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  1. TSX420J

    Raid 1 on one hdd (nas)?

    Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've posted a thread or asked a question. Anyway, I wanted to ask a question regarding RAID 1. Ok, I'm buying a 2 bay NAS. My initial budget allows me to only buy the NAS and 1 4tb HDD. In the future I plan on adding a second 4tb HDD and setting up RAID...
  2. TSX420J

    Building a new machine need some advice on SSD caching

    So it has come to a point where I want to build a more updated PC after puting one together for a friend. I am going to be building a clone of what I put together for him. Edit: My question is; is it beneficial to run a Revo 3 PCIe SSD as my main system partition and use a sata 3 SSD for...
  3. TSX420J

    600p Videos for Netbooks Guide

    This tutorial is for XP, Vista and 7 This tutorial is not for a HD snob, who is anal about everything. This is a quick and easy guide to make HD-ish videos for netbooks. So I thought I'd post a tutorial on how to take a Bluray, rip it, and then transcode it to a 1024x600 mkv for...
  4. TSX420J

    Building a Low Cost HTPC for my Bedroom

    So as the title says, I am trying to build a low cost HTPC for my bedroom. I just want a small PC that can playback bluray without any lag @ 1080p. I have a laptop with a 1.8 C2D, a 8600m and a bluray drive that can handle that task with no problems, but,, it is broken. I am looking at...
  5. TSX420J

    Apple ii 5.25 floppy to PC software?

    Is there a software that works in dos or some other OS that can read Apple ii formatted 5.25 floppy's on PC. I have a vintage celeron 366mhz and a vintage pentium 1 133mhz PC. Both have mobo's that support 5.25 floppy drives. I am using the celeron now because I am still waiting on some more...
  6. TSX420J

    DV9830us Desktop Replacement

    So last year in November my HP DV9830us laptop's Nvidia Geforce 8600m gs video card went bad on me. My computer was only 14 months old when it died. HP extended the warranty on most models with the 8xxx series gpu's but the DV9xxx series laptops were left out. HP refuses to fix the motherboard...
  7. TSX420J

    New Vintage Build in the Works

    So in another thread I mentioned I had a old Gateway 2000 P5-100xl desktop that I was going to use to read some 5.25 floppy's. Well since that thread I have ordered some used parts to get her up and running again since it was stripped down to just the case and mobo. So far my build looks...
  8. TSX420J

    5.25 Floppy Disk Drive & a 750i Mobo

    So my dad passed recently and when cleaning his office I found a whole lot of old 5.25 floppy's. One of the floppy's I found was a old disk that had a lot of games made for apple iic. I just ordered a 5.25 floppy drive from ebay and wanted to know if it would be compatible with my new 750i...
  9. TSX420J

    agp video card --- Blu-ray ??

    So I have an older machine that I wanted to turn into a media pc. The machine is a sony vaio pcv rx860.. It is a older machine with a 2.4ghz P4 and only supports agp video cards. I basically want to upgrade the video card, psu and add a bluray drive. I already maxed out the ram to 1.5gb...
  10. TSX420J

    Getting XP to dual boot on a hp pavilion dv9830us

    This guide is for the dv9830us model laptop.. Here are the guides that saved my life. It took me 36 hours of research to get this thing running perfectly (no missing drivers). If for some reason you have any problems feel free to ask. I probably cannot answer all your questions, but I...
  11. TSX420J

    Buying a Laptop, asking a few questions

    Which one is faster? Intel Pentium D 940 3.20GHz / 4MB Cache / 800MHz FSB / Dual-Core / Presler http://processorfinder.intel.com/det...px?sSpec=SL94Q Intel Core 2 Duo T5550 1.83 GHz / 2MB L2 / 667 MHz FSB / http://processorfinder.intel.com/det...px?sSpec=SLA4E
  12. TSX420J

    !!! Sony PSP Clubhouse !!!

    If you own a Sony PSP please fill out the form... PSP: Fat (non slim & lite) Memory Stick: 4GB Sandisk Firmware: 3.52 m33 - 4 Mobo: ta-82 Mods: None Homebrew Apps: Rhythm (pretty cool but I'll stick to Reason on PC) . Emu's: CPS1, CPS2, NeoGeo, Genesis, Master System, Coleco Vision...
  13. TSX420J

    Is this memory good??

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231106 I could buy 4 for the price of two of what I currently have. My mobo's memory speed maxes out at 667. I currently have 2 http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-Details.asp?EdpNo=2458715&sku=C13-6066 Should I just...
  14. TSX420J

    Should I?

    Do you all think it is worth it to get another 7600gt xxx like the one I already have and run in SLI or would that be a waste. I could get another for 115.00 or should I wait till crysis comes out and get a 8800 later when the price drops?
  15. TSX420J

    New Package Came Today (part 1)

    So I got the package.. I think it looks like it is happy in its new home. Looks lonely though. I have more stuff coming soon, I just need to figure out what 775 waterblock I want. Any suggestions?
  16. TSX420J

    Water Cooling: What is the best way to pevent leaking and damage caused by a leak?

    I am going to order a custom kit and want to know the above. Should I order all compression fittings or do you think plastic clamps are good enough. I was thinking of doing plastic clamps on the pump and radiator, and compression fittings on the CPU block. I have a list of parts I want , check...
  17. TSX420J

    Black Glass

    For your ass. :rockout: My dad cut out the plexi to my specs. I then painted the glass black on the opposite side and here is what it looks like. I still need to etch the design but I still don't know what I am doing yet. I also am adding uv leds in the corners you dont see to light up the...
  18. TSX420J

    Water cooling.

    So I want to change cpu and cooling method. I want to go water. The only problem I have is, I dont know what company is reliable. Here are a couple of my ideas. All in one type. http://www.koolance.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=28_48&products_id=204...
  19. TSX420J

    DVD decrypter DVD shrink ---->Nero?

    When using DVD decrypter and DVD shrink is it necessary to use Nero or can I use other software to burn the files at the end. I have Nero 7 but everytime I install it I can only use it once before it does'nt let me anymore. I have heard of the Nero cleaner but I'd rather not use nero because of...
  20. TSX420J

    Best cooling solution?

    I have 3 120mm fans and 1 90mm. I really dont care about the fans blowing hot air on me as long as my pc stays cool. The first one is my current setup, and the others are ideas. Please feel free to use paintbrush and give me some of your ideas. I thought these up because having the rear...
  21. TSX420J

    WD caviar "SATA / jumpers"???

    I have two SATA HDD's and both have pins for jumpers. My bios detects both drives but when I open windows my computer does not detect one of the drives. I tried to set one of the drives to slave in the bios but it does not let me. I know I might need jumpers but the HDD's have no indication...
  22. TSX420J

    Post your rig here

    Not sure what forum to post in but this one seemed like the one. Moderaters move accordingly. Here is mine. Now I need to work on cable managment and a KVM switch.
  23. TSX420J

    Benchmark software ??

    Excuse my noobess but What is benchmark software? I am looking for a program that will tell me my CPU's temperature and other info, will this software do that. What is the best freeware for that? Thanks.
  24. TSX420J

    HAL DLLs error on XP

    I finally put my computer together And ran into problems. First problem was once I installed windows XP I could not get my PC to run through VGA so I connected it though S-video. Now window starts up and works fine. Next I installed the GPU drivers and set the res to 1080p, and restarted using...
  25. TSX420J

    My first mods on a soprano

    Today I recieved my case and other junk. I got to work fast, so fast I was able to complete phase one and two. Plenty more mods to come as I get more funds :( . This is my first DIY in this area. On my old computer I only opened it once to dust it off, other than that I have never done...