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  1. Prash

    Killzone 2 is out - what do you think?

    ^^Exactly. The games on consoles are getting better on PS3 now. Xbox 360 games are good, but the console itself is no match compared to the capabilities of PS3. And now with the games like Killzone-2, it's quite clear that the power of PS3 is being utilized lot more than ever before. Also...
  2. Prash

    Killzone 2 is out - what do you think?

    Till today PC games were always considered one step ahead of console games in different areas, may it be graphics, gameplay or anything else. But KZ2 which was recently released supposedly has better graphics compared to most of the PC games, Check a review here...
  3. Prash

    Who is the better company?

    I am sorry for your card. :( But i have a feeling that from now on your cards wont die due to overclocking or anything else, so go ahead and buy a new card for yourself this Christmas. And one more thing, Happy holidays and happy gaming :)
  4. Prash

    Help with Powercolor 4670 1 Gb Card

    Then you dont have to change your PSU, but i hope the current one is in good condition. As Tatty One has said, you will be better off with a 4830 with 512mb of vram, for your resolution it's a better option.
  5. Prash

    Converting rmvb files

    Try this once. Use either Klite player(media player classic) or KMultimedia player to run the video, and use 'Save as' to save the video as .avi file, you have to manually name it as .avi file.
  6. Prash

    Help with Powercolor 4670 1 Gb Card

    It doesn't need an extra power connector, so the 75W supplied by the pci-e bridge will be enough. Anyway which PSU do you have at the moment? Can you give it's details? mainly the +12V amperage of your PSU.
  7. Prash

    Painting the interior of a case?

    Hmm, just normal paint will be good enough. But i suggest to use your creativity while painting. Tape you cabinet based on some designs, and let them dry for a day or so. And retape to have more designs, by taping+painting you can make your case look more interesting.
  8. Prash

    Yeehow, same heatware :D

    Yeehow, same heatware :D
  9. Prash

    Nvidia gtx 260 / gtx 280 power consumption

    Hey, try this link once. I won't say it gives you the exact wattage needed, but you can definitely get an idea about your power requirements. http://www.antec.outervision.com/ And ofcourse you will need a PSU with sufficient amps on 12V rails.
  10. Prash

    [FS][US] Gigabyte EP45T-Extreme

    Very nice board, and a decent price, so a bump. :)
  11. Prash

    GTX 260+q6600 bottleneck?

    Yup, in almost all games. Go for the 4850 itself. :) Take a look at the numbers yourself here, http://firingsquad.com/hardware/sapphire_radeon_4850_x2_review/default.asp
  12. Prash

    free web hosting?

    It would be best if you go for a registered domain + paid web hosting. Anyway, you can try http://www.dot.tk/en/pageA00.html and other sites which are similar to it. But you will get a .tk at the end of your domain name, and also lots of ads. Google .tk sites, go through them and you will know...
  13. Prash


    The temperatures look good if not excellent to me. And even the voltage isn't high. If possible, try optimizing it further by reducing the voltage as much as possible - maybe even by a tiny bit.
  14. Prash

    GTX 260+q6600 bottleneck?

    That quad at 3.2 rocks buddy, go ahead with the xigmatek or a Sunbeam core contact freezer (both are priced almost same, but i like the SCCF more) and the new card, and you will be fine.
  15. Prash

    Phenom 9950 $115.67

    Are you sure that it's available for sale now, i doubt it? and i think AMD does give warranty with it, only newegg doesn't. Mail AMD service dept and get to know that.
  16. Prash


    Get the 9600X4 + suitable board, and a HD4850. This setup will be ideal for all your games at your resolution. Also overclock your 4850 to get extra juice out of it.
  17. Prash

    GTX 260+q6600 bottleneck?

    Very true Wolf, i ordered mine at $ 216.9. :) An SLI of 260 216s can be done at a reasonable price comparable to that of an pre-OCed 280, but this SLI setup will blow away all others.
  18. Prash

    GTX 260+q6600 bottleneck?

    Your Q6600 at 3GHz will be more than enough to get the full performance from GTX 260 216. So go ahead with the same CPU and make sure you get the GTX 216 core itself. If you are planning to get a 4870 which has almost same performance as a GTX 260 216, then buy the 1GB version of the card, and...
  19. Prash

    GTX 260 216 at a very good price

    Do it now, i already ordered :D Yup, a prashanth. But....how did you...guess my location?.....i mean...*speechless* :eek:
  20. Prash

    Orthos or pime 95?

    Either use Prime95 or OCCT
  21. Prash

    GTX 260 216 at a very good price

    Got it guys. @Tarun: a guy from Hyderabad - wow :)
  22. Prash

    [FS/FT] HIS 4850 IceQ Turbo, Corsair 750tx PSU

    Bump for an excellent PSU and the GPU brand which i love :)
  23. Prash

    GTX 260 216 at a very good price

    Didnt get you, lemonadesoda...:confused: Offtopic: You have a nice avtar :toast:
  24. Prash

    EVGA Precision

    Great, happy that you can adjust it now. :)
  25. Prash

    Who is the better company?

    Considering the fact that GTXs are all clocking well even with stock coolers, i suggest going for a standard version. Regarding the company, i vote for eVGA or BFG :)