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    Microsoft surface pro charger

    Hello, Unfortunately my Microsoft surface pro (1st generation) charger cable broken beyond adapter.. Check screenshot. Can I fix it ? If not, from where to buy it? I checked on eBay, various chargers available ranging from 10usd to 70usb. Can I buy only adaptor with charging cable without...
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    how to enable bluetooth in hp envy 3090nr

    Hello, I have hp envy 3090nr (hp envy 17 3d series) I am unable to find bluetooth setting in my laptop. Last time i remember, i used several months back and i disabled bluetooth that time..not used after that for a long.. now unable to find in control panel or start menu search even.. I...
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    upload speed issue

    Hello, I have D Link DIR 615 router which was working absolutely fine with my previous ISP. I shifted to another city recently and taken new ISP, but i have upload speed issue. My plan is of upto 50mbps speed , they say i will get minimum 80% download and 50% upload speed. I am getting...
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    Best & Light PDF reader for reading articles and books

    Hello, I used good reader in my ipod touch and now using ezpdf reader in my Nexus6p mobile phone. Can you suggest me such pdf reader for windows 7 (for my laptop) as well as windows 10 (for my surface pro 1 tablet)? 1. Highlight with different color 2.Underline 3.Easy-speedly navigation 4.I...
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    Best codec / player for movie file for videos in Windows 7

    Hello, I have HP Envy 17 3D (3090nr) , it has windows 7 , AMD graphic card and full HD HD display , 3D. I had some issues with gom player with some mkv files for last few months, it was slowing playback (slow motion) during some files while watching songs or reversing or forwarding it..I...
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    Suggest good selfie stick for nexus6p and vivo v5

    Hello, I just bought vivo v5, which has 20MP selfie camera, so i m thinking to buy good selfie stick too. I searched on amazon, ebay etc and found several selfie sticks, so confused which one to choose. Suggest me which things to look before buying and give your sugestion which selfie stick...
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    Suggest Smartphone within 10,000-20,000/- INR (200-300USD)

    Hello, I m looking for good smartphone for my wife within 10,000-20,000/- INR (200-300 USD) Suggest me good smartphone (android) I was thinking of 1. Xiaomi Mi4i , 2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 3. Vivo V5 (newly launched-moonlight selfie camera) I know Xiaomi Mi4I is older than redmi note 3 and...
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    suggest free online storage product/site for personal stuffs

    Hello, Can anyone suggest online product/website which allow free upload with more than 15gb of stuffs and safe and secure for even personal stuffs? Apart from google drive and dropbox? they have limited storage..any website offering more storage? like 1tb/2tb? or 500gb? Thanks. *Sorry if i...
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    xenforo vs vbulletin

    Hello, I noticed techpowerup has also swtiched to xenforo from vbulletin..i dont know since when but i m also thinking to switch , so asking ur opinion here. Admin & Moderators, please suggest and provide ur feedback for xenforo...is it comparable or better than vbulletin? and can we get free...
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    firefox opening all last opened tabs all the time

    Hello, I have noticed my firefox is opening all tabs which were opened when last time i closed.. I have kept home page and blank page both in settings but still it is doing same..opening all opened tab when i start it after closing it. Please tell me how to fix it.
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    suggest best internet security/antivirus for windows 7

    Hello, I m using HP envy 3090nr laptop having windows 7 home premium. I was using norton internet security previously which was very good, no virus problem so far. But i want to know any other internet security which is better or similar and free? Give your suggestions for best free as well...
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    Suggest new laptop/notebook

    Hello, Currently i m using HP envy 3090nr (Envy 17 3D series), which is quite big so cumbersome to carry at workplace and while travelling. I m also using microsoft surface pro 1st generation, which i use currently for travelling purpose but for work, i dont use it much. So i want to buy new...
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    Suggest a good digicam/compact SLR with good quality pictures.

    Hello, (Sorry if this isnt the correct section to post this thread, but i could not find any section to post camara related queries) I m using sony dsc hx7v since 3-4 years, but now i have nexus 6p which also give similar pictures... So i want to buy new camara which have best quality images...
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    loud noise(?fan) for few seconds when system restarts after long gap (?few hours)

    Hello, I have HP envy 3090nr (HP envy 17 3D series). It has undergone different kind of problem every alternate day last week, so i will describe in brief each problem and measures done to solve it by hp authorized srfrvice center and my current concern. 1. First, My laptop had issue of...
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    Suggest best router for home- normal as well as larger range

    Hello, Suggest me best router for home use...previously i had TP Link WR740N, it is not working now.. 1. Which company do u suggest? TP Link, D Link, Net Gear, other? And which company has fastest and better service? Which company provides on site warranty? 2. Single 0r double antenna? 3...
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    best way to use laptop internet as hotspot?

    Hello, My wifi router isnt working rightnow but internet is working by lan cable in laptop directly. How can i use my laptop as wifi hotspot and use wifi in my mobile phone? thx.
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    wifi & lan led not working in tp link WR740N

    Hello, MY router is TP Link WR740N. After plugging into adapter, all led blink once after pressing power button , then power led remains on, then lock led blinks, then second led also remains on, but LAN & WiFi led doesnt remain on. I had pressed that QSS button, can it be due to that and it...
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    overheating automated shutdown problem in my hp envy 17 3090nr

    Hello, I have purchased my laptop from USA but rightnow i am in India. And it has been 3-4 years so it is even out of warranty. Model is HP envy 17 3D (3090nr) I have overheating automated shutdown issue in my laptop since last few days, i noticed it is happening only while watching any...
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    how to download online streaming lectures

    Hello, I have subscribed for online course which gives video lectures. it uses following webplayer https://bitmovin.com/player/?utm_source=isccmcourses.org&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=Bitdash_Player_Contextmenu I want to save videos offline , how can i do that?
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    cookie issue in firefox - unable to login and open website in firefox

    Hello, I am not able to open website after clicking on login button in firefox, if i delete cookies i can open, but gain i can not login, after clicking on login , it is redirecting to "problem loading page with following error" i can open as well as login website on other browers but i want...
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    Can I connect wireless headsets and earphone both at a time?

    Hello,I want to know if I can connect my wireless Bluetooth headset as well as earphone both at a time to my laptop/tablet, so two person at a time can watch movie during travelling on single laptop/Tablet.
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    Battery for HP ENVY 17-3090nr 3D Edition Notebook PC

    Hello, It has been almost 3 years since I bought HP Emvy 17 3D - 3090nr. I purchased from US and currently I am in India. It is showing battery alert after starting my laptop, so I want to replace my laptop battery. I want to know what will be price and warranty of new battery for same in...
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    how to access laptop from other laptop by internet remotely

    Hello, I want to connect my other laptop at some other place from my current laptop via internet. i forgot software name to access same.. plz let me know name of that application. Thanks.c
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    Which mobile phone do you suggest within 500USD / 30,000/- INR?

    Hello, Suggest me good smart phone within 30,000/- INR (500USD) Currently I m using nexus 5. I was thinking from nexus 5x/6p or one plus 2? Which one is better among those? And any other phone better than these?
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    separate section for mobile/tablet discussion?

    Hello, It will be good if we have separate section to discuss anything gadget related...for mobile/tablets etc.