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    Antec P8

    I'd add another "plus", those front-facing USB ports. If you've ever spilled coffee on the top of a case with up-facing USB ports you know why. :)
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    ADATA SU900 512 GB SSD

    The MS Office installation is the one that surprises me. Any idea why the RD400 and Samsung 950 performed so poorly?
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    Crucial BX300 480 GB

    Exactly, and anybody who really cares already has a UPS.
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    FSP Twins 500 W Redundant PSU

    Exactly. We have extremely dirty power at our office, all the workstations are on APC 1500 UPSs and they cost less than half of what that dual PSU does. (We've never had a PSU fail on a workstation, I think we had one of the duals on a server die, but it was like 8 years old.)
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    Lian Li DK-02X

    Yo, bitches, I herd you like desktops so I put a desktop in your desktop.
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    ASRock X99 Extreme11

    My first thought, too...
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    Crucial MX100 256 GB

    +1 I just got a couple at work in a new 4790k workstation, would like to see how the 850 pro stacks up. (Paid $200 each for 250s from amazon, cost is really secondary at work, speed is king. Yeah, yeah, I am looking at PCIE SSDs for the next workstation... :))
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    MSI Z97I GAMING AC (Intel LGA 1150)

    I have one! It was (yes, past tense) on a 3770k build a couple years ago, realized too late that the mSATA port on the motherboard was only SATA 2 (I mean WTF?), while the external drive ports were SATA 3 and pulled the mSATA drive off. It's sitting in the pile if anyone wants it. :)...
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    Intel Powers the World's Fastest Supercomputer, Reveals New HPC Technologies

    The muthah board must be enormous.
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    Seasonic Platinum Series Fanless 460 W

    That was going to be my question, but you've answered it... Do a search for "seasonic coil whine" and you'll find a lot (I'd say too many) of comments about Seasonic PSUs making noises they shouldn't.