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  1. Farmer Boe

    GIGABYTE Aorus X470 Gaming 7 Motherboard Pictured

    That's the first thing I noticed as well. Overall a good looking board for the new/revised chips coming out.
  2. Farmer Boe

    Battlestate Games Announces Special New Year Event for Escape from Tarkov

    Been watching this game for a long time. Can't wait till it's officially out.
  3. Farmer Boe

    SilverStone Announces Availability of RedLine RL07 Cases

    I agree 100%! The FT02 is an epic case with amazing airflow but you can really tell it's getting old. We haven't seen a new Fortress case in a long time.
  4. Farmer Boe

    EK Releases CPU+VRM Monoblock for ASUS X399 Threadripper Motherboards

    Interesting how that block fits all three motherboards which indicates they use the same VRM setup/PCB layout. Not totally surprising as threadripper is a pretty niche market segment. But you can get top end Zenith Extreme components on your X399-A motherboard which is nice.
  5. Farmer Boe

    G.Skill TridentZ 3866 MHz 2x 8 GB DDR4

    It's very possible. I benched at CL6 2000MHz DDR back in the Sandy Bridge days with an amazing Ripjaws X kit. I'd love to mess with DDR4 but alas it's very expensive in Canada.
  6. Farmer Boe

    Enermax Announces MaxTytan 750W and MaxTytan 800W PSUs

    750W and 800W units? Sorry Enermax, I'm after a 775W version lol
  7. Farmer Boe

    Logitech Introduces the MX ERGO - Wireless Trackball Tech on Your Fingertips

    You know what would be really cool? If Logitech made a regular mouse WITH a trackball in the usual spot. I can see certain applications and games that would benefit from this extra layer of control.
  8. Farmer Boe

    AMD X399 Platform Lacks NVMe RAID Booting Support

    Oh the horror! But seriously, does anyone here actually boot off multiple NVMe SSD's? Seems a bit ridiculous with the speed those already provide.
  9. Farmer Boe

    EK Water Blocks Intros Full-coverage Block for EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3

    The total weight of a graphics card with a full block and back plate will still be much less than a traditional air cooled model. Most people like a back plate for the refined looks. Sometimes they come with thermal pads to cool components on the card but that's up to the manufacturer.
  10. Farmer Boe

    CRYORIG Reveals New R5 Cooler, "Cu" Line Performance Coolers

    I'd be curious to see if there's any performance difference in the Cu vs traditional Al heat sinks. Most of us know copper transfers heat better but aluminum is superior in dissipation which is why the heat pipes are always copper and the fin stack is aluminum. This seems more of a marketing...
  11. Farmer Boe

    CORSAIR Launches the Hydro GFX GTX 1080 Ti

    Well Zalman actually did sell cards back in the day but were never very successful. I think this could be the next logical step for Corsair to keep expanding their business. They may be testing the waters with an MSI partnership as they acquire experience.
  12. Farmer Boe

    CORSAIR Launches the Hydro GFX GTX 1080 Ti

    Interesting how this is a Corsair GTX1080Ti. Maybe we're seeing the start of a new player to the AIB market.
  13. Farmer Boe

    AMD Ryzen Memory Analysis: 20 Apps & 17 Games, up to 4K

    Wiz, thanks for all the hard work and time you've put into testing all these configurations. Please ignore the ignorant people here who seem to miss the point of this article. In the future, it would be interesting to see a Ryzen vs Intel comparison using the same or similar RAM speeds/timings...
  14. Farmer Boe

    Das Keyboard 4 Professional

    I've been using the old version of this keyboard for many years and it's one of my favorites because of the solid build quality. I'd love to pickup the new version but I already have too many keyboards lol
  15. Farmer Boe

    AMD Ryzen Motherboards' Packaging From ASUS, Gigabyte, BIOSTAR Leak

    I feel the same! But Asus sometimes releases the top-tier boards well after the NDA lifts so don't lose hope.
  16. Farmer Boe

    Crucial Ballistix Tactical 3000 MHz DDR4 (4x 8 GB)

    Dave, you should still post your overclock results as I'm sure lots of people are interested in seeing what you could hit for MHz and timings. Maybe have something like a spoiler tag with a drop down tab so you don't see them by default. Regardless, good review and long live Crucial! (Or is it...
  17. Farmer Boe

    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Performance Analysis

    Wow, the 480 is kicking ass. The Fury X is also doing well at 4K it seems. Interesting....
  18. Farmer Boe

    ASRock X99 Taichi (with Broadwell-E)

    Thanks for the review Dave. Always look forward to your motherboard and RAM articles! :toast:
  19. Farmer Boe

    EK Unveils ASUS Rampage V Edition-10 RGB Monoblock

    Sick looking block! Although I'd expect nothing less for a motherboard of this caliber.
  20. Farmer Boe

    Mionix Announces the Naos QG Gaming Mouse

    I have the older Naos version of this mouse. It's the best feeling mouse I've ever used and I've been PC gaming for 15 years. But I do wonder, since I use a hybrid fingertip grip. if the sensor package would be useless if you palm isn't actually touching the sensors themselves.
  21. Farmer Boe

    Thermalright Le Grand Macho

    Great review for a great product. I'd like to replace my NH-D14 with this just for aesthetics.
  22. Farmer Boe

    MSI Announces the Aegis Ti Gaming Desktop

    "This is the ultimate gaming power supreme for gamers who want max performance and power." That is the greatest line of marketing I've read in a while lol
  23. Farmer Boe

    Antec P380

    This case got a 9.5?! Good lord...... Good review as always but that case is terrible.
  24. Farmer Boe

    G.Skill TridentZ 3866 MHz 2x 4GB DDR4

    Great RAM review as always Dave. I'd echo your sentiments in the intro about G.Skill's products. I've used many kits over the years and G.Skill always strikes that balance right with price and performance.
  25. Farmer Boe

    Cooler Master Announces Master Air Maker 8 CPU Cooler

    The cooler is only $170 where I live! What a good deal lol. I can buy two Noctua heatsinks for that much.