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  1. Phxprovost

    Valve Allowing Modders to Charge For Mods on Steam.

    Is that even malicious? What actually is a mod and who owns it in this context?
  2. Phxprovost

    OFFICIAL Civilization: Beyond Earth (Discussion)

    anyone get this to work on a 144hz monitor? the windowed mode option just presents less resolution options for me then full screen:confused:
  3. Phxprovost

    OFFICIAL The Evil Within (Discussion)

    Any reports yet on the actual Vram reqs for this game?
  4. Phxprovost

    Who's got the most Steam games?

    223 games CSGO was brutal....
  5. Phxprovost

    Rovio Entertainment Acquires Futuremark Games Studio

    wow...this is something i would never imagine happening, wonder what they have planned :confused:
  6. Phxprovost

    AMD Completes Acquisition of SeaMicro

    Honestly I don't see this being important at all, and I don't see AMD even being around in 5-7 years. Call me crazy but it seems that the "big players" in the industry are starting to create proprietary systems with parts available on the market and want nothing to do with outside influence...
  7. Phxprovost

    Apple Seeks Patent for Fuel-Cell Powered Notebooks

    Can't wait until this gets granted, makes me smile that something as broad as coupling a computing device to a fuel cell would even be entertained. That mean in the future Apple will be able to lock down q tech they had nothing to do with? This mean in the future cars will need some...
  8. Phxprovost

    TPU Minecraft Server

    looks fun, may have to start playing again
  9. Phxprovost

    RIM now worth less than Apple App Store alone

    cant tell if fanboy propaganda or pointless artical....:wtf:
  10. Phxprovost

    Alan Wake confirmed for PC! Finally.

    what are the chances its not locked to GFWL?
  11. Phxprovost

    GSC Game World, Developers Of S.T.A.L.K.E.R Series, Shut Down.

    Id rather the series stay dead then have either of those two publishers pick it up, realistically if the IP is up for grabs i could see THQ going after it
  12. Phxprovost

    G.Skill Unveils 64 GB Quad-Channel DDR3-2400 memory kit

    i really doubt it, unless something entirely revolutionary happens i doubt we would ever need it for anything but a enterprise class hardware. It would seem we are moving into an era that has less to do with specs and more to do with UI features, IE "smartphones" and tablets.
  13. Phxprovost

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Club House

    umm bad news? http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/12/09/wuh-oh-gsc-stalker-2-dead/
  14. Phxprovost

    Half-Life 3 in development? (Fudzilla rumour)

    "hey...hey guys, i bet i can send the internet into a frenzy by simply putting a 3 on my shirt.."
  15. Phxprovost

    [WTB][US] AM2+ Mobo

    Do to unfortunate circumstances, need something to set my 940 in until I can get around to building a new system. heat -Edit- Nevermind, found one
  16. Phxprovost

    Fermi lab's Tevatron shuts down today.

    pfft who needs to understand particle physics, all you need to know is now we can afford 1 more F35 for the fleet :rockout:
  17. Phxprovost

    VIA Seeks US Ban of iPhone, iPad Over Patent Infringements

    VIA is not some patent troll trying to make a quick buck, my guess is some company has them riled up and going after apple.
  18. Phxprovost

    Sony asks gamers to sign new terms or face PSN ban

    what sony ran out of features to remove from the system so now they are trying to remove options from the consumer as well? :p
  19. Phxprovost

    AMD Trinity APU-powered Notebook Shown Running Deux Ex: Human Revolution

    so is this it? press releases are now nothing more then a display with a games menu system up? :confused:
  20. Phxprovost

    Steam Update Broke Custom Themes

    my thoughts exactly :o
  21. Phxprovost

    War games/FPS games.....

    Flashpoint dragon rising?
  22. Phxprovost

    TPU's Dead Island Clubhouse

    steam id : phxprovost
  23. Phxprovost

    Dead Island 4 pack deal

    steam: phxprovost :D
  24. Phxprovost

    Dead Island 4 pack deal

    just purchased it off greenmangaming with for ~33$, preload is downloading in steam now :toast:
  25. Phxprovost

    Dead Island 4 pack deal

    i may be in for a copy..