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    does PHYSX really needed now?

    does we really need physx now? or better got the XIFI GAMERS fatality which they said, its 15%more compare to ONBOARD?
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    7950gx2 SLI (quad 7950) or 8800GTX or 1950xtx sli

    which system is awesome ?
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    7950gx2 or x1950xtx ?

    better have 7950gx2 or x1950xtx? any idea ?
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    HOW to SAVE games of HELLGATE london?

    ANY one knows how to save the games ? no option, just EXIT, return to the games, and OPTION, but inside option , no SAVE button. any help ?
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    which is better oc the AMD BLACK or CORE2

    which performa is still better amd black @ 3.6ghz or core2 duo @ 3 ghz
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    any new driver for 8600mobile gt for dell?

    any new and overclockable driver for 8600m gt ? i tried new one and cant't overclock ordinary driver can;t do with laptop right ? any link bro ?
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    is 7900GS sli can beat the 8800gt?

    can the 7900gs sli beat the 8800gts ? any info ?
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    How to overclock DELL 1520 processor and graphics

    does anyone have a way to overclock DELL LAPTOP 1520 ? the processor core2duo and also the 8600GT with the newest driver from dell coudn;t be overclock. only with old driver it can.