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  1. Solaris17

    Samsung Magician Updated to version 5.2: Downloads limited.

    I have a link I host myself on the first page. I'm running it on my machine currently.
  2. Solaris17

    NAS build

    Wow im so sorry! I never got that ping. Looks like your settled?
  3. Solaris17

    Samsung Magician Updated to version 5.2: Downloads limited.

    It's possible I was typing things and missing what I rendered in my head to complete the idea. I was not trying to single you out. I also think we are on the same page. However unfortunately I do not hold TPU to that standard unless its 2 or 3 editors. Unfortunately a standard that has been in a...
  4. Solaris17

    Samsung Magician Updated to version 5.2: Downloads limited.

    I'll just disagree and state that its a shame they changed the name of sensationalism to digital journalism at the turn of the century and let it pass as news.
  5. Solaris17

    Samsung Magician Updated to version 5.2: Downloads limited.

    Not really, its a journalists job to find out why. Its a meteorologists job to tell you whats happening now.
  6. Solaris17

    Samsung Magician Updated to version 5.2: Downloads limited.

    Unless there is a statement regarding the current lack of action you can't say they are doing or not doing anything as fact. Just because action has not been taken does not mean they are not working on a fix. thats the problem with you E "journalists" your no better then MSM.
  7. Solaris17

    Samsung Magician Updated to version 5.2: Downloads limited.

    Editorial * http://www.teamdotexe.org/Downloads/Samsung_Magician_Installer.exe
  8. Solaris17

    Can't view S.M.A.R.T. (and some other questions).

    I'm not sure if its like I2C sensors but you might want to try checking smart data using different software with all other software closed. IE dont run CDI with HWinfo open.
  9. Solaris17

    Post your Cinebench score

    Thank you for responding! Im glad you didnt take it the wrong way, naturally im sure you understand.
  10. Solaris17

    Post your Cinebench score

    ............ isnt that not credible? 3DMark I dont think even lets you run it with HPET issues. Isn't this cheating?
  11. Solaris17

    Good bye fglrx, Hello AMDGPU-PRO!

    Then system has detected an unsupported wireless module in the system and disabled it. I saw that just last week in a pro book. crazy annoying. I got myself with a work issued elitebook last year. I turned it back in after that and just got myself a MBP.
  12. Solaris17

    Good bye fglrx, Hello AMDGPU-PRO!

    bruh dont even get me started. that and broadcom FW wrapper bby plz.
  13. Solaris17

    PCI Exp x16 3.0 runnig always @ x8 3.0?

    Did you check your power settings?
  14. Solaris17

    Varmilo Launches the 'Chicken Dinner' Mechanical Keyboard for PUBG Addicts

    I would take ducky any day over varmilo, but would not argue honestly rating both as more of a preference. wonderful KBs though.
  15. Solaris17

    Do you still believe in Cryptocurrency ?

    lolol idiots. You play with this kind of thing. You invest only what you are willing to lose.
  16. Solaris17

    TPU Site Issues 2018

    Server stability has been really great in the new year thus far. I know you were frustrated at the stack last year but its been purring right along for me for weeks. Good work @W1zzard !
  17. Solaris17

    Disk replacement from a raid0...

    That statement makes a lot of assumptions. RAID0 isn’t any more or less reliable then any other RAID level. The raid health like any raid level is completely dependent on the health of the disks. Not to mention data, even at RAID 5 a failing disk can poison the entire array before failure. You...
  18. Solaris17

    Any plans to include PUBG in GPU and CPU stuff?

    popularity doesn't make it a good game to bench with though. Maybe if you want a black and white print out of FPS specifically for that game but I always was under the assumption that benchmarks stressed different games for the engine that they run not ther playability meta score.
  19. Solaris17

    FIXED!! Windows 7 sp1 never ends searching for updates

    haha cautious is good. IDK about THAT cautious but to each there own. I do provide the source in the OP every release. I hope it helps him out!
  20. Solaris17

    Router & Modem WAN IP address questions

    Does it have any kind of SIP-ALG enabled? Some firmware enables SIP options and it destroys connectivity to my PBX server.
  21. Solaris17

    Windows 7 when to install SP1

    That's your opinion I suppose.
  22. Solaris17

    Windows 7 when to install SP1

    Askwoody is a tool that writes articles about how windows 10 is the devil and how you should disable updates in Windows 7 because an “update” broke his machine. I take my advice from professionals not delusional Microsoft has beens
  23. Solaris17

    Windows 7 when to install SP1

    https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/fixed-windows-7-sp1-never-ends-searching-for-updates.221756/ I keep this updated, though I dont update the article because if your looking for it you kinda already know why.