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  1. Waxinator

    Vega Frontier Ed Beats TITAN Xp in Compute, Formidable Game Performance: Preview

    That test seems a bit odd... My old "AMD Radeon R9 290" + "AMD Ryzen 7 1800X" gets 107.08 fps in OpenGL ?!?
  2. Waxinator

    TPU's Ryzen BIOS Digest Issue #1: ASRock and ASUS Issue Updates

    I managed to get hold of the BIOS 1106 version before it was removed again from the site. What I notice is that the frequence steps are now in even hundreds and the cpu-fan is no longer stuck at high speed after heavy duty.
  3. Waxinator

    Thermalright Introduces the AXP-100 CPU Cooler

    Why should we ignore the fact that the fan succs out the hot air from the cooler ? Since when did the direction of the airflow make the difference in cooling ?
  4. Waxinator

    GPU-Z v0.4.3 All versions allergic to HD 3300 ?

    I found an other thred with a non-crashing version of 0.4.3 http://forums.techpowerup.com/showpost.php?p=1901270&postcount=10 I still have weered values but it does not crash. :)
  5. Waxinator

    GPU-Z v0.4.3 All versions allergic to HD 3300 ?

    How can I produce a crashdump from a process crash ? No prompt from GPU-Z for dump, just "Close Program" and that's it. I managed to mark the "Log to file" and got this log. P.S. To "Run as Administrator" dosn't make any difference. Can it be run with a parameter (like -debug) ?
  6. Waxinator

    GPU-Z v0.4.3 All versions allergic to HD 3300 ?

    The system has an HD 5870 and the Asus M4A78-E onboard HD 3300. ATI Catalyst™ 10.4 Suite for Windows 7 (64 bit) Program crash on first page when HD 3300 are displayed. If I quickly switch to any other page or to the other card then the program survives. I can monitor sensor page of HD...
  7. Waxinator

    [GPU-Z Test Build] Fixes default clock detection on ATI

    HD5870 Ok. HD3300 Bad. The HD3300 looks funny but the HD5870 is okay... The HD3300 sometimes display all zeros. EDIT: Sorry for writing in Swedish at first... :)