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    HELP! New mobo/cpu, no windows boot!

    Alright guys, after almost 5 years with the same crappy setup, I finally threw some money into my rig. My problem is, I can get into the BIOS screen and Windows boot selection, but Windows Vista OR Windows 7 will get to the first loading part and the comp will completely restart. I flashed my...
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    Windows 7 $25 keys legit?

    Are keys sold for cheap on various websites for Windows 7 legit? I would really rather not play $100+ just to upgrade from vista...and I am SICK of vista.
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    Just picked up a 7770!

    I got it fixed. Took 5 minutes if that this time. :laugh: So you can mate an AMD card and an Nvidia card?? How does that work?? Also, what does the power % option do on AMD overdrive? Does it adjust the voltage on the card? I haven't seen over 62C~ on this card in stock form yet so it seems...
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    Just picked up a 7770!

    After a long time of being in the nvidia camp, I have decided to come back to the Radeon family. I was sick of my eco-9800gt (128bit EW). Been having trouble installing Catalyst though. I first installed the card and tried to install Catalyst and it would get 1/4 of the way done and the screen...
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    Doom 3 BFG Releases October 16th

    I was excited when I first heard about this...but now I'm just as disappointed as when Doom3 FIRST came out... In all honesty, the game never really looked that great to begin with. Games like HL2 and COD2 blew this game out of the water graphics wise. Not only that, the gameplay SUCKS. No...
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    OCZ Vertex 4 Solid State Drive Seen at CeBIT

    Says up to 550mb/sec am I missing something? Those tests are a bit low.
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    Max Payne 3 PC Has "Gloriously Increased" Detail

    BUT AT WHAT COST. Rockstar games run like crap on nearly any PC that isn't top of the line. Fact.
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    1080p TV hook up

    Not a problem. The TV is 32" highest res is 1080p.
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    1080p TV hook up

    My card has 2 DVI's and 1 HDMI.
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    1080p TV hook up

    HDMI it is then. It has no DVI support and it sits at 60hz. I just wasn't sure if digital connections leech some performance or not.
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    1080p TV hook up

    Gonna hook my tv up to my computer soon cuz I'm sick of my 19" monitor... What is the best connector to do this.. VGA? DVI? (tv doesn't have this but just wanted to know the differences) HDMI? Is there any performance hits between them due to encoding or anything like that? Would VGA be...
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    Reformat questions

    Ok so I found the disc! It is a "Windows Anytime Upgrade" DVD. Does anyone know if I can use this for a clean install on a formatted disk? Which key will I need if it's possible? The product ID under system properties, or the CD key on my case. (can't recall if they are different) Going to...
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    Reformat questions

    Actually come to think about it, the virus is buried in the registry stuff which is only found in the main windows files correct? The only other problem I am having is Firefox getting redirected to some unknown site whenever I search in google/bing/etc (strangely enough..all these issues started...
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    Starcraft 2

    Nice! Yes, I have the auto-replay save on and watch every one. I am terran as well.
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    Starcraft 2

    Who all plays sc2 here? I am bronze league and could really use some help on my builds. Just lost 4 games in a row that I shouldn't have..
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    Reformat questions

    Hey guys, I got a pretty nasty virus on my computer at the moment and need to reformat... How does the backup feature work? I got some archived files on my secondary from a while back just in case. Everything seems to be in winrar folders. Does windows unpackage them all after you do a clean...
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    Pirate Bay Founders Stare At Jailtime as Supreme Court Rejects Appeal

    All this nonsense has got to end. The problem isn't that people won't pay for things, the problem is things are TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE. IF ONLY THERE WAS SOMEWAY TO GET CONTENT CHEAPLY AND LEGALLY!!....There are already services out there that provide nearly unlimited content at little to no cost...
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    VRAM memory timings

    Is there anyway to change the VRAM timings on my 9800gt? I seem to get the biggest performance gain from overclocking the memory. (128-bit...heh..) I looked up the memory chip specs when I put my new cooler on. Stock timings they can hit 1000mhz. I have mine currently at 1029mhz (45%~...
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    Cooler Master Announces the CM 690 II Advanced Black & White Edition PC Case

    Eh, If I'm gonna buy a case, I want one with already good airflow. I have enough struggle with cable management and such.. Which brings me to another question..with only 1 visible intake and exhaust fan..where the hell do the other 8 fans go? :confused: EDIT: I see a second intake in the...
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    Dospara Intros Prime Note Galleria QF580 Gaming Notebook

    Sounds great...until you see the price.. :slap:
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    Alan Wake to Use Steamworks, MSR Given Out, Slated for February 2012

    I can onlyoverclock my Athlon x2 to 2.6ghz... DONATIONS ACCEPTED HERE!! xD
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    Monster Digital and Seagate Offer Seagate Momentus XT Upgrade Kits

    Any speed specs? Benchmarks?
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    Corsair Announces Availability of Corsair Link Kits

    I would definitely consider this if it was like $50. $99? Eh, I will stick with the built in fan controller on my apevia case..
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    [Case Gallery] Project ENZO BLUEprint

    How do you stand that light??? It's as bright as the Apevia logo on the front of my case..and that bothers me when its on the floor UNDER my desk...
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    [Case Gallery] Antec LanBoyAir MOD

    Interesting. Not digging the whole nature thing though...Those plants can't be good for airflow either. 7/10 for originality.