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    [FS] [UK] Gzero's dumping ground

    Rules: Enermax EG425AX-VE(G) 420Watt PSU - £25. Had this for a number of years and it is still going strong. It is dusty in some parts but I did give it a clean. There is some scratching on the inner fan side from squeezing it into a case (see last pic). Gigabyte X58 UD5...
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    [WTB][EU] VRM Heatsinks for HD4870 reference design.

    Looking to fit this: http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Akasa/Vortexx But I lack VRM cooling if I do put it on, tried it with them naked and the temps weren't good. Here's a pic of the card bare (not mine, but same design) Here's a pic of the stock heatsink (4890, but basicly the same...
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    DVXA + MPC-HC 1.3.1774 [K lite Mega codec 3.90]

    DVXA + MPC-HC 1.3.1774 [K lite Mega codec 5.90] is broke [solved] Need assistance getting this file to play through dxva. Divx h.264 filter is handling it the now, but that isn't using the gpu. I am using the codec pack k-lite mega codec pack. Everything is working fine for another file...
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    HD4870 Fan scaling

    Anyone know if it is a bios bug to scale at the wrong temps? I checked it with RBE and it says it is supposed to ramp up at 80'C, but it seems to like keeping the temp at 89 after hours of use. Right now I have rivatuner covering it, and under clocked the card to CCC's lowest keep it at 45'C at...
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    Looking for a Decent Keyboard

    I've read through the previous thread, but I'm not interested in keyboards that lack a 'proper' enter key (why do I see some pics with and without full size key anyway?). I was interested in: http://www.kikatek.com/product_info.php?products_id=49717 It would be nice not essential for usb...
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    LED backlit LCD Laptops

    Dell Latitude This is available in the E6xxxx models according to the site. The Studio XPS 16 have 2 types (WLED and RGB-LED), supposedly '16" ultrawide 16:9 aspect ratio with 1080p HD support & optional RGB-LED for brighter and more vivid colors'. Also I notice the Vostro 1720 also has the...
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    Interesting thread from TR about hd4870 + custom coolers and vrms

    http://techreport.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=64566 hmm are people finding the same result here?
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    Audio through DVI/HDMI

    I have a Asus P5k/EPU using the onboard sound with a HIS 4870 normal 512mb. Is it possible to get the sound through the hdmi or do I have to continue piping it through my coaxial spdif ?
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    Motherboard misbehaving.

    My motherboard on my second machine: s875wp1-e is really messed up somehow. First problem i noticed is the gigabit network port stops working after a couple of mins of use. I cant get my floppy to work on this motherboard although it was working fine when I first used it. So I cant reflash the...
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    Dying 6800gt oc?

    Well I have had this card for a few months now, but all I have seen is the temperatures being really high (60C idle ~ 90C full load, stock international heatsink from BFG). It also cuts the screen off once i gets close to 90. It didnt cut off when I first got it and stressed it, but now it does...
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    Intel clock gens and i need a little help ocing

    Right I would like this info on my two moherboards: ics 952619 cf for the DFI i865PE, ics 952601 ef for the Intel S875WP1-E lol I would like to find away to overclock my intel board since intel dont like you fiddling with the bios so there is no overclocking options in there and systool can...
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    Asus-tek Star Ice base flat?

    I had this working 100% on a intel 560 at normal temps 34 idle and ~40 under load. When I oc'd to 4ghz it still worked fine with temps increasing by ~2 on each. The fan was always left at 3500 rpm since anything higher is too loud. I read in a review (later) that the base of the asus star ice...
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    Can it be done? 6800gt + arctic Silencer 5 without heat pads on mem

    So how can I acheive this? my last glimpse of the ram was as I stuck the heatsink on and even then the gap looked rather large. When I screwed the stuff at the back in place would the ram be able to make contact with the heatsink with out the heat pads?
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    Amd 64 - Venice or San diego

    I am about to begin building another pc to whip this crappy p4 I got, so looking on overclockers.co.uk: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Socket_939_cpus.html There seems to be a few types of amd 64. I want to get the best of the range of either a 3700+ or 3800, with the intention of...
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    3dmark 05 - shadow errors?

    I just asking that you report wether or not the shadows in 3dmark flicker during the begining of the Flight Canyon test ( the 3rd test), I see clearly happening on the cliffs and reckon it has something to do with type of graphics card you have, ie affects fps greatly with NV and not so much...
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    BFG 6800 GT OC 256 MB, I like to see what everyone else did with their card.

    Right I have just my new card: BFG 6800 GT OC 256 MB agp, its brill. Scoring 4933 in 3dmark 05 right now. I have not changed anything on it, well I did apply arctic silver 5 to the core and other standard thermal paste to the ram. The temps on it are 70 idle, 85 max load on the core. Is this...
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    Unusal behaviour by my 9800Pro (not a problem with it)

    This is most strange. I wanted to upgrade the bios on my 9800pro so I went found a similar bios, flashed sucessfully but something must have been different since I could not over clock the memory as high as before. My original oc with atitool was 398 core and memory 351. So luckily I had...