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  1. fritoking

    Photoshop expert needed.

    I didn't know where to post this , so I thought I would try here. I need someone to modify/combine/ edit some images to be printed on a 4" h x 3"w label. I am willing to offer a small payment for services.
  2. fritoking

    [WTB] Fm2+ parts... closed

    Ok guys, my parents pc has given up the ghost. I'm looking to build them a relatively cheap quad core system similar to mine, a 7850k or close to it cpu, 8 GB ram and a SSD. Let me know what you have available. Not looking for Intel , and no, I won't change my mind...lol. Thanks in advance.
  3. fritoking

    Gear VR with controller

    Anyone try this? I actually think it's pretty cool, I've been playing a few games that are actually quite fun and a bit challenging the farther you go. I let my girlfriend try it tonight in some spooky stuff and she actually jumped and screamed a few times....I actually kicked at a " ghost" and...
  4. fritoking

    Wireless speeds I can expect?

    Ok guys, networking is not my stronge suit...so I have 60mbit cable , a.c. 1200 dual band router and my modem is from the cable company and is compatible with the speed. I have my pc, Alexa and my phone in wifi....and a.c. wireless adapter on the pc..its a 600 I t hink. I get 30mbps dl on my...
  5. fritoking

    [FF] Otter box commuter Gs7 edge

    Free case , nice shape.Heat is fritoking12
  6. fritoking

    Best gpu for 32" hd tv

    Looking to hook my pc to my TV for usual pc stuff, gaming etc... what would be recommended? I'd like to stay under 200
  7. fritoking

    [WTB] Found ,closed thank you

    Looking for MB,cpu for a Nintendo mod....prefer quad core
  8. fritoking

    [FS] All gone...please close

    Looking to get rid of a couple of seldom used tablets and a new Galaxy Gear S2. First is the HP Stream windows tablet, CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE . Next this new Galaxy Gear S2 . I literally had this on my wrist for maybe 20 minutes , its nice , cool and i like it , but I just would never wear it...
  9. fritoking

    Hyper 212 evo

    Never tried this cooler before, always had good luck with scythe, but my friend recommended it. I'm idling @ 32c in bios , is that acceptable on an A10 7850k at stock clocks ? I noticed software monitoring says it a at 43 ...... I just was curious because of the wiggle I noticed.....everyone...
  10. fritoking

    [WTB] found , thanks guys

    Haven't had a gaming capable pc for months due to an electrical storm and I am looking to build a decent system, quad core ( not fx quad) or better for a reasonable price...I am actually pricing an Apu setup, but thought I'd see what anyone has. I already have 8 gb of ram here so just need the...
  11. fritoking

    Stupid question

    My friend asked me to put together an inexpensive system for him. I purchased a gigabyte fm2 mb, a10 7850k, 8 gb ram,120 gb sad and a 1 th hd. My issue is, since a lightning strike my pc and monitor are gone, all I have is a crt, when I boot it displays the gigabyte splash screen, but when I try...
  12. fritoking

    How much is it worth?

    So a family member is moving to China soon and wants to sell his system... SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6850 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 Rosewill Blackbone Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower AMD FX-6100 Zambezi 3.3GHz Socket AM3+ 95W LG DVD Burner Black SATA ASRock 970 EXTREME3 AM3+ HyperX Blu 8GB (2 x 4GB)...
  13. fritoking

    need some help locating part

    ok guys, here at work we have tons of pcs and equipment that have the little bolts that you screw a plug into( like on a video card or serial port..printer port etc)..as you all know over time they work loose and fall out...i need to purchase them in bulk...where can i find them and what is the...
  14. fritoking

    anyone else beta testing Elder scrolls online?

    Down loading as we speak..will play this weekend. Is anyone else a tester or know much about it? I only signed up on a whim and didnt really think i would be chosen. I have only played skyrim...none of the others.
  15. fritoking

    powercolor 7770

    just purchased a powercolor hd7770 for $75 on a whim. I am assuming it will be a substantial upgrade from my 4850 @ 1440x900 or am i incorrect ? looked for the comparison charts and could not locate them .
  16. fritoking

    sapphire hd 5830

    Are these cards a good buy @ $60 each?
  17. fritoking

    [WTB] mATX AM2+ motherboard

    ok guys,one of the systems the kids play on crapped out on me and i need a replacement board. i would prefer matx, but i guess i could switch cases if an atx board is cheap enough...must support ddr2( i think they almost all did) so i dont have to buy any additional hardware.thanks
  18. fritoking

    [WTB] socket 775 cpu

    hey guy, I tend to take alot of pcs home with me that my workplace is recycling or throwing away and tinker with them and get them running and give to friends and family that need a decent pc. I just got a dell vostro 200 with a slow single core celeron cpu in it. The dell support page says...
  19. fritoking

    [WTB] amd/ati video card(cheap)

    need and older card...4650/70 4850/70 1 gb preferably for my arcade...not looking to spend a ton of cash....thanks.
  20. fritoking

    [FS] DDR2 appalooza and misc cpus

    ok guys, cleaning out my closet. 4 2 gb sticks of pc2 6400 $12 per sticksold. 2 1 gb sticks of ocz pc2 6400 $12 for the set . 2x1 gb Gskill ddr2 1066 $15 SOLD. 4x1gb pc2 5300 laptop ram $12 for all 4. Pentium 4 socket 478 3ghz $10 . Intel socket 775 E5300 dual core $20 sold. AMD socket...
  21. fritoking

    Origin Problems

    well i saw bf3 for 10 bux on gamestop downloads ..pulled the trigger and bought it..installed the game played for a few minutes..then quit. have not been able to play since...HAVE to update through origin,gets half way then fails...uninstalled..reinstalled...same crap...i am about to dl a copy...
  22. fritoking

    [WTB] socket 775 mb

    ok guys...need a micro axt 775 board that supports ddr2.and must support an E5300 .i can get a new one at the egg for 50 bucks...just thought i would see if anyone has a board stashed away they would part with.thanks for looking
  23. fritoking

    pc restarts every 2 seconds ..

    ok guys..i need a little help here..have an asus tower with an intel pentium cpu....about 2 yrs old...push the power button and it constant loops ..fans start and spin dvdrom spins up and it shuts off and repeats...took all the ram out..tried individual sticks..(its pc6400) ..tried some of my...
  24. fritoking

    foam pads on laptop motherboard?

    hi guys, i am still working on replacing that motherboard in a toshiba laptop..my question is, there are "foamy" pads on some of the components on the video card...is it ok to just use thermal paste there? or do i have to find these thicker pad like things? and where would i even look? thanks...
  25. fritoking

    nforce ultra drivers

    hey guys, my son wanted to put together an pc from parts we had laying around....i have been scouring the net but cant locate the nforce driver pack for a shuttle an35n ultra v.1.1 motherboard...anyone have them laying around or a link? thanks