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    Creative Z Audio Stuttering Possible fix?...can I implement it?..

    Hey Guys, I've been having issues with my Creative SB Z stuttering when I have DTS or Dolby Digital enabled. It clicks and stutters like mad. However once I change my default audio device to SPDIF and then select "no encoder" from within the SB Software it works no problem (albeit, audio quality...
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    Secondary monitor setup via intel HD4000 igpu..

    Hey guys, Firstly I want to explain as to why I want to set up this secondary monitor - I have crossfire 7970ghz cards and im running a Qnix QX2710LED monitor from korea which requires an AMD video driver "hack" to unlock it and enable it to run at more than 60hz (I leave it at 110Hz atm)...
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    Various AIB-branded Radeon R7 and R9 Graphics Cards Pictured

    damn, its just the rebrands there. Im not really interested in seeing the 270s and 280s its the 290X I want to see since that's the only model that's actually a step ahead.
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    So, which korean display should I get?

    hey guys! finally finally finally...I have my new QX2710 up and running (now that the cables have turned up). wow it really is such a sexy panel. Everything looks so much better now. Now...time to overclock? lol..I see most people overclocking are using nvidia, has anyone overclocked these...
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    So, which korean display should I get?

    I decided to get a monitor strictly for the PC in the end, coz i'll keep my xl2370 for the xbox. no, not all monitors are overclockable and they also cost a shit tonne more than these displays. EG : the panel in the qnix monitor I purchased is the same panel from a samsung PLS which currently...
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    So, which korean display should I get?

    So I have recieved my Qnix now...the good things about this is that the monitor is massive and in great condition. The bad news is its all for nothing without the power cable and dual link dvi cables which were supposed to be in the box! both are not present. So yeah, a little gutted right...
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    So, which korean display should I get?

    hey wheres a good place to get some awesome 2560x1440 wallpapers?
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    So, which korean display should I get?

    Yeah man its alright. Not sure if I explained, but I decided i'll just keep my current monitor for the 360 and focus on getting a great panel that is a dedicated PC monitor which can overclock at a decent price :)
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    So, which korean display should I get?

    I remember seeing your thread when you first ordered it, I was like huh? whats a Shimian? lol..These things are so cheap. This Qnix works out to $430NZD. where as this samsung PLS which I believe is the exact same PLS in the Qnix is here, cheapest price in NZ = $1039 but none in stock, and...
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    So, which korean display should I get?

    thanks Erocker :) Just processed my order now, i've never purchased from ebay before haha...*crosses fingers it works out well* Hows your Shimian?
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    So, which korean display should I get?

    Guys, think im gunna grab this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pixel-Perfect-QNIX-QX2710-LED-Evolution-ll-27-2560x1440-PLS-Monitor-Glossy-/221215489267?pt=Computer_Monitors&hash=item3381787cf3
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    So, which korean display should I get?

    because here, for a decent PLS (asus ) it costs around $900NZD, whereas the Qnix works out to about $450NZD, plus taxes etc so about $550. The reason why these Qnix/Xstar/Overlords/Catleaps etc are so popular is A, the price is great and B, the PCB they use in these displays are...
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    So, which korean display should I get?

    so i've posted in the thread you mentioned above but havent heard anything yet. So here I am back here to try again. I have about $650-$700NZD ready to spend right now on a new monitor. I originally wanted multiple inputs for my XBOX360 to work but it appears there is no overclockable panel...
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    My Rig

    one suggestion man, is running all of your psu cables through that rubber grommet next to your psu and only feed the cables u need through (in to sight) not only will it look cleaner, but improve airflow too :) Nice rig bro Edit, sorry just realised you for the most part have already done...
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    2560x1440 IPS 27" LED Monitor on the Cheap!

    Hey guys, i've just been pointed to this thread because im looking to buy one of these korean monitors. the things I want in this upgrade is : compatibility with both PC and xbox 360, ideally with more than one input so I don't have to keep switching cables. a "wow" display, i currently...
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    So, which korean display should I get?

    thanks man I'll post in there :)
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    So, which korean display should I get?

    alright, just been notified that my refund has been put into my account now. its decision time. I've thought long and hard about what I really want with this new monitor purchase. I want it to be compatible with both my pc and xbox 360...not worried about input lag. I want a "wow"...
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    Intel Core "Haswell" Easier to Overclock

    ^^this, theoretical oc doesnt mean squat to me, and needing ln2 to sufficiently cool an acceptable oc means nothing to me too. I mean yeah if haswell can break over 8ghz on ln2 thats great but what are real everyday consumers with mid range aircooling and self contained water cooling going to...
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    First Build, A rocky start

    if it were me Ronny, yes I would go for the 650ti boost :)
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    OFFICIAL Tomb Raider (Discussion)

    Oh sorry i stand corrected. Ill look into this
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    OFFICIAL Tomb Raider (Discussion)

    All that will do is apply 4xssaa instead of fxaa because if u go to advanced and customise the settings, ultimate already selects all settings to max other than ssaa. For me fxaa looks fine in this game and im not seeing much if any visual improvement by selecting ssaa so im not worried aye.
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    Intel Ivy Bridge i5-3570K and i7-3770K Comparison

    This, they test this way to show us, the consumers, what real world differences we are going to see at resolutions that we play at. Yes, we all know lowering the resolution will exaggerate the differences in cpu power and clearly outline which cpu has the most raw grunt, but what good is it if...
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    OFFICIAL Tomb Raider (Discussion)

    I'm really enjoying this game, i've been running it at ultimate with TressFX enabled and FXAA rather than SSAA. SSAA has a massive impact on performance, and i've been monitoring it in my screenshots below - with 4xSSAA its showing VRAM usage as over 4000mb! surely this is being doubled and its...
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    Tt eSports Level 10 M Headset Makes First Public Appearance

    Hey cool, never thought of clamping a sandwich press on my head. Looks effing ridiculous imo, ive steered clear of tt products for years due to their lack of quality. Although i cant speak for tt nowadays, judging by the looks of these, i wouldnt trust them as far as i could throw a sandwich...
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    AMD Redoing Radeon HD 7990 Under New Codename - "Malta"

    Codenamed: melter