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  1. xxdozer322

    budget build! long time no build!

    alright guys I havent been on here in a while, and just recently my friend told me to help him build a new gaming pc. I havent been keeping up with the new stuff besides the GPUs, so Im basically a newb at all the new intel stuff as far as compatibility and what not. So heres the run down. I...
  2. xxdozer322

    In ear heaphones, suggestions.

    alright guys, I need some suggestions on a decent pair of In ear headphones, ill be using them strictly for my phone as I use it for exercising. the phone i currently have is the galaxy s2 rooted with Jb (i dont know if you guys need to know that), I currently use it as my mp3 player when I go...
  3. xxdozer322

    Giveaway: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

    Alright fellas, I have a Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon key up for grabs, I WAS going to see if someone wanted to trade for a different key, but since I love being generous, I thought I'd just give it away! Hopefully this one goes better than the last one. once again ill be using random.org to choose...
  4. xxdozer322

    Cooling issue

    Alright for some reason this starting happening Today :confused:, out of now where my cpu is now idling at ~60c, it has NEVER done this before, 60C would be the temp under load and my idle would always stay at around ~25c under my antec khuler 620 with 2 fans...I just replaced the thermal paste...
  5. xxdozer322

    Giveaway: Shadowground

    Alright guys yet another giveaway from yours truly :rockout: , I was just looking through games deals and found the indie gala bundle and all i really wanted was Mass Effect 2, so i paid the minimum and got other games that i know will not end up playing. SOOOOOOO up first is Shadowgrounds...
  6. xxdozer322

    2gb or 4gb

    Im helping my friend build a 3 monitor setup, 5760x1080 resolution...will 2 670 2gb cards be enough to run bf3 at max settings? or should i have him wait and save for the 4gb cards?
  7. xxdozer322

    Program for creating a custom gpu fan profile

    Hey guys, i have a Gigabyte SOC 580, it has a feature that allows it to go "green" and save power and create less heat. Their are LEDs in the back that show what the card is doing, Green mode will only have 1 led turned on, gaming mode will have only 3 lights on, and OCed mode (for benchmarking)...
  8. xxdozer322

    Ram: 8x2 vs 4x4

    I dont know much about ram, but I have Gskill Ripjaws (ddr3-1600 cl9-9-9-24) in my system right now 4sticks at 4gigs a piece. I came up on a brand new set of Ballistix Sports 2 sticks at 8gigs a piece (ddr 3-1600 cl9) now witch set up would be better to run? or are they both basically the same?
  9. xxdozer322

    BF3 random crash

    For the passed 2 days BF3 would crash out of nowhere, at first I thought it was my steam in the background hogging up my processes, so I closed that out and continued to play, same thing happened, my card has been running downclocked to 820mhz from the original SOC settings of 855 and the...
  10. xxdozer322

    Giveaway: Warhammer 40k Dawn of War

    Looks like my second giveaway came earlier than expected. Up for grabs is Warhammer 40,000:dawn of war. You will NEED steam to activate this key, and you will need to friend me on steam in order to receive it. once again just like my other giveaway, you must have at least 50 post in order...
  11. xxdozer322

    Giveaway: Titan Quest, and Red Faction: Armageddon Path to War

    These are Via Steam, i just bought the humble bundle and i know i wont end up playing these games, as all i really wanted was Metro2033, so ill be caught up on that, BF3 and the the CS series of games. This is my first give a way here and I hope those that get these games will appreciate it...
  12. xxdozer322

    [FF] Titan Quest, and Red Faction: Armageddon Path to War DLC

    These are Via Steam, i just bought the humble bundle and i know i wont end up playing these games, as all i really wanted was Metro2033, so ill be caught up on that, BF3 and the the CS series of games. This is my first give a way here and I hope those that get these games will appreciate it...
  13. xxdozer322

    higher resolution for gtx580

    alright so quick question, can my card do a 27in monitor with higher resolution? higher than 1080p is what Im tryin to ask. Also what do you guys think would be a better investment, a 27inch at 120hz or a 27 inch monitor with a higher res (over 1080)?
  14. xxdozer322

    2nd slot gpu question

    right now im currently running a gtx580 on my msi z77a-g45, the board has 2 pcie 3.0 x16 slots, i currently have the haf x, and my card sits right above the top portion of the side panel fan, now if i move the card to the 2nd slot the fan will hit directly on the card. Now the question is, since...
  15. xxdozer322

    gtx670/680 + i7 2600k

    a few quick question guys, wanna get this off my mind. I know my 2600k doesnt support pci 3.0, but would the upgrade be worth it from a gigabyte soc 580? to a gtx 670/680? since those cards use the 3.0. or should I just wait it out and save up for the next gen, then get an IB chip?
  16. xxdozer322

    x4 965 to sell or not to sell?

    maybe a stupid question but im torn inbetween, i wanna get rid of it for the money, but i wanna keep it for a 2nd pc. Specs Haf912 (since most likely ill be buying the HAFx this weekend) Amd x4 965 Asus M4n68T-M V2 Kingston Hyper X blu 2x4gigs some aprevia 650w power supply sooo i...
  17. xxdozer322

    i7 Z77A-g45 OC

    Alright guys im new to this, ive had nothing but Amds the past 2 years and i recently got an AWESOME deal on my new build. SOOOOOOO my last cpu/mobo i was able to get 3.9 stable out of the processor, now that i have the i7 matched up with the msi z77a-g45 board and an antec khuler 620 to cool...
  18. xxdozer322

    [US] MSI Z77A-G45 94$ After MIR + promotional code

    MSI Z77A-G45 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s US... i picked one up yesterday at frys with the price match just because i didnt wanna wait for shipping, but this mobo is beautiful and for the price its a great deal. i hope the promo code works alongside the MIR.
  19. xxdozer322

    [FT] Asus 560ti

    i have a used Asus 560ti, that was used for roughly 4 months, the card is in perfect physical condition and in perfect working condition. I wanna trade someone on here for an i5 2500k straight trade. I decided to put this up on here to see if i can get any offers. maybe someone on here has...
  20. xxdozer322

    advice on a new PSU

    im looking to spend ~100 bucks for a PS, I have 2 frys Locations within 10 miles of where I live, I also have a Microcenter within the same radius. Frys does price match but my microcenter doesnt. Itll be powering my current build, but not the EVGA 580 but a Gigabyte SOC 580, i also plan on...
  21. xxdozer322

    FRYS Zotac GTX 570 169.99 after MIR

    Original price 349.99 with an instant savings of 150 on the ad, then a mail in rebate for 30 bucks brings the price down to 169.99, if you ask me thats ONE HELL OF A DEAL i might pick one up just to have, although i have a 580 already heres a link to the ad...
  22. xxdozer322

    EVGA GTX 580 Temps

    just wondering if its normal for my 580 to hit 86c after playing bf3 for a straight hour, ive never had any of my old cards (both asus, 460 and 560ti) ever get over 64c. I was using Kombustor last night and the card only reached 65c MAX. My room is pretty warm, i have some loud fans that i got...
  23. xxdozer322

    i5 2500k 159.99 @ Microcenter

    http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0354589 awesome deal for anyone thats around one. other deals on the homepage as well.
  24. xxdozer322

    [FT] HP SAS 72gb 15krpm hard drives

    i have 2 brand new, one opened one still sealed (for picture purpose) up for trade, i know people on here have servers, and i was never able to get rid of these, might as well try to trade to see what i can get. as of right now, i have an amd build, looking for a better mobo, another HDD, a...
  25. xxdozer322

    good deal?

    help me out here, i7 2600k plus ASUS P8P67 EVO for 250 from my best friend, hes trying to go ivy bridge and he makes more than i do, good deal or not, thing has never been overclocked. should i bite the bullet?