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  1. DRDNA

    Windows 10 can we talk?

    Right, plus supporting Windows 10 is just the same ole same ole.....I think for me it is a bit more stable than 7 but that's opinion and opinions can be flawed. EDIT...And yes I loath the Windows Settings front page and for that matter the sub pages too, but I'm use to it now.
  2. DRDNA

    Windows 10 can we talk?

    Yeah they needed to get a unified look across their platforms of mobile, semi mobile, and desktop choices; I think they did a decent job as of now but when 8 first hit it was pretty messy. Things are heading in the right direction now.
  3. DRDNA

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

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  4. DRDNA

    PC bottleneck

    Nice , I'm glad it helped you out! Maybe you could mark the thread title as solved with the fix added to your first post and thank you very much for reporting back with what worked!:lovetpu: You'll probably need a Moderator to edit title to Solved and I'm tagging Mussels who is a Moderator who...
  5. DRDNA

    am i being spied? random windows sounds without touching anything

    Are you sure you didn't touch the mouse or keyboard first? I know USB will put some devises to sleep and will wake once the system sees activity. I would shut down in power options the feature that allows USB to sleep or suspend or what ever it is and see if it still happens.
  6. DRDNA

    12 gpu how many psu watts needed?

    True but losing 12 GPU's to a PSU failure would be even worse for his Return to money. The PSU will I assume be going 24/7 at the average capacity and a Good PSU at 50% in that environment is a happy PSU that will likely not go and take other hardware with it. A good PSU is the start of...
  7. DRDNA

    12 gpu how many psu watts needed?

    Figure your max power draw out for ALL your build (DONT GO LESS THAN THAT) then figure out what the your average should be and get a PSU that is twice the wattage to what the average load draw is and still above the MAX draw. A PSU at 50% load is AWESOME and advisable! Welcome to TPU :lovetpu:
  8. DRDNA

    Realtek audio too loud

    no but this will lower all noise levels on the PC then
  9. DRDNA

    Intel Core i7-8705G with Vega M Obliterates 8th Gen Core + GeForce MX 150

    This is just "foot in the door stuff", AMD has now ample incentive to really invest into this and together with Intel make products that will shine very well towards Nvidia's entry level and as well as Amd's entry level which will spur higher lower end cards in the long run....Amd has really put...
  10. DRDNA

    Please help a newb under/over volt/clock PLEASE

    I wouldn't go any further than some nylon screen with some velcro tape on the out side, if that.
  11. DRDNA

    FrozenCPU Rises from the Dead

    I'm also a walk in customer for Frozen CPU and thats where I bought my VapoChill and many other odds and ends, I have heard and spoke to the same sort of folks as OneMoar has and heard the same sort of things. I did watch the business go from what appeared to be pretty darn professional to WTH...
  12. DRDNA

    Please help a newb under/over volt/clock PLEASE

    I KNEW it!!!! Your persistence to over come is how I figured it! My Niece and her Husband are also from the Marines :clap::peace::toast: Also thank you for reporting back to TPU with the fix that worked for you and the results it brought to you! It will help others for sure!
  13. DRDNA

    Please help a newb under/over volt/clock PLEASE

    Super great and so glad you did NOT give up! Dang you a Marine? Thank you for your service and Prayers are with you believe that! EDIT ....my apologies I forgot to welcome you to TPU, Welcome to TPU and I hope you stick around! :lovetpu: sneekypeet he figured it out and showed provable good...
  14. DRDNA

    NVidia controlling AIB BIOS overclocking... what?

    Always room for more tests results and nice to see from amateur testers ...good idea:toast:
  15. DRDNA

    Leaked AI-powered Game Revenue Model Paper Foretells a Dystopian Nightmare

    Well in New York you can no longer get free AIR for your wheels (tires)! You have to pay for it, shit now the Air dispensers even have credit card slots! Oh yeah and the carbon Tax is close too.
  16. DRDNA

    Win7 System Image on USB Thumb Drive = NO?

    What I showed is the exact path in windows 10 for what you showed....please do look again. I made them screenies on my windows 10 laptop just now lol...Top[ screenie takes you to bottom screenie in windows 10...hear my echo below :roll:
  17. DRDNA

    Win7 System Image on USB Thumb Drive = NO?

    WIndows 10
  18. DRDNA

    Free Games Thread

    Killing Floor and Defence Alliance 2 Limited time Guess Pass Send me a PM if you want it... you need to have a post count of at least 25 and a Steam account and the first to PM me for it!
  19. DRDNA

    PC bottleneck

    1.Make sure the Nvidia control panel is set to Maximum Performance and 2. Keep the shadows and shaders at medium or low , 3. also turn off AF and CMAA... 4. ALSO set the WIndows Power options to Maximum Performance 5..and set the Windows Power options to not let your harddrive go to sleep. 6...
  20. DRDNA

    Win7 System Image on USB Thumb Drive = NO?

    I don't know why but couldn't the back up created on the WD been simply moved to the thumb drive?
  21. DRDNA

    Cannot get ThrottleStop to actually change FIVR

    Welcome to TPU!!! Glad to hear it!:lovetpu:
  22. DRDNA

    Cannot get ThrottleStop to actually change FIVR

    Did you take a look here it seems to cover what your asking https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/throttlestop-doesn%E2%80%99t-work-when-playing-game.236589/#post-3718418
  23. DRDNA

    OriginPC Announces Gaming Laptops Powered by Core i7-8700K

    I have seen more than a few overclockable laptops and have had a chance to overclock them and test them out and seen no issues at all with throttling....... these were indeed nice laptops though and not on the cheap at all...... BUT if you really want a overclocking machine the a desktop is the...
  24. DRDNA

    NVIDIA to Launch Efficiency-Oriented GeForce GTX 1050 Max-Q, Aims at Intel EMIB

    RIght , it's even slower than the GTX 960 .....:cry: