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    Corsair Blends Flash and Flexibility in New Graphite Series 230T PC Case

    I like the simple yet functional design of the case. I'll consider it for my new i7 / SLI / H100i / OC box. Of course, I'll wait for a review first. P.S: The only negative thing I see is the stupid LED.
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    Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia Phones...

    The most important answer is missing from the poll. ... is a good move to ensure money from future royalties and patent lawsuits.
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    Creative Announces T3150 Wireless 2.1 Computer Speaker System

    Wireless Speakers with wired remote control.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7990 Clock Speeds and Core Config Confirmed, Tested

    There is truth here. I wouldn't touch a Crossfire setup until this problem is fixed. Hardware wise, ATI cards are better, but if you want a reliable experience you pay the extra for Nvidia drivers.
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    Intel Core "Haswell" Desktop Processor Box Pricing Compiled

    Don't know about the Q6600@3.6, but for my i5 750@4.0 the Nvidia 670@1350 is the bottleneck in 90% of the games. Sure you might get better average FPS with faster CPU, but I'm looking at FPS dropping below 60. I do want to upgrade (look it's shiny!), but I can't find a logical reason. :(...
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    NVIDIA to Return $1 Billion to Shareholders in Current Fiscal Year

    /flame on At least hey know how to make the drivers. /flame off
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    Giada Introduces Full-Featured Mini-ITX Mainboard for NAS Builders

    I just bought Gigabyte GA-C847N Dual Core Celeron 847 Mini-ITX Board with Dual LAN for my NAS/Router/switch/Video player/File/Torrent/FTP/.... server/streamer. For added network slots to make it as a true 1Gbps switch you can buy some dual lan cards form ebay, as the new one are expensive as...
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    Razer Rolls Out Orbweaver Stealth Edition FPS Keypad

    Happy owner of the G13 and still looking for something better, this one doesn't look like good enough. This keyboards are far superior to WASD, sure you need 1 week to get used to it, but since I bought the G13 I don't use the keyboard for any game now, the buttons are much easier to access...
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    Corsair Adds Dolby Support to Vengeance 2000 Gaming Headset with Driver Update

    ATM there are no new drivers on their site. Fact checking before posting news is so over-rated.
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    Corsair Adds Dolby Support to Vengeance 2000 Gaming Headset with Driver Update

    Happy panda! Since I refused to install their software for the few supported games and preferred to use the default windows 7 drivers, I welcome this news with great joy and happiness! I always liked this headset, maybe now I can fall in love. :)
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    AMD to Cut "Trinity" APU Prices in April

    What would you suggest. Keep them in stock?
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    Logitech Renews Commitment to PC Gaming, Introduces New Lineup

    Nothing new <- happy G13 and G700 owner. G13 could use less buttons but a better layout and the stick could be replaced by a high quality gamepad like analogue stick. G13 is fantastic and I don't use the keyboard anymore for gaming, but nothing is perfect. The G700 is nice, but for ultra...
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    Intel Ivy Bridge i5-3570K and i7-3770K Comparison

    If you want to have a high end gaming ring you change video cards every year, but you don't do the same for the CPU. So when you buy one you want to be sure you get the most power for your money. So this is why it's important to review a CPU on lower resolution or triple SLI setups, so you have...
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    Intel Ivy Bridge i5-3570K and i7-3770K Comparison

    I searched the topic for 5 min and I couldn't find any date supporting your claim about HT. More to it I found this replay. Yes, I did same testing with HT off and there was just no measurable difference. P.S: Don't take this as a personal attack, I only want to know how much HT will...
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    Intel Ivy Bridge i5-3570K and i7-3770K Comparison

    Can you please provide a link to one?
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    Intel Ivy Bridge i5-3570K and i7-3770K Comparison

    Yap, but you can't get a reliable test to use on multiple CPUs.
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    Intel Ivy Bridge i5-3570K and i7-3770K Comparison

    HT helps in some game and hurts in others, but we are talking at max 5% difference. No, the reason hard-core OC turn it off is to gain extra stability and higher clocks on the CPU.
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    Intel Ivy Bridge i5-3570K and i7-3770K Comparison

    Regarding gaming performance. This CPUs are GPU limited. Use a 2 or 3 way SLI to check the difference (if there is any) between an i5 and i7.
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    Does NVIDIA Display Driver Service Make Your System Vulnerable?

    In 2012 In this day and age someone is still running a Windows system without a firewall/router? In this case never mind the Nvidia/ATI shitty drivers, he is already a zombie (botnet).
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    OnLive Builds Console-Quality Gaming Into LG Google TVs, No Console Required

    Latency The main issue is latency and in 2nd degree bandwidth. If you can cache 2D desktop graphics this does not apply to a full screen moving colours. Try to see a movie in Remote desktop and see how it goes. Latency might not be in issue for turn based games, but anything done in real...
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    Radeon HD 7970 Listed by European Retailer

    Speculating it has the same performance and it's a single GPU card, then the price is fair. To expensive for my taste, but can't argue the price point.