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  1. m4gicfour

    Crysis not working windows 10

    That's why it worked at all IMO. It's pretty unlikely that the scratches have anything to do with the no-disc error. Win10 still doesn't support disc-based DRM but those cracks *usually* just alter the game code to skip over the part where it tries to load and/or call the DRM, which solves the...
  2. m4gicfour

    CORSAIR Launches New ML Series Fans With Magnetic Levitation Bearings

    Indeed. Enermax has been selling mag bearing fans for years now as well. The Marathon series was Enermax's first IIRC; Those are low-speed but there's been one in my dad's HTPC for five(?) years now. They've since brought their magnetic bearing to several of their other series of fans. They have...
  3. m4gicfour

    Is there any link for downloading .net framework 3.5 full feature?

    Since you have windows 8, it's built in. Go to the Programs and Features control panel, Turn windows features on or off, and there should be an entry for .NET 3.5 and a couple sub-entries.
  4. m4gicfour

    How many games you completed until now?

    I have AB-SO-LUTELY no idea. I started gaming on C64/128 + SMS, then on to Genesis (Mega Drive) + 32X, Win9X/DOS, WinXP + PS2, PS3, Win7, Win10.... I don't sell off software much, even back when there was a games rental store on every corner, so they build up. I've got about 750 games on steam...
  5. m4gicfour

    After >100hrs in Vive VR, I think there is something missing

    You VR plebs and your shotgunning. Just spend more money on it and it's gonna be perfect. No, really, this $1000 I really mean it. Get on my level, scrub. Glorious Bioport Master Race. Obligatory pre-butthurt sarcasm indicator: JUST KIDDING
  6. m4gicfour

    Need WAV player which shows preview of sound waves

    It's not a player per se (Audio editor), but Audacity will do that, along with letting you edit the files if clipping out the silence is your goal. Free, too.
  7. m4gicfour

    Anime Nation

    Well clearly I don't check this thread often enough. I did check back a couple(?) pages.
  8. m4gicfour

    Anime Nation

    I'll just leave this here.
  9. m4gicfour

    CS GO doesn't like my old hardware

    IDK what the hell you're all on about, Hantol is a great brand! [/sarcasm] HWSecrets either moved the article or removed it, but there's a cached copy from archive.org above. The original review still exists...
  10. m4gicfour

    I present to you the meaning of lag.

    The struggle is real. This is back in 2012 when I was on 1.5Mbit DSL; on a day when I had to share the network bandwidth. That video took over 24 hours to upload back then, too.
  11. m4gicfour

    Ghetto Mods

    As always, this thread makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Keep up the good work. 'Be back to check up on what you crazy cats come up with in another year or so.
  12. m4gicfour

    how do you send and recieve faxes on your computer?

    Something like the Brother 4-in-1 printers will do #1 for her. Still uses the phone line though. There's a bit of setup, then the multifunction printer will pick up after a configured number of rings, and detect if there's a fax tone. If not, it passes it off to the answering machine (I don't...
  13. m4gicfour

    AMD Crimson 16.2.1 Hotfix is out!

    But I'm doing stuff, I don't WANNA reboot /whine ...and now windows 10 is updating, lol Well that answers that. ASUS is retarded. Bios positions are flip-flopped. Flop and a reboot and there the option is. Gonna do vice versa and see if it goes away on the other card. Flipping the switch...
  14. m4gicfour

    AMD Crimson 16.2.1 Hotfix is out!

    For myself, both cards are in performance mode. At least, they're both switched to the same end of the card and non-reference or not, ASUS would have to be pretty silly to flip the switch around on half their cards.
  15. m4gicfour

    Possible to repair fried circuit board component?

    ...and about $2 of PCB or less in bulk, with $1.50 of parts on it :laugh:. That's about what I thought, but I don't do a whole lot of SMD soldering myself so I don't bother with flux either and figured you might either confirm my thoughts, or tell me about how fantastic flux is and why would...
  16. m4gicfour

    AMD Crimson 16.2.1 Hotfix is out!

    It appears to be a reference model feature. I've got an ASUS R9290X-4GD5 (reference model 290X) with the GPU temp target option, and an R920X-DC2OC-4GD5 (Factory overclocked non-reference) that does not have the option, in the same system.
  17. m4gicfour

    Possible to repair fried circuit board component?

    You're absolutely right about that; blind assumption based on nothing but visual similarity of the semiconductor package is a bad idea. I'm hoping, though, that op will be able to get some clearer macro photos and that he'll be able to tell us whether those two sets of two solder pads serve the...
  18. m4gicfour

    Possible to repair fried circuit board component?

    Yeah, I know I'm dreadfully verbose, but I did already suggest that :p It's good advice as long as the two side-by-side what-appear-to-be-outputs serve the same function. Identical only goes as far as the semiconductor packaging, after all.
  19. m4gicfour

    Possible to repair fried circuit board component?

    Each method has its strengths, and is most efficient in a different situation. A sucker is best for large amounts of solder; it won't get that very last bit off unless you're some kind of ninja. With a sucker the main downside is that you have to melt the solder with the iron, then quickly pull...
  20. m4gicfour

    Valve-HTC VIVE Available for Pre-order

    Yeah I bought an Oculus DK2 and that was a mistake. I should know myself well enough by now to know I'm not going to get back into coding for that (and my limited experience nowhere approaches 3D game design, especially in a cutting-edge field). The DK2 is neat to play with, but the hardware...
  21. m4gicfour

    Possible to repair fried circuit board component?

    That works too, as long as you're real careful :p I still prefer the sucker, but there's more than one way to skin a cat, as they say. I would say 98% chance that guy's toast. You don't generally get smoke and flame out of an IC and have it still survive. EDIT - I re-read the OP. He said it...
  22. m4gicfour

    Possible to repair fried circuit board component?

    Yep, there's a difference. A solder sucker (of which there are two common varieties - the spring-loaded type I linked last time, and a bulb type where you squeeze the bulb to push the air out of it then let it expand again to create a vacuum which sucks the solder away). The spring-loaded type...