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  1. migel_7prado

    modest upgrade recommendations

    sandforce is still the best to me. The new sandforce based SSDs like you have chosen is far better than any other SSDs in terms of performance & reliability. Good luck bro!:)
  2. migel_7prado

    Help choosing SSD

    I would recommend vertex 3 & Intel 520 for a boot volumee which are sandforce based which are truly reliable & performance is guaranteed. If someone likes samsung as a brand, I would request to think twice! I am sure you are still unware of their cheat play which was recently populated on...
  3. migel_7prado

    First SSD

    Nowadays, the sandforce's reliability is un-questionable & I can see many happy users associated with this. According to me, the performance has never dropped except for few rare cases which could have been influenced by other non-sandforce parameters. The good news is the wrong perception which...
  4. migel_7prado

    First SSD

    I agree with Arjai.. reliability has to stand out when it comes to storage & we all know sandforce based kingston is a leader in almost all aspects. Do not just look from the price perspective, you will repent when your data will be at loss! Morever, samsung has a bad reputation nowadays with...
  5. migel_7prado

    Intermittent problems with my laptop!

    I have an Inspiron 2200. Sometimes it boots up just fine and then on even sometimes later that day when i boot up it says there is no bootable device found and at other times i get a grey screen that says device in modular bay not detected. Is this a motherboard problem? Or loose connections or...