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  1. coozie78

    Sapphire R9 290 OC Tri-X watercool?

    Got this as a replacement for a very badly behaved GTX970 a while back-it was on offer and had probably the best cooler available. Overall it's OK but I'd like it to be quieter so I'm looking for any advice on how to achieve this. Most obvious solution is to put it into a liquid loop, question...
  2. coozie78

    How can I flash my GTX970 BIOS?

    The 'net is full of conflicting, inaccurate or outdated info on this, and it's no help that NVFLASH wants to run in DOS or under the command line, neither of which I am even remotely familiar with. The reason: My Inno3D GTX970 is a mess: crashing out with screens of many colours-red, green...
  3. coozie78

    How Many Computers Do You Have In Your Home?

    Mine, my brothers E6600 internet special and a Spectrum 128, tucked under my bed. ;)
  4. coozie78

    [WTB][EU] [uk] aftermarket cooler for reference 5850

    You can try Jetsters suggestion, and also look for dead cards with working coolers. Not sure of the heat output of a 5850 but my 7950 runs cool with an Icy Vision onboard, very cool if I turn the fans up. ;) Although the Icy Vision fans can't be PWM controlled they CAN be controlled: either plug...
  5. coozie78

    Old desktops dont know what to do..home server?

    ^Good question, 'old' stuff can be surprisingly capable, my rig is nearly 5 years old but can still easily cope with current games on a 1080 screen while by brother is using an ancient E6600 dual core setup-but then he only uses it for the internet and the odd blast with very old games.
  6. coozie78

    Water Loop Algae build up

    Try boiling the water you use first, use a saucepan and boil it for 10 mins or so, remove from the stove, cover and allow to cool for 10 minuets then mix with you coolant concentrate/biocide. Store the excess in a sterile bottle, sterilise with 1/2 teaspoon bleach per litre (quart), leave in for...
  7. coozie78

    Upgrading GPU to best my current system will allow..

    Got the same CPU and it's beginning to show its age in current AAA titles, overclocking is definitely well worth the effort and minor expense in order to fully exploit a more powerful graphics card. With the CPU at 3.4GHz and a HD7950 at 950/1400 even graphically heavy games like Metro LL run...
  8. coozie78

    hd4890 upgrade!!

    At the risk of incurring anger: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/gaming-graphics-card-review,review-32899-7.html The HD4890 and HD7870 are 7 tiers apart so the HD7870 (or R9 270X-same chip different name) is a very large upgrade.
  9. coozie78

    Need help choosing a GPU.

    With dual GTX760s currently installed I'd hold off until Nvidia release their new Maxwell cored cards and see what they bring to the table-the 'Net Rumour Mill suggests October or November this year. Don't get me wrong, the R9 290 is a great card but I don't think you'll see much of an...
  10. coozie78

    Who still uses Core 2?

    My brother's still using my old E6600 but curses the slow load/boot times. perhaps a small SSD for his birthday might be an idea? Perhaps he's a more typical user than most here: Mainly online services along with Ebay and Youtube with the odd run in with an old game or two are all it's used for.
  11. coozie78

    Is it best to limit FPS for lower temps?

    Yes, it's a good idea, as has been said, anything over 60 FPS is largely wasted on a 60 Hz monitor so you're just heating the card up and burning power for no gain. Easiest way is to turn Vsync on in the drivers but you can use Afterburner or RadeonPro to set a target framerate for each game.
  12. coozie78

    XFX Double D Radeon HD 7970 BE cooling advice

    The fans will run at 100% if you power them through a unregulated header or connector. They are not PWM controllable, but they do have a tacho signal so should give accurate readings if run off a motherboard header. If you plug them into the motherboard you can control the speed through BIOS...
  13. coozie78

    What to look for in a used 290x, and aftermarket cooling options?

    Toms Hardware has a article on cooling the R9 290X using the Acrtic Accelero: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/r9-290-accelero-xtreme-290,review-32828.html Can't speak about the other coolers but I've recently shut my XFX DD 'cooled' HD7950 up with the AMD variant of the Icy Vision. The little...
  14. coozie78

    XFX Double D Radeon HD 7970 BE cooling advice

    Didn't get it to OC, just keep the noise down. ;) Bear in mind, you can either to connect the fans to your motherboard via a spare 3 pin header and control the speed through BIOS or get a separate fan controller, its fans are NOT PWM/temperature controlled. Some of the parts are small, very...
  15. coozie78

    How to undervolt a GTX 590 and will it help with overheating?

    Lowering the voltage is safe but can lead to an unstable card, you're better off just underclocking and leaving the voltages alone, you can underclock through the Nvidia drivers, if not Afterburner will allow it. Before playing with the card there is some other things to try, things that will...
  16. coozie78

    XFX Double D Radeon HD 7970 BE cooling advice

    Yes, I have the cooler. Like all. it's sensitive to both case airflow and fan speeds, adding a second intake fan to my Antec 200 dropped the load temperatures nearly 8C! First run was at stock 800/1250 with the cooler running at 1700 (ish) RPM, 69C max temperature using the default furmark 15...
  17. coozie78

    Gtx 760 and Amd Phenom 2 x6 1100T BottleNeck ? :D

    On a 1080 monitor I'd say it's a pretty fair match, but at 1280x1024 (as has been suggested) something closer to the GTX650Ti would be a better choice: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/gaming-graphics-card-review,review-32865-7.html will give you some idea as to how much of an upgrade each card...
  18. coozie78

    Upgrade from GTX 770 to R9 290 worth it?

    I'd only consider the move if I was also upgrading, or planning to upgrade my monitor to 1440, for 1 single 1080 display the extra performance isn't worth the outlay.
  19. coozie78

    Asus R9 280X Fan noise issue

    If I'm reading this correctly the noise started when you stopped the fans. It's probable you've just moved it/them little out of line, my VF3000A did the same thing when I did the same thing, the cure was to pull the fans gently outwards (downwards) to realign the bearings. Obviously, with the...
  20. coozie78

    which one is better in high room temperature

    Which Zotac GTX760? They make a number of non reference cooled models and the GTX760 actually produces a little less heat than the R9 270X. Little off topic but be aware that the choice of case and its fans will have a big impact on temperatures and noise and non reference coolers can be...
  21. coozie78

    Negative vs Positive pressure

    Always looked for positive pressure, it keeps the cat fur out. Also if you've a strong negative pressure it can lead to cooling issues with the PSU as its fan struggles against the natural inwards airflow created by negative pressure.
  22. coozie78

    XFX Double D Radeon HD 7970 BE cooling advice

    As an alternative, and if you can find one in your country, the Gelid Icy Vision AMD cooler is fairly compact, cheap and very effective: http://www.quietpc.com/gel-icy-vision-amd if you add a Fanmate into the mix to control the speed manually it's able to keep the temps at about 68C under...