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    The Official Chimp Challenge 2012, May 15th-25th

    Thanks for racing in the CC! Your race with Beavers_Gone_Banana's was one of the better one's to watch, and I'm sure it spurred on both teams to do their best. OCF may have the Jaded Monkey this year (we're keeping it happy!), but clearly with all the wu's folded, F@Home was the real winner in...
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    Looking for a brief history and intro to Tech Power Up!

    A few paragraphs or a page maybe. Something to introduce my team (OCF), to yours. Thanks and good luck in the CC.
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    Chimp Challenge 2012 info

    The start date for the CC is expected to be May 15th. Duration will be 10 days, as usual. Name changes are (unfortunately,imo), still required. Great weekend to clean out the folders - it will be a warm CC. Confirmation on the above, will be from your CC captain, along with other details. If...
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    Chimp Challenge 2012 info

    Why the CC: For fun. For increased exposure for FAH, and a nice bump up in wu's folded, during the race.
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    Chimp Challenge 2012 Format

    Do you recall what happened to the [H]ardApes team in the CC a couple years back? They self-destructed over just this issue. I used to agree with the name change being required, but after seeing the disastrous effect on a good team like [H], I've changed my mind. If we want the CC to thrive...
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    Chimp Challenge 2012 info

    Hi Guys and Gals! I'm a Chimp Challenge expediter from OCF (T32monkeys), doing a bit of the captain's job since he's busy with a PhD thesis atm. Please don't be discouraged by accounts of folding teams courting other folders from teams that are not competing, etc. That kind of tactic will...