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  1. kgreene

    [WTB] Net book

    Yes I am looking into buying a used cheap net book something that runs and has xp on it.
  2. kgreene

    Gts 250

    I was on my computer the other day when a smell came from my computer the smell where plastic is burning I figure out that its one of my gts 250's i took it apart did not notice and burnt marks or anything so i cleaned the heat sink and put it back on and put it back in my computer could have it...
  3. kgreene

    RAID 0 slowing down your computer?

    http://www.computing.net/answers/hardware/fastest-raid-arrays/45687.html My friend found this a few mins ago and we have been trying to figure out if its true or not whats you guys input on this?:confused:
  4. kgreene

    Performance qustion

    yes I have have two gts 250's in sli in my rig I do get good performance on all my games maxed out (except crysis) and i thought about upgrading to a 3 way sli motherboard and adding another gts 250 or having a decatied card for physics my question is it worth it or should i just stay with what...
  5. kgreene

    vista printing

    ok I just got done setting up my new network and i have a laptop with windows vista on it and a sever with windows sever 2003 on it. I have two printers hooked up to my sever a HP Laser Jet 6L and a HP Photosmart C3180 all in one printer when i try to print from my laptop its very slow sometimes...
  6. kgreene

    9800gt or 9800gtx+

    I am currently working on my gaming rig and I am at the stage of buying the graphics cards but i want something that will do good in sli and will be more further prof and will handle any game on high settings http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150324...
  7. kgreene

    a good cpu moniting tool for linux

    hi im new to linux ive been useing xandros for a while now but ive been trying to install a cpu monitering tool which i dont know how if anyone can help please do thank you