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  1. iluv2fly

    Hear Every Detail: Logitech Unveils Theater-Quality Surround Sound Speakers

    I hope the Z906 aren't as bad as the Logitech Z-5500 ! I hope the Z906 aren't as bad as the Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker system. I bought the Z-5500 after my Klipsch Promedia 5.1 died. I was stunned by how bad the Z-5500 was in comparison. People who liked the Z-5500 never compared them...
  2. iluv2fly

    Prolimatech Unveil Genesis CPU-Cooler – the Origin of Maximum Cooling Power

    Awesome Brilliant! I'm getting one! :rockout:
  3. iluv2fly

    Intel to Wait Until at Least Q3 2010 to Release Ultra-Thin Notebook Processors

    My 5 cents! I believe there was a good reason why the category did not sell well. First of all, the smaller Ultra Thin/Ultra Light Notebook (ULN) with a CULV processor will be compared with netbooks both size and price wise. If a ULN has a higher price tag byers expect it to be better than a...
  4. iluv2fly

    HP Offers Customers Free Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 7

    I second that! Vista works Great!
  5. iluv2fly

    Buffalo Packs 16 GB in Nail-Sized USB Drive

    Well for a laptop where documents are the most important, you don't even need that much. For a desktop then of course you need more. Obviously they did not make this with the intent for large backups. It's a small footprint gadget for small jobs! Perfect for a laptop.
  6. iluv2fly

    Buffalo Packs 16 GB in Nail-Sized USB Drive

    Awesome! I love the small size! I can keep it plugged in permanently and run my backup on it. Beutiful!
  7. iluv2fly

    Mushkin Ascent XP3-14400 CL8 2 GB Kit

    Hello, Can you publish the Full XMP Settings? Could help us with slower memory of the same kind up the speed :-) Thanks,
  8. iluv2fly

    Get Your Modded P5Q Pro BIOS Here!

    Here is a better link, http://www.xtremesystems.org/Forums/showthread.php?p=3275676#post3275676
  9. iluv2fly

    Antec 900

    Ante 900 Water cooled Antec Nine Hundred Water cooled ! Here is what it can look like with water cooling. Mounted a 240 rad under the 250 mm top fan. I Love this case :D
  10. iluv2fly

    Letting the 7900GT rip

    Here is my experience. I have a XFX 7900GT Extreme Edition 520/1500 (default speed) I did the "easy volt" mod (ink) and the switching frequency mod (pencil). It took 15 minutes to perform both mods. I swapped the heatsink to a Zalman VF700cu. (The stock heat sink is loud and hot...
  11. iluv2fly

    Join the family!

    I don't know what to say but can my computer be a part of the team. It is getting exited every time I look at a techpowerup web page. The cpu goes nuts and runs at 100%. The fan throttles up to max. This never happens at any other web site. I'm not kidding!
  12. iluv2fly

    Nvidia 7900 GT and GTX series

    Not really interested in getting a new rig maybe just a cpu.
  13. iluv2fly

    Nvidia 7900 GT and GTX series

    He,he,,,, I'm glad that ATItool works as well as it does on Nvidia cards. I use both ATI and Nvidia cards so I'm use to it and I love the program. Right now I'm playing around with a 7900GT card. It must be the best keept overclocking secret there is out there. One line of conductive ink...
  14. iluv2fly

    Nvidia 7900 GT and GTX series

    Atitool works perfectly well with previous versions of Nvidia cards. So it only needs to be updated. W1zzard is way smarter than you think buddy,,,,, ! ;)
  15. iluv2fly

    Nvidia 7900 GT and GTX series

    Hello W1zzard Any chance that you could update ATItool to recognize the nvidia 7900 series ?
  16. iluv2fly

    X850XT to X850XT PE

    The punches are hot and heavy. And the world championship belt goes to........
  17. iluv2fly

    X850XT to X850XT PE

    That is mind blowing!!! Could you please post your 3Dmark 01, 03 and 05 score.
  18. iluv2fly

    X850XT to X850XT PE

    No. It just makes the gpu speed to 540 and memory speed to 587 by default when you start the computer. You can do that just by overcloking your X850XT without changing the bios. The only other change is that your card is a recognized as a X850XTPE by the computer. Basically your card becomes a...
  19. iluv2fly

    Artic Cooling Silencer right blow direction?

    I'm not sure. I don't think that the 9800PRO has temperature monitoring built into it :-(
  20. iluv2fly

    X850XT to X850XT PE

    I know about the mod pic whizz. I posted it in your thread a couple of days ago maybe you didn't see it was from me. The bios that has been sent to the bios file library is an original XT850XTPE vga, dvi, novivo bios and no mod. Thanks anyway,
  21. iluv2fly

    Fan/heat problem with Connect3D X850XT

    I'm not sure! I have never had the pleasure to play with a HIS card.
  22. iluv2fly

    Fan/heat problem with Connect3D X850XT

    I just wanted to Share my Ati Silencer 5 rev2 experience. My temperature GPU core dropped 30c at full load using ati tool. My overclock increased 20mhz on the memory and 65mhz on the memory. Ati need to work on their stock cooler!
  23. iluv2fly

    Artic Cooling Silencer right blow direction?

    Hello, I noticed on my card (ATI Silencer 5 rev2) that at the inlet (fan) it seems like it is blowing into the case on one side of the fan and that the fan sucks air on the other side of the fan. It is almost like the air is bouncing of the spinning fan on one side -> but it is not blowing...
  24. iluv2fly

    Just modded X850XT to PE

    Who is the question for?
  25. iluv2fly

    X850XT to X850XT PE

    A X850XTPE PCI-E, single vga, single dvi, no vivo. Has been sent to this website so it should show up in the bios file library soon :-)