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  1. K

    Tahiti LE voltage tweak

    Thanks for fast response! I hope i can undervoltage it because the card is very very warm. :mad: If i set the lower voltage then this will be the default 3D voltage or the boost will overwrite it ? If i cant overwrite the boost voltage then does not matter what i set.
  2. K

    Tahiti LE voltage tweak

    Hi all! I have a PowerColor PCS+ HD7870 Myst. Edition 2GB - Tahiti Le but i cant change the VDDC. I tried with Trixx 4.4b, Asus GPU Tweak, PowerUp Tuner 0.2.1, MSI AB 2.3.0. The card uses a CHiL CHL 8225 for voltage control. It offers monitoring and software voltage-control features and...