Staff" now. Congratulations Cristian_25H! Not sure what it really means to be "Staff", could anyone enlighten me? And why is his name in pink now? I don't remember nflesher87 or LiNKiN or t_ski having names like that :p
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    3 years already!

    After reading Hayder Master's post, and especially after reading Kreij's post, I had tears to my eyes :cry:. I thought that it would be a good time to lighten up the mood ! So today marks my 3rd anniversary at TPU! :cool: Accompanying that is that this is my 7500th post, and I have exactly...
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    FREE H80 cooler with purchase of SB-E CPU, extra 20$ off with Mobo at MicroCenter

    MicroCenter, as always, will bring the good deals! http://www.microcenter.com/storefronts/intel/SB_extreme.html The don't have many motherboard choices unfortunately. Probably in-store only and so far it doesn't work in the add to my cart
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    Help choosing a gaming mouse

    Hey guys So I loved my Rapoo V8, but it died twice and now it is out of warranty so it is unfortunately time to change. I loved that mouse :( As you can see, there are the right middle and left click as well as a few side buttons there (4), a DPI button, and a change profile button (to change...
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    Who else OCs their netbook?

    For indoor use, I OC my CPU from 1.6Ghz to 1.85~1.9Ghz, and my GPU from 166 Mhz to 400Mhz. I also keep the fan at 100% when noise doesn't bother me and sometimes up the brightness further than maximum ASUS 1000HE (upgraded to 2GB Ram): - SetFSB for the CPU OC (ICS9LPR427AGLF) with Atom N280 -...
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    Most reliable Hard drives and PSU for 24/7 use? Which RAID?

    Question 1: Best RAID array for me? I'm trying to stay at 5 drives or below, preferably 3-4. I can go 5, but only if there are enough benefits. Could the system work with any one drive down? 2.5~4TB Question 2: Most reliable HDDs for the aforementioned RAID array (24/7 use)? Speed is...
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    Icons not loading

    Been happening since an hour AFAIK. I'm in Ottawa,Ontario Canada
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    Changing Monitor from 23" 2048x1152... Which IPS to choose?

    Well I have an Acer 23" 2048x1152, which I loved, especially for the pixel pitch, size and resolution, as well as the stand. My work needs my monitor now so this is the perfect opportunity to "upgrade" or sidegrade. I find 21.5" ~ 24" much more than enough. My budget is 350$, hoping more in the...
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    i7 970 or wait?

    I got the upgrade itch... The upgrade from my current i7 920 D0 would likely cost me 220$. It would complement my 24GB of RAM nicely :p Either that or I save up and sell off my lga 1366 setup for an Ivy bridge 1155 or SB-E/IB lga 2011. I think I should go this way but I'm not sure...
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    What to do with a huge amount of RAM?

    So I bought 24GB of RAM, HyperX DDR3 1600, and I was going to use it to make money off an idea that needed many VMware Machines running, while still leaving me enough RAM for my own use. Unfortunately, that idea got pretty much stolen from me, so I cannot really make a profit from it anymore...